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Families covered: Morres of Castlemorres, Morres de Montmorency, Morres of Kilcreene, Morres of Knockagh

Various members of this family changed their family name from Morres to 'de Montmorency' at the beginning of the 19th century. It is not clear why this was done. TCB (vol 5, Morres of Kilcreene) mentions a report by J. HoraceRound that "The house of Morres has no more right by hereditary descent to the name and arms of de Montmorency than any of the numerous families of Morris, or, indeed, for the matter of that, the family of Smith."
Redmond Morres of Knockagh, co. Tipperary (b c1552, d 31.08.1624)
m(1). Elinor Cantwell of Lahagres
1. Sir John Morres, 1st Bart of Knockagh (b c1573, d after 28.01.1647/8)
  m. (by 1601) Katharine Walsh (dau of Sir Edmond Walsh of Owney by Ellis Grace)
  A. Sir Redmond Morres, 2nd Bart of Knockagh (b c1595, d by 1656)
  m. (c1620) Ellis (Ellice) Wall (dau of Garret Wall of Coolnamuckty)
  i. Sir John Morres, 3rd Bart of Knockagh (b 29.08.1620, d 26.10.1720)
  m. (c1665) Ellin Butler (b 1637-8, d 27.05.1721, dau of Thomas Butler, 3rd Lord Caher, by Elinor)
  a. Redmond Morres (dvp 1704, Colonel)
  m. Mary Tracy
  (1) Sir John Morres, 4th Bart of Knockagh (d 1723)
  m. (by 1717) Margaret O'Shee (dau of Edmund O'Shee of Cloran by Catherine O'Dwyer)
  (A) Sir Redmond Morres, 5th Bart of Knockagh (b c1717, d unm 11.10.1740)
  (B) Edmund Morres (a 11.1725, d unm before 1740)
  (2) Sir Simon Morres, 6th Bart (d after 05.07.1747)
  m. Jane Gregory (dau ofRev. _ Gregory)
(A) Sir George Morres of Maine (co. Louth), 7th Bart (dsp 26.04.1758)
  m. ?? (d 24.04.1758)
  (B) Mary Morres
  m. _ Cockhill (d before 26.04.1758)
  (3) daughter
  b. Nicholas Morres of Seafield 'of Lateragh' (b 1676, d 23.03.1742)
m. Susanna Talbot (dau ofRichard Talbot of Malahide)
  (1) John Morres (dvp unm)
  (2) Nicholas Morres (dsp 1745, Brigadier General in France)
  m. _ Fraser
(3) Sir Richard Morres in France, 8th Bart (d unm 1774, Colonel in France)
  (4) Ellen Morres (d 01.1794) probably of this generation
  m. (19.12.1732) Walter Butler of Garryricken (b 10.06.1703, d 02.06.1783)
  c. James Morres ofRosetown, co. Tipperary (d 1718)
  m. Anne Morres (dau of Edward Morres)
  (1) John Morres (d unm)
(2) Sir Nicholas Morres, 9th Bart (b c1710, dsp 1795, Colonel in France)
  m. Isabel Cameron (dau of Donald Cameron of Lochiel by Anne, dau of Sir James Campbell, Bart)
  (3) James Morres of Borris probably of this generation
  (A) Anne Morres
  m. James Mathew of Borris
  ii. Hervey Morres of Castle Morres, co. Kilkenny (b c1633, d 1722)
  BP1934 names only the 3rd of Hervey's wives. It appears that one of the earlier ones was ...
  m1/2. Letitia Walsh (dau of Walter Walsh of Castlehoyle, relict of John Tobin)
  m2/1. ??
