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Families covered: Early Earls of Menteith, Malveysin of Rideware, Modyford of Jamaica, Modyford of London, Morphy of Balmakill, Morphy of Wakebridge

Gilchrist, 1st Earl of Menteith (d before 1198)
1. Maurice (or Muretach), the elder, 2nd Earl of Menteith (a 1213)
2. Maurice, the younger, 3rd Earl of Menteith (d before 01.1233-4)
  A. Isabella, Countess of Menteith
  m1. (c1230) Walter Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, 'Earl of Menteith' (dsp 12.1258)
  m2. Sir John Russell
  i. Isabella Russell of Menteith
  m1. (before 1273) William Comyn of Kirkintilloch (dsp 03.08.1291)
  m2. (c1293) Edmund de Hastings, Lord Inchmahome (dsp Bannockburn 24.06.1314)
  B. Mary, Countess of Menteith --
  m. Walter Stewart, Earl of Menteith (a 1292) --
3. Eva of Menteith J
  m. Alwin, 2nd Earl of Lennox (b c1160, d by 1217) J



Probably son of Raoul 'Le Barbu' Mauvoisin, Sn de Rosny (a 1080) was ...
Henry Malveysin (b by 1080) presumed father of ...
1. Hugo de Malveysin of Rideware, Staffordshire (a 1135)
  A. Sir William Malveysin of Rideware (a 1189, 1199, 2nd son)
  i. Hugo Malveysin (dvp?)
  ii. Sir William Malveysin of Rideware & Great Casterton (Rutland) (a 1199, d before 1258)
  m. Matilda wife of Henry, presumed mother of ...
a. Sir Robert Malveysin of Rideware & Great Casterto (d before 1269)
  (1) Sir Henry Malveysin of Rideware-Mauveysyn (a 1272, 1307)
  (A) Sir Robert Malveysin of Rideware-Malveysin & Shipley
  m(2). ?? (dau of Sir John de Freford)
  (i) Thomas Mauvesyn of Rideware-Mauveysy (3rd son)
  (a) Sir Robert Malveysin of Rideware-Mauveysyn & Shippeley (d 22.07.1403)
  m. Johanna (probably dau of ?? Chetwynd of Ingestre)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Malveysin (b c1389)
  m1. (1394-5!) Roger Chetwynd (b c1375, dsp 1397, son/heir of Sir William de Chetwynd of Ingestrie by Alina St. Paul)
  m2. Sir John Cawarden
  ((2)) Margaret Malveysin (b c1392)
  m. Sir William Handsacre
  (ii)+ other issue including 2 sons (dvp), Rese
  (2) Roger Malveysin (a 1291, 1306)
  (A) William Malveysin (a 1337)
  (i) John Malveysin (d 1399?)
  b. Christiana Malveysin probably of this generation
  m. Sir Richard Bagot of Bagot's Bromley (d before 06.1271)
  iii. William Malveysin (rector of Rideware Mauveysyn)
  Commoners reports that "There is no proof that this William was ... William Malvoisin, Bishop of Glasgow, ...".
  iv. Sarah Malveysin
  m. Sir William de Kileby of Kileby
  B.+ other issue - Hugo (monk), Hugo (parson of Rideware, 2nd Hugo)



John Modyford, Mayor of Exeter (d before 1632)
m. Maria Walker (dau of Thomas Walker, alderman of Exeter)
1. Sir Thomas Modyford, Governor of Jamaica, 1st Bart 'of Lincoln's Inn' (d 02.09.1679)
  m. (1640) Elizabeth Palmer (d 12.11.1668, dau of Lewin Palmer of Devon by Anne Finch)
  A. Sir Thomas Modyford, 2nd Bart (d 19.10.1679)
  m. (by 1664) _ Hethersall (dau of John Hethersall of Gidea Hall)
  i. Elizabeth Modyford (b c1665, d 11.11.1694)
  m1. (25.12.1676!) Thomas Barry of Jamaica (Colonel)
  m2. Sir Nicholas Law, Governor of Jamaica (b 1651-2, d 18.06.1731)
  B. Sir Charles Modyford of Angells (Jamaica) 'of London', 3rd Bart (bur 22.07.1687)
  m. (by 1672) Mary Norton (d before 1684, dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Norton, Bart, by Anna Jermy)
  i. Sir Norton Modyford, 4th Bart (b 25.01.1673/4, dsp bur 14.10.1690)
  m. _ Guy or Gay of Barbadoes
ii. Sir Thomas Modyford, 5th Bart (b 10.03.1678/9, d 30.07.1702)
  BEB1841 reports that Sir Thomas was 1st married to a daughter of John Hathersale of London. That is not mentioned by TCB, though it looks as though TCB may have identified her as wife of Thomas's uncle, the 2nd Bart (whose wife is not mentioned by BEB1841).
  m. (12.06.1698) Jane Beeston (d 29.06.1724, dau/heir of Sir William Beeston, Governor of Jamaica (by Anne Hopegood or Goodhope), m2. Charles Long of Longville in Jamaica)
  a.+ issue (d young) - Anne Beeston, Mary
  C. Mary Modyford (dsp 1690) probably of this generation
  m. George Nedham of Jamaica
2. Sir James Modyford, Governor of Jamaica, 1st Bart 'of London' (bur 13.01.1675)
  m. Elizabeth Slanning (dau/heir of Sir Nicholas Slanning of Maristow by Gertrude Bagge)
  A. Sir Thomas Modyford, 2nd Bart (dsp bur 05.11.1678)
  Thomas is not mentioned by BEB1841 but is by TCB.
  B. Grace Modyford
  m. Peter Heywood, Governor of Jamaica (d 1725)



Edmund Morphie or Morphy
m. (before 1649) Bridget Revel (bur 09.07.1684, dau of Rowland Revel of Stannington)
1. Garat Morphy
2. Edward (or Edmund) Morphy of Healey, near Sheffield
  m. Mary Pole (dau of Gervase Pole of Wakebridge)
  A. Revel Morphy (d before 29.04.1756)
  i. Garalt Morphy of Borres & Balmakill (Queen's Co.), later of Wakebridge (dsp 16.10.1764)
  m. Mary (a 1763)
  ii. Edmond Morphy of Wirkworth (Derbyshire) then Kilkenny, last of Wakebridge (d 04.11.1778)
  m. Mary (m2. Joseph Phillips of Frankford)
  a.+ issue - Edward (b 1768-9, d 12.08.1783), Pool (bpt 25.02.1777, a 1793), Mary
  iii. James Morphy of Rathdowny, Queen's Co. (a 1778, youngest son?)
  a. James Morphy (a 1778)
  iv. Mary Morphy (a 1778)
  m. _ McDonald
  v.+ other issue (a 1788) - Thomas of Balmakill, John, Anne

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