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Families covered: Milford of Wickington, Moulton of Cullompton (Collumpton), Moulton (Molton) of Plimpton (Plympton St. Mary), Maddern (Cossen) of Madron, Murdoch of Cessintully, Murdoch of Gartincaber, Markant in Wendling

George Milford of Wickington, Devon (bur 06.03.1588-9)
1. Richard Milford of Wickington (bur 07.05.1628)
  m. Margaret Burgoyne (bur 12.12.1616, dau of George Burgoyne of Southtawton)
  A. William Milford of Wickington (bpt 09.08.1581, a 1629)
  B. Richard Milford (bpt 11.02.1585-6, a 1628)
  m. Dorothy
  i. William Milford (bpt 19.01.1608-9, d before 22.01.1647-8)
  m. (28.05.1631) Katherine Ley (bur 04.03.1639-40)
  a.+ issue - Katherine (bpt 05.10.1631, d young), Margaret (bpt 02.02.1633-4, a 1648), Katherine (bpt 06.05.1638, bur 15.01.1683-4)
  ii. Arminell Milford (bpt 14.01.1610-1)
  m. (10.02.1631-2) Richard Carole
  iii. Katherine Milford (bpt 18.07.1613)
  m. (c06.1632) John Wills alias Fernworthy
  iv.+ other issue - Adam (bpt 19.01.1608-9), Richard (bpt 24.02.1615-6)
  C. Dorothy Milford (bpt 10.07.1580)
  m. (29.01.1622-3) Richard Duke
  D. Jane Milford (bpt 21.10.1582, a 1628)
  m. (30.04.1606) Richard Brocke
  E. Grace Milford (bpt 13.08.1589, a 1628)
  m. (14.12.1616) John Dunning
  F. Mary Milford (bpt 18.12.1591, a 1628)
  m. (c06.1618) William Harvye of Okehampton
  G.+ other issue - Mark (bpt 02.07.1587, bur 25.10.1588), John (bpt 21.10.1590, a 1628), George (bpt 26.01.1592-3, a 1620), Walter (bpt 03.07.1594, bur 07.08.1595), Margaret (bpt 04.10.1583, bur 30.12.1583), Mary (bpt 01.11.1584, a 1620), Anne (bpt 26.01.1592-3, a 1648)
2. Adam Milford (bur 08.03.1617-8)
  A.+ issue (a 1628) - Richard, William, Arminel, Katherine
3. Katherine Milford (bpt 17.10.1557)
  m. (16.11.1578) Digory Ley
4. Isot Milford (bpt 15.06.1560?)



Edward Molton of Plimpton
m. _ Quick (heir)
1. William Molton or Moulton of Plimpton Morris, Devon
  m1. Jone Snelling (dau of Robert Snelling of Chadelwood)
  A. Philip Moulton of Plimpton Morris
  m. Elizabeth Thomas (dau/heir of John Thomas of Collumpton)
  i. John Molton or Moulton of Collumpton (Cullompton), Devon (d before 26.05.1651)
  m. (c04.1611) Mary Coplestone (dau of Anthony Coplestone of Upton Pyne)
  a. John Molton (b c1612, a 1620)
  ii. Phillip(pa) Moulton
m. Lewis Davils of Cornwall
  iii+. other issue - Thomas, Alexander
  B. Jane Moulton
  m2. Joane Whichwell of Chidley (bur 09.04.1627_
  C. William Moulton of Plimpton (bur 29.03.1645)
  m1. Elizabeth Luscomb (dau of Henry Luscomb of Luscomb in Rotterie)
  i. Edward Moulton of Plymton St. Mary (b c1611, bur 05.08.1654)
  m. Mary (bur 15.09.1687)
  ii.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Francis/Frances
  m2. (c01.1622-3) Wilmot Wolcombe of Plymton St. Mary
  iv. Elizabeth Moulton
2.+ other issue - Robert, Henry, Thomas



