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Families covered: Nevile of Aubourn, Nevile of Faldingworth, Nevill of Grove, Nevile of Thorney, Nevile of Walcot, Nevile of Wellingore

George Nevill of Ragnall and Thorney (a 1567)
m1. Barbara Hercy (dau of Sir Humphrey Hercy by Elizabeth Digby and sister of Sir John Hercy of Grove)
1. John Nevill of West Burton (dvp 1588)
  m. Gertrude Waley (dau of Richard Waley or Whalley of Sibthorpe and Welby)
  Maddison shows their sons as George of Faldingworth (b 1569, d 1607) then William (d young) then Hercy of Grove. We follow BLG1952 and show George of Faldingworth below as one of John's younger brothers rather than his son.
  A. Henry (or Hercy) Nevill of Grove
m1. Bridgett Savell (dau of Henry Savell of Lupset)
  i. Gilbert Nevill of Grove (a 1614)
  m. Margaret Bland (dau of Sir Thomas Bland of Kippax Park)
  BLG1952 reports that Gilbert and Margaret had only one child, a daughter Bridget (b c1612). We show what is reported by BEB1841 but note some caution given that BLG1952 appears to have benefited from additional research after BEB1841.
  a. Edward Nevile of Grove
  m. Maria or Ann Scott of Camberwell
  (1) Sir Edward Nevile, Bart of Grove (dsp 1686)
  m. Catherine (not Elizabeth) Holt (sister of Robert Holt of Warwickshire)
  (2) Catherine Nevile (d unm 1683)
  (3) Anne Nevile
  m. John Millington
  b. Anthony Nevile (b c1619, d 24.02.1688, Major)
c. Bridget Nevile of Grove (b c1612) who apparently married ...
  m1. (30.01.1646) Samuel Clarke of Ashgate (b c1616, a 1662, dsp)
  m2. (20.11.1679) _ Atton
  ii. Henry Nevill
  iii. Mary Nevill (d 1632)
  BLG1952 shows Henry & Bridgett's daughters as Mary, who married Thomas Pate, and Isabel & Barbara as shown below. Commoners (iv, Eyre of Rampton) reports that she married thrice, this being supported by BEB1841 except that BEB1841, which omits her sisters, names her Barbara.
  m1. Thomas Pate of London (son of John of Leicestershire)
  m2. John Babington of Rampton
  m3. (29.08.1609) Anthony Eyre of Loughton (b c1576, d before 24.09.1658)
iv. Isabell Nevill
  m1. Sir Richard Harper
  m2. Sir Peter Fretchville of Derbyshire
  v. Barbara Nevill
  m. Robert Markham of Sidbrook
  m2. Ruth Jessop of Hayton (widow)
  B. George Nevile or Nevill of Haddington, Aubourn and Thorney (d 1652, 6th son)
m1. (23.11.1600) Jane Tyrwhitt (dau of Marmaduke Tyrwhitt of Scotter)
  i. Sir Gervase Nevile of Aubourn (bpt 26.09.1601, d 1653-4)
  m. (by 12.1618) Catherine Hutton (d 11.09.1683, dau of Sir Richard Hutton of Goldsborough)
  a. Sir Christopher Nevile of Aubourn or Amber (b 1631, dsps 18.11.1692)
  m1. (by 04.1655) Katharine Estoft (bur 19.12.1668, dau of Thomas Estoft of Estoft)
  (1) Gervase Nevile (bur 11.11.1658)
m2. Catherine Ingram (dsp 04.04.1715, dau of Sir Arthur Ingram of Temple Newsome)
  b. Gervase Nevile of Cambridge (bur 04.01.1667)
  c. Jane Nevile
  m. Thomas Ellis of Wellingore
  d. Bridget Nevile
  m. Edward King of Ashby de la Launde
  e. Mary Nevile
  m. William Fitzwilliam of Clesby
  ii. George Nevile of Thorney (bpt 1604, bur 23.04.1653)
m1. (01.03.1636) Alice Rothwell (bur 03.08.1639, dau of William Rothwell of Stapleford & Ewerby)
  a. George Nevile of Thorney (b 1637)
  m1. (after 28.01.1661) Mary Bosvile (bur 04.08.1670, dau of Thomas Bosvile of Edlington and Warmsworth)
  (1) George Nevile of Thorney (bpt 10.03.1662)
  m(1). Mary Nichols (d 13.04.1704)
  (A) George Nevile of Thorney (b 1700, d 23.12.1742)
  m. (after 13.12.1735) Catherine Vincent (bpt 15.11.1698, d 09.09.1766, dau of Thomas Vincent of Barnsworth and Barnborough)
