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Families covered: Marney of Layer Marney, Mayney of Biddenden, Mayney of Linton, Mee of Gloucester, Montolieu of London, Montolieu de St. Hippolyte

?? de Marney
1. Ralph de Mareny of Layr Marney (a 1254)
2. Roger de Mareny
  A. William de Marney (a 1262)
  i. Robert de Marney named John by Berry
m. Avice Gernon (dau of Ralph Gernon)
  a. William de Marney
  m. Katherine Venables
  (1) Sir Robert de Marney
  m. Alice Layer (dau of Richard Layer of Suffolk)
  (A) Sir William Marney of Layer Marney, Sheriff of Essex and Hertfordshire (d 1414)
  m. Elizabeth Sergeants (dau of Richard Sergeants or Sergiaux or Sergeaux)
  (i) Sir Thomas Marney (d 1417)
  (a) daughter (d unm)
(ii) William Marney (d unm)
  (iii) Sir John Marney of Layer Marney (d c1471)
  m. (before 27.04.1447) Jane Throckmorton (dau of John Throckmorton of Gloucestershire)
(a) Sir Henry Marney, 1st Lord of Layer Marney (b 1457, d 24.05.1523)
  m1. Thomasine Arundell (dau of Sir John Arundell of Lanherne)
  ((1)) John Marney, 2nd Lord (b c1493, d 27.04.1525)
  m1. Christian Newburgh (d 06.08.1517, dau/heir of Sir Roger Newburgh)
  ((A)) Katherine Marney (b c1515)
  m1. (c1528) George Ratcliffe (dsp before 11.1542, son of Robert, Earl of Sussex)
  m2. Sir Thomas Poynings, Sheriff of Kent, Baron (dsp 17/8.08.1545)
((B)) Elizabeth Marney (b c1517)
  m. Thomas Howard, 1st Viscount of Bindon (d 28.01.1581/2)
  m2. Bridget Waldegrave (bur 20.09.1549, dau of Sir William Waldegrave)
  ((2)) Thomas Marney (d young)
  ((3)) Catherine or Elizabeth Marney
  m. Thomas Bonham
  m2. Elizabeth Wyfold (dau of Nicholas Wyfold or Wilford, Lord Mayor of London)
  ((4)) Grace Marney
  m. Sir Henry Bedingfield
  (iv) Anne Marney
  m. Sir Thomas Tirrell of East Horndon and Heron



John Mayney of Biddenden, Kent
m. Lettice
1. John Mayney of Biddenden, Sheriff of Kent (a 1566)
  m. Margaret Johnson (dau/heir of Ralph Johnson of Tisehurst)
  A. Anthony Mayney of Biddenden 'of Lynton'
  m. Bridget Tanfield (dau of William Tanfield of Northamptonshire)
  i. Sir Anthony Mayney of Linton, Kent (a temp Charles I who r. 1625-1649)
  m. Mary Watson (dau of Sir Edward Watson of Rockingham Castle) wife of Sir Anthony, presumed mother of ...
  a. Walter Mayney of Linton
  (1) Sir Anthony Mayney of Linton, 1st Bart b c1608, (d c1676)
  m. (by 1634) Mary Ricaut (dau of Sir Peter Ricaut of Aylesford by Mary, dau of Roger Vercolcia)
(A) Sir Anthony Mayney of Linton, 2nd Bart (d unm 1706)
  b. Bridget Mayney probably of this generation
  m. Sir Anthony St. Leger
  (1) Mary St. Leger
  m. Robert Sutton, 1st Lord Lexinton of Aram (d 1668)
  ii. Elizabeth Mayney
  Either Elizabeth or another sister of Sir Anthony married ...
  m. Henry Worley
  B. Walter Mayney
  m. _ Guldford (sister of Sir Thomas Guldford)
  i.+ issue - Anne, Elizabeth
  C.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Mary, Cissely
2. Walter Mayney of Stapleherst
  m. Anne Scott (dau of Sir Reynold Scott)
  A.+ issue - Thomas, John, Richard, Walter, Elizabeth, Cicelley
3. Margaret Mayney
  m. Humphrey Clarke of Westhake (d 1579)



