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Families covered: Montgomery of Hessilheid (Hazlehead or Haslehead), Montgomerie of Kirktonholm, Montgomerie of Skelmorlie, Montgomery of Weitland

Hugh Montgomery of Balgray & Hessilheid (Hazlehead)
m. Janet Maxwell (dau of ?? Maxwell of Pollok)
1. Sir John Montgomery of Hessilhead & Corsecraigs (d Flodden 1513)
  A. Hugh Montgomery of Hessilhead (d 23.01.1556)
  m. _ Houstoun (possibly dau of Houstoun of that ilk)
  i. John Montgomery of Hessilhead (d 04.01.1558)
m. Margaret Fraser (dau of John Fraser of Knock by Margaret Stewart)
  a. Hugh Montgomery of Hessilhead (Hazlehead or Haslehead) (d before 25.09.1602)
  'The Family of Montgomery' suggests that Hugh married a sister of Robert Boyd of Badenheath (d 1611) & the Countess of Eglinton, children of Robert Boyd, 4th (sb 5th) Lord. However, 'The Historie and Descent of the House of Rowallan' by Sir William Mure suggests that the mother of Sir William Mure's wife was a daughter of Lord Sempill and TSP (vol 7, 'Lord Sempill', p550) shows that a Marian (d 16.03.1591-2), dau of Robert, 3rd Lord Sempill, had issue by Hugh. Paterston queries the marriage to (Janet?) dau of Robert, 3rd Lord Semple, on the basis of seeing reference to the marriage to a daughter of Lord Boyd. We presume that Hugh married twice as follows.
m1/2. ?? Boyd (dau of Robert Boyd, 5th Lord)
  m2/1. Marian Sempill (d 16.03.1591-2, dau of Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord)
  (1) Robert Montgomery of Hessilhead (d before 26.10.1623)
  m. Margaret Wallace (dau of Robert Wallace of Dundonald by Agnes, dau of Stewart of Minto)
  (A) Robert Montgomery of Hessilhead or Hazlehead
  m. Margaret or Jane Hamilton (dau of Sir James Hamilton of Fingalton)
  (i) Robert Montgomery of Hessilhead or Haslehead (d before 19.11.1672)
m. Margaret Livingston (dau of Sir William Livingston of Kilsyth)
  (a) Marie Montgomery of Hessilhead
  m. _ MacAulay of Ardincaple
  (ii) Jane Montgomery
  m. Gavin Hamilton of Airdrie
  (B) Hugh Montgomery of Silverwood
  (C) Margaret Montgomery
  (2) Jean or Elizabeth Montgomery
m. Sir William Mure of Rowallan
  (3) Christian Montgomery probably of this generation
  m. Rev. Archibald Cameron (b c1587, d 01.1662)
  b. Robert Montgomery (a 1576, Captain)
  c. (Barbara) Montgomery
  m. (Robet) Ker of Kersland
  d. Agnes Montgomery
  m. _ Smollett of Dumbarton
  e. daughter
  m. Adam Montgomerie of Braidstane
  f. Jane Montgomery confusion with Jonet & Janet below?
  m. John Hamilton of Cambuskeith
  ii. Alexander Montgomery (d 1611, Captain & poet)
  a. Alexander Montgomery (a 03.1622)
  iii. Robert Montgomery, Archbishop of Glasgow
  iv. Ezekiel Montgomery of Weitland
m. _ Sempill
  a. ?? Montgomery of Weitland had issue
  b. daughter
  m. David Montgomerie of Scotston
  c. Joneta Montgomery confusion with Jane above & Janet below?
  m. John Hamilton of Cambuskeith
  d.+ other issue
  B. Marian Montgomery
  m1. Thomas Crawford of Auchinames (d 1541)
  m2. William, Lord Sempill (d 03.06.1552)
  m3. John Campbell of Skipmish
  C. Janet Montgomery possibly of this generation, but possibly Jane or Joneta above?
  m1. John Hamilton of Cambuskeith (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  m2. (before 06.09.1551) William Sempill of Craigbait, later of Cathcart (d 27.06.1578)
  D. Agnes Montgomery probably of this generation
  m. (1556) Robert Ker of Kersland