Maderne Cossen
1. John Cossen alias Madern of Madron (bur 27.02.1587)
  m. Margaret Gillard (bur 20.12.1583, dau of _ Gillard of Market Jew, alias Marasion)
A. John Cossen alias Maddern of Penzance
  m. (15.08.1584) Ann (Agnes) Trevanion (dau of Richard Trevanion of Toverne, brother of Carheis)
  i. John Cossen alias Maddern (b c1595, bur 30.08.1621)
  m. (04.09.1620) Anne Gravis (bur 200.04.1642, dau of John Guavis of Sithney)
  ii. Nicholas Cossen alias Maddern (bpt 06.12.1596, bur 10.09.1633)
  m. Anne (a 1641, m2. Theophilus Langherne)
  a. Martyn Maderne
(1)+ issue - Harris (bpt 13.12.1653), William (bpt 09.02.1662)
  b.+ other issue - Grace (bpt 01.01.1627, bur 27.11.1629), Phillipp (bpt 12.11.1628, bur 27.11.1629), Grace (bpt 24.09.1631)
  iii. Grace Cossen alias Maddern (b c1590, bur 22.02.1626)
  m. (05.07.1607) Roger Polkenhorn of Penzance
  B. William Cossen alias Maddern of Madron (bur 22.12.1622)
  m1. (03.03.1590) Jane Polkinhorne (bur 04.11.1597, dau of Henry Polkinhorne)
  i. William Maddern of Madron (bpt 1591, bur 05.05.1663)
  m. Margaret (bur 23.02.5626)
  a. Richard Maddern (bpt 24.03.1628)
  (1)+ issue - John (bpt 27.10.1661), Martyn (bpt 05.02.1665), Richard (bpt 18.06.1682), Margery (bpt 03.08.1673, d young?), Margery (bpt 29.04.1677)
  b. Alice Maddern
  m. (24.01.1636) Richard Lander
  c.+ other issue - William (bpt 14.06.1615), Ann (bpt 21.03.1611), Ursula (bpt 29.07.1612), Grace (bpt 22.11.1613), Margaret (bpt 21.12.1624)
  ii. John Maddern (bpt 21.01.1592)
  m. Mary (bur 30.06.1663)
  iii.+ other issue - Richard (bur 11.12.1609), Clarence (bpt 02.01.1594, bur 23.10.1598), Mary (bpt 17.07.1596)
  m2. ??
  vi.+ other issue - Grace (bpt 28.07.1609), Joane (bpt 19.06.1617)
  C. Nicholas Maderne
  i. William Maderne (bpt 08.10.1600)
  D. Elizabeth Maderne
  m. (15.01.1580) John Davies (bur 26.05.1617)
2. Richard Cossen
  A. Henry Cossen (bur 19.07.1578)



John Murdoch in Kilmadock
m. (1623) Jea(n) Moir
1. William Murdoch (10th child)
  m. Elspeth Taylor
  A. Archibald Murdoch in Brae of Cessintully (b 1670, d c1731)
m. (1699) Anne Moir
  i. Anchibald Murdoch of Cessintully & Gartincaber (in Doune, Perthshire) (b 1706)
  m. (1745) Anne Maule (dau/heir of James Maule, "cadet of the family of Maule, Earls of Panmure")
  a. William Murdoch of Gartincaber (b 1757, d 1805)
  m. (1801) Sarah Murdoch (d c1835, dau of James Burdoch of Bridgend of Teath by Beatrice, dau of Patrick Camphell)
  (1) Anne Maule Murdoch (b 1803, d 03.12.1871)
  m. John Burn, later Burn-Murdoch of Gartincaber (d 24.08.1862)
  b. Anne Murdoch (b 1751)
  m. (1782) Robert MacNab of Borain (brother of Francis, 16th Chief of MacNab) ## see here ##
  c.+ other issue - Archibald (b 1747, dsp 1774), son (dsp before 1789), Jean (b 1748, d unm), Margaret (b 1753, d unm)
2.+ 12 others



Thomas Markant in Wendling (b c1597, bur 18.12.1649)
m. (24.11.1636) Mary Ferrour (dau/coheir of Hamond Ferrour, m2. Hilary Forby (sb Farley?))
1. Thomas Markant in Wendling (bpt 12.05.1640, d 1697)
  m. (13.10.1664) Elizabeth Halcott (d 1706, dau of Matthew Halcott)
  A. Matthew Markant (d 1702)
  m. Mary
  i. Matthew Markant (dsp 1705)
  B. Thomas Markant
  i. Kendall Markant (a 1702)
  C. Mary Markant
  m. Roger Hainsworth
  D.+ other issue - Sarah (d 1687), Ellen (d 1688)
2. Susanna Markant
  m. Benjamin Lane
3. Amy Markant
  m. Robert Hamond
4.+ other issue - Ferrour (bpt 1642, d 1675), Hamon (b/bur 1648), Judith, Mary

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