  m3. Frances Butler (dau of Pierce Butler of Barrowmount, sister of Edward, 2nd Viscount Galmoye)
a. Francis Morres of Castlemorres
  m. Catherine Evans (dau/heir of Sir William Evans, Bart of Kilkreene, by Jane, dau/coheir of Richard Coote)
  (1) Hervey Morres of Castlemorres, 1st Viscount Mountmorres (b c1706, d 06.04.1776)
  m1. (03.11.1742) Letitia Ponsonby (b c1720, d 09.02.1754, dau of Brabazon, 1st Earl of Bessborough)
  (A) Hervey Redmond Morres of Castlemorres, 2nd Viscount Mountmorres, 10th Bart (b c1743, d unm 17.08.1797)
  (B) Letitia Morres (d 07.12.1801)
  m1. (27.02.1762) Arthur Hill Trevor (dvp 19.06.1770, son/heir of 1st Viscount Dungannon)
  m2. (03.07.1774) Randal William MacDonnell, Marquess of Antrim
  (C) Sarah Morres
  m. (1770) Rev. Joseph Pratt of Cabra Castle
  m2. (07.1755) Mary Wall (d 09.1779, dau of William Wall of Coolnamuckty Castle, relict of John Baldwin of Curralanty)
  (D) Francis Hervey Morres, later de Montmorency, 3rd Viscount Mountmorres, 11th Bart (b 01.09.1756, d 23.03.1833)
  m. (24.04.1794) Anne Reade (d 21.07.1823, dau of Joseph Reade of Castle Hoyle)
  (i) Hervey Morres, later de Montmorency, 4th Viscount Mountmorres, 12th Bart (b 20.08.1796, d 23.01.1872, Dean of Achonry) had issue
  m. (05.07.1831) Sarah Shaw (d 22.02.1877, dau of William Shaw of Temple Hill)
  (ii) Anne Morres (d 1807)
  (iii) Maria Louisa Morres
  m. (01.1826) William Mahon
(iv) Juliana Morres (d 1898)
  m. (31.08.1830) Humphrey Michell (d 1877)
  (E) William Mary Morres (b 1760, d 1809)
  m. Anne Clarke
  (i) daughter
  (2) Sir William Evans Morres of Kilcreene, Mayor of Kilkenny, 1st Bart (b c1711, d 11.10.1774)
  m1. (02.06.1737) Margaret Haydock (d 22.08.1753, dau of Josias Haydock of Beaulick by Mary Goslin)
  (A) Sir Haydock Evans Morres of Kilcreene, 2nd Bart (b c1740, dsp 12.1776)
  m. (23.07.1772) Frances Gorges Gore (dau/heir of Ralph Gore of Barrowmount, m2. William Gore of Woodford)
  (B) Mary Morres
  m. Clayton Bayley of Gowran
m2. (01.07.1755) Mary Juliana Ryves (d 1812, dau/coheir of William Ryves of Upperwood (son of Sir Richard, Baron of the Exchequer) by Anne, dau of John Clayton (Dean of Kildare))
  (C) Sir William Evans Morres of Upperwood, later de Montmorency, 3rd Bart (b 07.11.1763, d unm 14.04.1829)
  partner unknown
  (i) William Morres, later de Montmorency
(3) Redmond or Reymond Morres (d 08.1784, MP)
  m. (27.03.1740) Elizabeth Lodge (dau/heir of Francis Lodge of Dublin)
  (A) Lodge Evans Morres, later de Montmorency, 1st Viscount Frankfort de Montmorency (b 26.01.1747, d 21.09.1822)
  m1. (01.01.1777) Mary Fade (dsp 07.02.1787, dau/heir of Joseph Fade of Dublin)
  m2. (06.08.1804) Catharine White (d 12.11.1851, dau of George White of Castle Bellingham)
  (i) Lodge Evans de Montmorency, 2nd Viscount Frankfort de Montmorency (b 26.11.1806, d 25.12.1889) had issue
  m. (12.01.1835) Georgiana Frederica Henchy (d 16.04.1885, dau of Peter FitzGibbon Henchy)
  (ii) Catharine Penelope Morres or de Montmorency (d 24.06.1858)
  m. (11.04.1822) Henry Montagu Browne (d 24.11.1884, Dean of Lismore)
  (iii) Emilia Elinor Morres or de Montmorency
  m. (10.1826) Richard Wordsworth Cooper (d 03.1850)
  (iv) Mary Elizabeth Morres or de Montmorency (d 10.06.1838)
m. (04.1833) Joseph Ormsby Radcliff (d 18.10.1862)
  (B) Redmond orReymond Morres (d 1794, minister)
  m. (21.07.1774) Mary Eyre D'Alton (d 1798, dau/heir of Edward D'Alton of Deer Park)
  (i) Reymond Hervey Morres, later de Montmorency (d 04.10.1827, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. Laetitia Proby (d 1822, dau of Rev. Narcissus Charles Proby of Boughton)
  (ii) Edward D'Alton Morres (b 03.02.1782, d 28.11.1843, RN) had issue
  m. (07.04.1802) Mary Anne Peat (d 23.01.1848, dau/heir of John Peat)
  (iii) Elizabeth Dorothea Morres (d 08.10.1812)
  m. Edward Molesworth (d 14.06.1842, Major)
  (C) Eleanor Morres (d 1819)
  m. Robert Browne of Browne's Hill
  (D) Frances Morres
  m. Andrew Prior of Rathdowney
  (E) Elizabeth Morres (d 26.06.1832)
  m. E. Hutchinson
  B. son

Main source(s): BP1934 (Mountmorres) with some support from TCB (vol 2, Morres of Knockagh)
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