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Families covered: Moresby of Allington Castle, Moresby of Distington, Moresby of Distington

We are surprised that we have not been able find a 'traditional source' on this family which, according to HoP ('Sir Christopher Moresby (d 1391)'), was "of considerable antiquity and influence" in Cumberland. That article, together with the article on his son, provide the first few generations below.
?? Moresby, Sheriff of Cumberland
m. Margaret (d 06.1374)
1. Christopher Moresby, Sheriff of Cumberland (d 11.1369, MP)
m. Isabel (d 10.02.1382, m2. Sir Gilbert Curwen)
  A. Sir Christopher Moresby of Distington & Culgaith (Cumberland) & Asby Winderwath (Westmoreland), Sheriff of Cumberland (b c1357, d 1391, MP)
  m. Joan (a 11.1392)
  i. Sir Christopher Moresby of Distington, Culgaith & Asby Winderwath (b 11.1380, d 1443, MP)
m. Margaret Tilliol (d 05.08 1459, dau of Sir Peter Tilliol, sister/coheir of Robert of Scaleby, m2. Thomas Crackenthorpe (son of John)) @@ see here @@
  a. Christopher Moresby (d 1461)
  (1) Some web sites, probably following Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Pickering'), show Christopher as being father of Anne (wife of Sir James Pickering) by a dau of Ivo de Etton, @@ see here @@. As reported on Pickering01 (follow the link below), we believe that to be wrong. However, we accept that it is possible that either this Christopher or his father married that Etton as his 1st/2nd wife.
(2) HoP ('Christopher Moresby (d 1443)') suggests that that Christopher's son, this Christopher, was born about 1426, his parents having married by 1422. The following follows the lead of geni.com (here). It is noted that that web site, which is good at identifying its sources for this family (including HoP), suggests that this Christopher was born in 1405 in Trutton, Sussex and died in Sussex having married ...
m. Margaret Threlkeld (dau of Henry (not Lancelot) Threlkeld by Margaret)
  (1) Sir Christopher Moresby 'of Moresby' (d 25.07.1499)
  The above-mentioned web site suggests that this Christopher was born (in Trotton) in 1431 and was 'of Trotton'. The discrepancies with the dates given by HoP for his father,  together with the change from Cumberland to Sussex, leaves us with the feeling that there may have been confusion between different Christophers. However, it does seem likely that this was the Christopher whose heir Anne was his daughter by ...
  m. Elizabeth Parr (dau of Sir Thomas Parr of Kendal)
  (A) Anne Moresby 
  m. Sir James Pickering of Killington



Thomas Moresby
m. (after 1412) Eleanor (Alianor) Cobham, heiress of Rundale, Allington, etc. (dau of Sir Reynold de Cobham of Allington & Rundale)
1. Reynold Moresby of Allington (d by 1458)
  Bellewes reports that it is possible that Reynold's sons were by an earlier wife but that Joan was by ...
  m. Alice Chaldesworth (dau of Robert Chaldesworth (Cheldesworth) of Sandwich, m2. _ Raynford)
  A. John Moresby of Allington Castle & Milton-next-Gravesend (dsp 10.07.1464)
  B. William Moresby (dsp before 1465)
  C. Joan Moresby of Allington Castle (b 1454, d 16-7.07.1492)
  m1. John Gaynesford (dau/heir of Nicholas Gaynesford by Margaret Sidney)
  m2. Robert Brent of Wilsborough (d c11.1491, m1. Joan, dau/heir of Gregory Wyneday & widow of John Crekyng)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : as reported above
(2) For lower section : 'The Cobhams and Moresbys of Rundale and Allington' (p158+) by G.O. Bellewes (1911) which was kindly drawn to our attention by a contributor (DS, 14.02.23) as being downloadable from the web site of the Kent Archaeological Society (here)
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