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Families covered: Napier (MacAlowne) of Ballinkrain

Guthrie Smith reports that "it is clear that Cilestine MacAlowne and Gilbert MacAlowne or Napier of Ballinkrain were cadets of the Earls of Lennox, and that the latter married his third cousin, Agnes Macfarlan - the Macfarlanes, too, being cadets of the Earls of Lennox - it must be confessed that little else is know for certain. It would have been satisfactory to have been able to explaing why the family name was changed from being MacAlowne to Napier ... but we cannot do so."
Cilistine or Cilestine MacAlowne of Ballinkrain
1. ?? MacAlowne
  A. Gilbert MacAlowne or Napier of Ballinkrain (a 1457, 1477)
  m. Agnes Macfarlan
  i. Thomas Napier of Ballinkrain (d before 06.03.1502)
  a. John Napier of Ballinkrain (d before 06.07.1514)
  m. (before 01.1491-2) Agnes Buchanan
  (1) Thomas Napier of Ballinkrain (d before 18.11.1547)
  m. (after 1513) Margaret Fleming
  (A) John Napier of Ballinkrain (d before 29.09.1588)
  m. (before 18.11.1548) Margaret Kincaid
  (i) Thomas Napier of Ballinkrain (d before 04.05.1608)
  m1. Agnes Walkinschaw
  (a) Jean Napier
  m. (mcrt 29.01.1608)William Cumming in Balfunning
  m2. Katherine Grahame
(b) John Napier of Ballinkrain (d before 10.12.1662)
  m. Margaret Seton
  ((1)) Thomas Napier of Ballinkrain (d before 01.03.1672)
  m1. (1636) Elizabeth Stirling (dau of John Stirling of Craigbarnet)
  ((A)) William Napier of Ballinkrain& Germiston (d 23.02.1722)
  m. Rebecca Buchanan (dau of Archibald Buchanan of Blairhennachra or Drumhead by Isobel)
  ((i)) Thomas Napier (b 05.03.1684, dvpsp 16.05.1718, 2nd son)
  m. (before 1713) Anna Napier (d 1758, dau of Alexander Napier of Blackston, m2. William Craick of Duchra)
  ((ii)) James Napier of Glasgow & Ballinkrain (b 02.01.1689, d 30.10.1754)
  m. (21.07.1713) Janet Blair (d 05.02.1748, dau of Hugh Blair of Glasgow)
  ((a)) John Napier of Ballinkrain, Ballochairn & Balglass (d 10.1784)
  m. Janet Buchanan (dau of Moses Buchanan of Glinns)
  (((1))) Janet Napier of Ballinkrain (d 01.05.1801)
  m. (1776) Robert Dunmore of Glasgow, later of Ballindalloch, etc. (b 23.11.1744, d 1799, son of Thomas of Kelvinside & Gilmorehillby Helen Wilson)
  (((A))) Thomas Dunmore (b 19.03.1777, d 1856, Commissary General)
  m. (1821) Sarah Steel (dau of Thomas Steel of Jamaica, widow of Robert Stirling (son of William of Keir))
  (((B))) John Dunmore, later Napier of Ballinkrain (d unm 03.02.1821)
  (((C))) William Robert Dunmore (b 1782, d 1810) had issue
  (((D))) Robert Dunmore, later Napier of Ballinkrain (d 09.07.1846, youngest son) had issue
  m. (1832) Caroline Frances Callander (dau of Colonel George Callander of Craigforth & Ardkinglass)
  (((E))) Janet Dunmore (b 1778)
  m. (1813) John Dunlop of Keppoch
  (((F)))+ other issue (d unm) - George (b 1786, d 1818), Helen Wilson (b 1781), Margaret (d 03.12.1826)
  ((b))+ other issue - Susanna, Agnes
  ((iii))+ other issue - John (b 29.05.1681, dvp 12.1702), Archibald (b 18.04.1691, d 04.1695), William in Glasgow (b 01.12.1694, d 02.04.1732), George in London then St. Petersburgh (b 06.01.1701, d 20.03.1761), 4 sons (d young), Rebecca (b 08.09.1678, d 22.03.1742)
  ((B)) James Napier (a 05.1679)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Napier
  m. John Lennox in Lochbrae
  ((D)) Margaret Napier
  m. (mcrt 11.1665) John Blair (younger) in Wester Camquohill
  m2. Isobel Rigg
  ((E))+ other issue - John, Susanna
  ((2)) John Napier
  (c) Patrick Napier in Balaquharn (a 11.1636)
  (ii) James Napier
  (iii) William Napier in Leith
  m. Isobell Newtoun
  (iv) daughter
  m. Goerge Ochiltree

Main source(s): 'Strathendrick and its inhabitants from early times' (John Guthrie Smith, 1896, p194+) with thanks to a contributor (CV, 18.12.17) for drawing our attention to that information
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