"The family of Mee or Mey is of considerable antiquity in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire."
Thomas Mee of London then Gloucester (b c1636, d 1711)
m. (c1663) Elizabeth Pierce (b 1640, d 1721, dau of Thomas Pierce, Mayor of Gloucester)
1. Thomas Mee (b 1664, d 1722)
2. Samuel Mee 'of Gloucester', Sheriff of Gloucestershire (b 07.10.1668, d 03.08.1749)
  m. Anne Trye (b 1668, d 1706, dau of Thomas Trye of Hardwicke Court)
  A. Thomas Mee 'of Gloucester' (b 1700, d 1757)
m1. Anne Savage
  i.+ issue (d young) - Samuel, Elizabeth, Anne
  m2. Barbara Nest
  ii. Benjamin Thomas Mee 'of Bath' (b 1742, 2nd son)
  a. Mary Mee (d 1805)
  m. (03.01.1783) Henry (Temple), 2nd Viscount Palmerston
  iii.+ other issue - Samuel (b 1740), Thomas (b 1743), Mary (b 1739), Anne
  B. Elizabeth Mee (b 1702)
  m. (20.02.1725) Daniel Lysons of Hempsted Court
  C. Mary Mee (b 1704. d 1705)
  D. Anna Mee
  m. J. Viney



MGH reports that the following David "left France to avoid persecution for his religion and came to England with William, Prince of Orange, 1688, and died ... after a brilliant military career, during which he was created a Baron of the Holy Roman Empire by the Emperor Joseph I" and adds "The De Montolieus are of very ancient origin, and were settled in Languedoc early in the twelfth century. The English branch dropped the particle "de".".
David de Montolieu, Baron de St. Hippolyte (b 1667-8, d 09.06.1761, Lt. General)
1. Charles Louis de Montolieu, Baron de St. Hippolyte (d 13.02.1776, Lt. Colonel)
m. (26.06.1750) Elizabeth Le Heup (dau of Peter Le Heup of Steeple Morden by Clara Lowndes)
  A. Lewis Montolieu of London (b 1760-1, d 20.05.1817)
  m. (03.03.1786) Maria Henrietta Heywood (dau of James Modyrod Heywood of Maristowe by Catherine, dau/coheir of Cheverton Hartopp of Welby)
  i. Maria Georgiana Montolieu
  m. (08.01.1822) Hugh Hammersley of London (b 1774, d 10.1840, banker)
  ii. Julia Fanny Montolieu
m1. (16.01.1817) William Wilbraham (b 1781, d 1824, Captain RN)
  m2. Sir Henry Bouverie, Governor of Malta (b 1785, d 1852, grandson of 1st Viscount Folkestone, nephew of 1st Earl of Radnor)
  iii.+ other issue - Charles (d unm 15.04.1809), Louisa (d young)
  B. Thomas Montolieu of London (dsp before 06.09.1805)
  m. Anne
  C. Mary Clara Montolieu (d 19.01.1802)
  m. (20.04.1776) Alexander Murray, 7th Lord Elibank (b 24.04.1747, d 21.09.1820)
  D. Charlotte Gabrielle Montolieu
  m. (275.05.1783) Wriothesley Digby of Meredon Hall (b 1749, dsp 26.10.1827)
  E. Anne Montolieu (d 17.10.1810)
  m. (16.12.1780) Sir James Bland Burges of Burville, Bart (m1. Anne Noel, m3. Margaret Lindsay)
  F. Elizabeth Montolieu (dsp 27.08.1797)
  m. (19.08.1792) James Cranstown, 8th Baron Cranstown (Captain RN)
  G.+ 4 sons (d young)
2. Elizabeth Montolieu (d 21.11.1796)
  m. (30.06.1746) Gideon Murray (d 21.06.1776, Rector of Carlton, Prebendary of Durham)

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