George Montgomerie of Skelmorlie (d 1505)
m. Margaret Houstoun (dau of Sir John Houstoun of that ilk)
1. John Montgomerie of Skelmorlie
  m. "the heiress of Lochranze, in the island of Arran"
  A. Cuthbert Montgomerie of Skelmorlie (b c1543?, d Flodden 1513)
  m. Elizabeth Houstoun (dau of Sir Patrick Houstoun of that ilk)
  i. George Montgomerie of Skelmorlie (d 1561)
  m. Catherine Montgomeris (dau of Hugh, 1st Earl of Eglintoun)
  a. Thomas Montgomerie of Skelmorlie (dsp)
b. Robert Montgomerie of Skelmorlie (d 04.1583-4) the first mentioned by TCB
  m. (before 24.05.1567) Dorothy (probably not Mary) Sempill (d before 02.05.1600, dau of Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord)
  (1) Sir Robert Montgomery, 1st Bart of Skelmorlie (d 11.1651, 2nd son)
  'The Family of Montgomery' suggests that Robert's wife Margaret was dau of 1st Earl of Queensberry but TCB shows her 2 generations earlier, being ...
  m. Margaret Douglas (d 1624, dau of Sir William Douglas of Hawick, younger of Drumlanrig, by Margaret Gordon)
(A) Sir Robert Montgomery, 2nd Bart of Skelmorlie (d before 22.05.1654)
  'The Family of Montgomery' & Paterson suggest that Robert (of Lochrinsay) dvp but TCB shows that he did succeed to the baronetcy.
  m. (1617) Mary Campbell (dau of Archibald Campbell, 7th Earl of Argyll)
  (i) Sir Robert Montgomery, 3rd Bart of Skelmorlie (d 07.02.1684)
m. Anna or Antonia Scott (dau/coheir of Sir James Scott of Rossie by Antonia Willobie)
  (a) Sir James Montgomery, 4th Bart of Skelmorlie (d 09.1694)
  m. (mcrt 14.09.1678) Margaret Johnstone (dau of James Johnstone, Earl of Annandale)
  ((1)) Sir Robert Montgomery, 5th Bart of Skelmorlie (d 15.08.1731)
  m. Frances Stirling (d 09.06.1759, dau of Col. Francis Stirling (son of James grandson of Sir Archibald of Keir) by Agnes, dau of Robert Murray of Blackbarony)
  ((A)) Lilias Montgomery (d 18.11.1783)
  m. (11.06.1735 (1738?)) Alexander Montgomerie, 4th of Coylsfield (d 28.12.1783)
  ((B))+ other issue (d unm) - Isabella, Agnes (d 04.09.1759)
((2)) William Montgomery (Lt. Colonel)
  (b) Sir Hugh Montgomery of Hartfield, 6th Bart of Skelmorlie, Provost of Glasgow (dsp 14.01.1735, 3rd son?)
  m. (mcrt 26.08.1687) Lilias Gemmel (dau of Peter Gemmel of Glasgow)
  (c) Cbristian Montgomery
m. Rev. _ Clark
  (d) Antonia Montgomery
  m. Robert Boyd (younger) of Portincross
  (e) daughter
  m. Godfrey (probably not Alexander) Macalester of Loup
  (f)+ other issue - Archibald (dsp), John (d unm)
  (ii) Henry Montgomery (d unm)
  (iii) Margaret Montgomery
  m. Sir James Halkett of Pitfirran
  (2) George Montgomerie of Kirktonholm, Lanarkshire (4th son)
m. Agnes Montgomerie (dau of Adam Montgomerie of Macbie Hill)
  (A) Alexander Montgomerie of Kirktonholm
  m. _ Corbett (dau of _ Corbett of Tollcross)
  (i) Sir Walter Montgomerie of Kirktonholm (d unm 20.10.1754)
  (i) Margaret Montgomerie
  m. Alexander Montgomerie of Assloss
  (3) Margaret or Elizabeth Montgomerie (d 15.08.1594)
  m. (before1579) William Cochrane of that ilk (d 14.07.1603)
  (4) Jean Montgomerie
  m. Robert Boyd of Portincross
  (5)+ other issue - William (d 04.1583-4), John (d unm)
  ii. Alexander Montgomery of Portray
2. Robert Montgomery probably not the ancestor of Montgomerys in Cumbray, Arran & Kintyre

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