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Families covered: Montgomery of Giffen, Montgomery of Magbie Hill (Macbeth Hill), Montgomery of Stanhope

Robert Montgomery, 1st of Giffen (a 1413)
m. Janet Murray (dau of Alexander Murray of Touch Adam)
The following comes from TSP (Eglinton). However, BEB1841 (Montgomery of Magbie Hill) reports that Robert was succeeded by Adam (of Giffen, alive 1542, elder brother of John) who in turn was succeeded at Giffen by his elder son, another Adam (elder brother of Troilus). We are concerned not least about the dates: in TSP's case because there appears to be a larger number of generations involved over the next 100 years than we would normally expect; in BEB1841's case because there are fewer generations than we would expect. BP1934 (Purvis-Russell-Montgomery) does not attempt to prove the connection between the above Robert and the William Montgomery, father of the William of Magbiehill who married Barbara Rutherford, whom it says acquired the lands of Coldcoat in 1712 and renamed them Magbie-hill. There is clearly some confusion here.
1. Sir William Montgomery of Giffen
  m. Janet Houston
  A. Robert Montgomery of Giffen
  m. Margaret Blair
  i. Alexander Montgomery of Giffen
  m. Janet Dunlop
  a. Patrick Montgomery of Giffen
  (1) Robert Montgomery of Giffen (a 1515, young) probably father of ...
  (A) Hugh Montgomery of Giffen (a 1572)
  Hugh entailed Giffen in favour of his sons and also Daniel and Ezekiel Montgomerie, presumed close relations. Daniel sold (or otherwise transferred) Giffen to Robert Montgomery, second son of the 3rd Earl of Eglinton. Robert had no sons and his eldest daughter married the 5th Earl of Eglinton so the estate passed back to the senior Montgomery line.
  (i)+ issue - Hugh (dsp 1590), John (dsp 1590)
  ii.+ other issue - John, Constantine, Thomas
(1) Excluding the large note, the above was first uploaded in January 2003. The following was added on 03.04.05.
(2) As mentioned above, BEB1841 identifies a different succession to Giffen after Robert, 1st of Giffen. Reported by BEB1841 to have been 2nd son of the 1st Adam Montgomery of Giffen (son of Robert), and brother of the 2nd Adam of Giffen, was ...
B. Troilus Montgomery
  m. Janet Montgomery (dau of Sir Hugh Montgomery of Braidstane)
  We note that a probable father of Janet was the Sir Hugh (b c1560, d 1636) who was created 1st Viscount Montgomery of the Great Ardes in 1622. We have not made the connection pending further confirmation of the descent shown here.
  i. William Montgomery of Macbeth or Magbie Hill (dsp)
  ii. Andrew Montgomery of Macbeth or Magbie Hill (b 1598)
  m. _ Galbraith (dau of _ Galbraith of Kilcroich)
  a. Robert Montgomery of Macbeth or Magbie Hill
  m. Mary Lockhart (dau of Sir James Lockhart of Lee)
  (1) William Montgomery of Magbie Hill
  m. _ Peter (dau of John Peter of Whiteslead)
  (A) William Montgomery of Magbie Hill
  BP1934 starts with this William, not naming his wife who is identified in BEB1841 as ...
m. _ Hooks (dau of John Hooks of Gaunt)
  (i) William Montgomery of Magbie Hill (b c1683, d 1768)
  m. Barbara Rutherford (dau of Robert Rutherford of Bowland)
  (a) Sir William Montgomery, 1st Bart of Magbie Hill (b 19.11.1717, d 25.12.1788)
  m1. (01.07.1750) Hannah Tomkyns (dau of Alexander Tomkyns of Prehen)
  ((1)) William Stone Montgomery (b 08.1754, dvp unm 08.07.1777, captain)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Montgomery (b 04.05.1751, d 07.11.1783)
  m. (03.07.1773) Luke Gardiner, 1st Viscount Mountjoy (b 07.02.1745, d 05.06.1798)
  ((3)) Barbara Montgomery (d 02.12.1788)
  m. (04.06.1774) John Beresford (05.11.1805, brother of 1st Marquess of Waterford)
((4)) Anne Montgomery (d 29.03.1819)
  m. (19.05.1773) George, 1st Marquess Townshend (d 14.09.1807)
  m2. (09.01.1762) Anne (d 19.06.1777, dau of Henry Watt of Evatt of Mount Louise)
  ((5)) Sir George Montgomery, 2nd Bart of Magbie Hill (d unm 09.07.1831)
  ((6)) Robert Montgomery (b 26.02.1767, d unm 06.4.1803, Colonel)
  ((7)) Jane Montgomery
  m. (1791) William Reynell of Castle Reynell
((8)) Harriet Montgomery
  m. George Byng of Wrotham Park (b 17.05.1764, dsp 10.01.1847)
  ((9)) Amelia Montgomery (d 14.03.1839)
  m. (22.11.1795) Charles Cobbe Beresford (Rev., of Waterford family)
  (b) Sir James Montgomery, 1st Bart of Stanhope (d 02.04.1803)
  m. Margaret Scott (dau of Robert Scott of Killearn)
  ((1)) William Montgomery (dvpsp 10.1800, Lt. Colonel)
  ((2)) Sir James Montgomery 'of Stobo', 2nd Bart of Stanhope (b 09.10.1766, d 27.05.1839) had issue
  m1. (01.08.1804) Elizabeth Douglas (d 28.10.1814, dau of Dunbar Douglas, 4th Earl of Selkirk)
  m2. (1816) Helen Graham (d 1828, dau of Thomas Graham of Kinross)
  ((3)) Archibald Charles Montgomery of Whim (b 25.06.1771, d 1845) had issue
  m. Maria Rausch (d 02.21854)
  ((4)) Robert Montgomery (b 05.06.1775, d 02.12.1854) had issue
  m. (24.04.1817) Elizabeth Mason (d 29.03.1870, dau of Bryant Mason of Bushey)
  ((5)) Margaret Montgomery
  m. Robert Campbell of Kailzie
((6)) Barbara Montgomery
  m. Alexander Walter (Brigadier General)
  ((7)) Anne Montgomery
  m. Thomas Hart of Castlemilk
  (i) ?? Montgomery probably of this generation
  The following comes from 'Memoirs of the House of Hamilton' by John Anderson (Supplement, p436+) where the following Richard is identified as "cousin of Sir George Montgomery of Maebeth-hill and Sir James Montgomery of Stanhope, Baronets".
  (a) Richard Montgomery (Colonel)
  m. Janet Gray or Hamilton of Newton (d 1823, dau of William Gray by Elizabeth Hamilton)
  ((1))+ issue (dsp?) - James George Hamilton, Elizabeth
  (C) James Montgomery (dsp)
  (D) daughter
m. Alexander Macleod
  (E) daughter
  m. William Thynne
  (F) daughter
  m. James Ure of Shirgarton
  (G) daughter
  m. Robert Telfer (Captain)
  (2) James Montgomery (dsp)
  (3) Hugh Montgomery
  (A)+ 3 sons
  (4) daughter
  m. John Rowat
  (5) (Margaret) Montgomery
  m. J(ames) Hamilton of Newton (d 1724)
  b.+ other issue - Adam (d Worcester 1651), William (to Poland, dsp)

Main source(s): TSP (Eglinton), BEB1841 (Montgomery of Magbie Hill), BP1934 (Purvis-Russell-Montgomery)
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