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Families covered: Mowat of Balquholly, Mowat of Loscraigie (Loscragy)

(1) The first of this family reported was the following Patrick de Monte Alto but we doubt that there is any good reason to presume a connection between him and, say, the family of Montalt/Mahaut/Maude which also had a progenitor who bore the name 'de Monte Alto'. We suspect that that was too generic a name, merely indicating that they came from a place at/on a high hill, to warrant presumption of a family connection.
(2) Patrick, a forester, obtained a charter of Loscraigie in 1309. Our sources are not clear on the generations immediately after Patrick. The following combines what they offer but the generations shown in italics should not be viewed as secure.
Patrick de Monte Alto of Loscraigie (Loscragy) (a 1309) apparently succeeded by ...
1. William de Monte Alto of Loscraigie father of a John
  A. John de Monte Alto
  B. Alexander Mowat of Loscraigie
One of these was possibly father of ...
  i. John Mowat of Loscraigie (Loscragy) (a 1438)
  a. Alexander Mowat of Loscraigie (a 1460, 1494)
  (1) John (aka James?) Mowat of (Balquholly in) Loscraigie (d before 20.06.1516)
Baptie does not identify John's wife but reports that it was his son Magnus who was "Reputed to have married a daughter of Forbes of Pitsligo". TSP (Forbes of Pitsligo) shows that it was a daughter of Alexander Forbes who married a Mowat of Balquholly. However, the cosoft web site, whilst acknowledging that it may have been Magnus who married Alexander Forbes's daughter, suggests that it was most likely John and then shows a different wife for Magnus. The position is further confused by the fact that both the sources used for this page show that it was Magnus who was father of the Margaret Mowat who had children by William Sinclair of Mey. However, TSP (Caithness, Sinclair) identifies her as daughter of James (presumably John) of Balquholly. We presume to show as follows:
  m. ?? Forbes (dau of Sir Alexander Forbes of Pitsligo) possibly wife of John, presumed mother of ...
  (A) Magnus Mowat of Balquholly in Loscraigie (d 1526)
  m. Joanna Hay (dau of Sir Alexander Hay of Delgaty)
(i) Patrick Mowat of Balquholly (b c1511, d 1564)
  m. Margaret Cheyne (dau of Patrick Cheyne of Esslemont (by Isobel Bad), m2. James Dempster of Auchterless)
  (a) Patrick Mowat of Balquholly (d c1601)
  m. (before 09.10.1559) Christine Ogilvy (dau of Walter Ogilvy of Boyne)
(b) James Mowat in Redcloak (b c1532, d 03.02.1612)
  m. Agnes Auchinleck (d 1622, sister of George Auchinleck of Balmanno)
  (c) Magnus Mowat in Cowie (d c1596)
  m. Isobel Hay (bur 02.09.1615)
  (d) Beatrix Mowat
  m1. Alexander Mortimer of Auchinbady
  m2. Patrick Dalgarno
  (e) Margaret Mowat
  m. (div 18.11.1562) John Craig of Craigfintray
  p. John Craig (parson of Kincardine in Speyside, uncle of John of Craigfintray)
  Possibly of this family, of this generation, were ...
  (f) George Mowat in Loscraigie (d by 03.1608)
  ((1)) Walter Mowat (bur 21.10.1606?)
  m. (??) Ester Cuming (dau of William Cuming of Inverallochy by Isobel Grant)
  ((2)) ? Elspet Mowat
m. Thomas Mitchell in Turriff
  (g) Thomas Mowat in Balquholly
  ((1)) Thomas Mowat in Turriff
  ((2)) Elspet Mowat
  m. Robert Melvill (son of Thomas)
  (h) Janet Mowat
  m1. Thomas Copland in Idoch (d by 1574)
  m2. John Roy Grant of Carron
  (ii) Bartholomew Mowat possibly of this generation
  m. Barbara Sinclair
  (B) Margaret Mowat possibly of this generation, see note above
  p. William Sinclair of Mey
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
  (C) Gilbert Mowat of Brabstermire
  (2) Alexander Mowat of Eater Dryne & Contaneloid, Ross (dsp)
  m. Isobel Leslie
  (3) Marjorie Mowat (a 05.1505) possibly of this generation
  m. (sp) Alexander Abercrombie (d before 02.05.1505)
  b. William Mowat (canon of Aberdeen)

Main source(s): 'A Lairdship Lost - the Mowats of Balquholly, 1309-1736' by Diane Baptie (2000, ISBN: 978-1862320529), www.cosoft.org/mowat/
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