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Families covered: Multon of Gilsland (Gillesland), Multon of Egremont
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Lambert de Multon (a 1143, 1166)
m. daughter of Robert (possibly Robert Briwer)
1. Thomas de Multon (d before 10.1199 ?)
  m. Eleanor
  A. Sir Thomas de Multon, Sheriff of Cumberland (d 1240)
  m1. (c1190?) Sarah de Flete (dau of Richard de Flete)
  i. Lambert de Multon (d before 16.11.1246)
  m1. (c1213?) Amabel (or Annabel) de Lucy (dau of Richard de Lucy of Egremont)
a. Thomas de Multon of Egremont (b c1225, d before 29.04.1294)
  m1. Ida
  (1) Sir Thomas de Multon (dvp before 24.07.1287)
  m. (by 01.1274/5) Emoine (Edmunda) (dau of Sir John le Botiller of Ireland)
  (A) Thomas de Multon, 1st Lord of Egremont (b 21.02.1276, d before 08.02.1321/2)
  m. (03.01.1297) Eleanor de Burgh (dau of Richard de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster)
  (i) John de Multon, 2nd Lord of Egremont (b 10.1308, dsp before 23.11.1344)
  m. Alice (d before 25.10.1339)
(ii) Joan de Multon (b c1314, d 16.06.1363)
  m. Robert FitzWalter, 2nd Lord FitzWalter (b 1300, d 06.05.1328)
  (iii) Elizabeth de Multon (b c1316)
  m1. (by 1327) Robert de Harington (dvp by 1334)
  m2. (by 11.1334) Walter de Birmingham of Kells and Carbery
  (a) Walter de Birmingham
  (b) Margaret de Birmingham (b c1342, d 19.07.1361)
  m. (1353) Sir Robert de Preston of Gormanston and Carbery, Chancellor of Ireland, 1st Lord of Gormanston (d 1396)
(c) Joan de Birmingham probably of this generation
  m. John de Harington, 2nd Lord (b c1327, d 28.05/07.06.1363)
  (iv) Margaret or Mary de Multon (b c1320)
  m. Thomas de Lucy, 2nd Lord (d 1365)
  m2. Elizabeth or Isabel (d by 1278, widow of John de Munemuth)
  m3. (before 1288) Margaret (a 12.1313)
  m2. Ida (widow of Geoffrey D'Oyly)
  ii. Alan de Multon
  m. Alice de Lucy (dau of Richard de Lucy of Egremont)
  a. Thomas de Multon, later de Lucy (d 1304)
  m. Isabel de Bolteby (dau of Adam de Bolteby of Langley)
The following connection was kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (TG, 18.09.04).
  b. John Lucy (of Cockermouth), Sheriff of Cumberland Margaret's father called Geffery by Wotton
  (1) Margaret Lucy
  m. Sir Hugh de Lowther, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1354)
  iii. Thomas de Multon
  m2. (before 10.03.1217/8) Ada de Morvill (d after 1240, dau of Hugh de Morvill)
  v. Thomas de Multon of Gilsland (d before 14.01.1270/1)
  m. Maud de Vaux (d before 28.05.1293, dau of Hubert de Vaux of Gilsland)
  a. Thomas de Multon of Gilsland (b before 1250, d before 01.03.1292/3)
  (1) Thomas de Multon of Gilsland (b before 1266, d 12.02.1294/5)
  m. Isabel (a 1328)
  (A) Thomas de Multon, Lord of Gilsland (b c1292, d 1313/4)
  m. Margaret de Mauley (dau of Piers de Mauley, 1st Lord)
  (i) Margaret de Multon (b 20.07.1300, d 10.12.1361)
  m. (before 04.02.1315/6) Ranulph de Dacre, 1st Lord, Sheriff of Cumberland, Governor of Carlisle (d 1339)
  v.+ other issue - William, Hugh
  B. Alan de Multon

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