  (i) Catharine Nevile of Thorney (b 14.06.1742, bur 11.07.1809)
  m. (10/1.09.1763) George Nevile of Thorney (bur 08.07.1806, Lt. Colonel) @@ below
  (2) Mary Nevile (bpt 22.03.1663)
  m. Darwin Stow of Fenton
  (3) Jane Nevile (bpt 26.11.1667)
  m. Burdyn Anderson of London
  (4)+ other issue - Elizabeth (bpt 10.03.1662), Anne (bpt 11.07.1665), Susanna (bpt 28.01.1668), Barbara (bpt 16.09.1666), Bridget (bpt 15.03.1669-70, d before 24.01.1723-4)
  m2. (after 21.04.1672) Elizabeth Halfhide (d 11.1741, dau of Jeremiha Halfhide of London)
  (9) Edward Nevile of Thorney (b 01.11.1675, d before 1729, 3rd son)
m. (05.02.1707-8) Martha Lister (bur 26.10.1746, dau of William Lister of Coleby Hall)
  (A) Edward Nevile of Thorney (b 23.10.1711, bur 29.01.1754)
  m. (after 14.11.1733) Farrington Palmer (b 15.03.1702-3, d 16.11.1768, dau of George Palmer of Woodford)
  (i) George Nevile of Thorney, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b 20.12.1739, bur 08.07.1806, Lt. Colonel, 3rd son)
  m. (10/1.09.1763) Catharine Nevile of Thorney (b 14.06.1742, bur 11.07.1809, dau of George Nevile of Thorney) @@ above
  (a) Nevile George Nevile of Thorney (b 17.10.1764, d unm 05.12.1829)
  (b) Christopher Nevile of Thorney, Sheriff (bpt 13.09.1769, d 03.09.1844, Commodore) had issue
  m1. (09.05.1797) Anne Elizabeth Acklom (d 11.06.1813, dau of Jonathan Acklom of Wiseton)
  m2. (12.12.1815) Mary Elizabeth Swainston (d 26.02.1856, dau of Allan Swainston of Alne)
  (c) Edward Nevile (b 23.12.1733, dsp, vicar of Prees)
  m. (20.11.1807) Elizabeth Hill (b 11.01.1776, dau of Sir john Hill, 3rd Bart of Hawkstone)
  (d)+ 16 other children
  (ii) Mary Nevile (b 06.12.1737)
m. Rev. William Brereton
  (iii)+ other issue - Edward ( b 04.10.1735, bur 05.10.1743), Richard (b 02.09.1736, d young), Thomas (b 20.03.1743)
  (B) Mary Nevile (b 14.08.1709, bur 07.06.1715)
  (10) Alice Nevile (bpt 21.01.1683, bur 24.11.1755)
  m. William Rothwell of North Collingham
  (11)+ other issue - Christopher (bpt 03.06.1673, bur 15.08.1673), Frances (bpt 03.06.1684)
  b. Thomas Nevile
  m2. (before 06.1651) Sarah Cooke (dau of Bryan Cooke of Sandal and Doncaster)
  c. Bryan Nevile of Wellingore (d 28.03.1725)
  m. (29.10.1674) Martha Ellis (d 30.03.1710, dau of Thomas Ellis of Wellingore)
  (1) Gervais Nevile of Wellingore
m. Honore
  (A) Christopher Nevile of Wellingore
  m1. Elizabeth Sharp
  m2. _ Brown
  Not sure which wife was mother of ...
  (i) Christopher Nevile of Wellingore (d 1829)
  m. Sophia Noel (dau of Baptist Noel, 4th Earl of Gainsborough)
  (a) Christopher Nevile of Wellingore, later Noel of Walcot (b 1774, d 27.02.1838, Colonel) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (12.1818) _ Abbot
  (b) Henry William Nevile of Walcot and Wellingore (d 28.11.1843, rector of Cottesmore) had issue
  m. (1807) Amelia Mann (d 25.10.1822, dau of James Mann of Hallow Park)
  (c) Sophia Charlotte Nevile
  m. (1809) (George) Ainslie (General)
  (ii) Margaret Nevile
  m. Capt. _ Mercer
  d. Jane Nevile
iii. Ellen Nevile
  m. Dr. _ Wincop of Cheshunt
  iv. Mary Nevile
  m. Timothy Lucas of Fenton
  v. Bridget Nevile
  m. William Stow of Newton
  vi.+ other issue - Anthony (bpt 1606), John (bpt 1608)
  m2. (04.08.1641) Mary (widow of Charles Lovell of Spredlington (Spridlington))
  C. Barbara Nevile
m. Sir John Meares of Aubourn (bur 16.05.1630)
  D. Troth Nevile possibly of this generation
  m. Gilbert Linacre of Linacre & Plumley
  E.+ other issue - Robert, William, Richard, John
2. George Nevill or Nevile of Faldingworth (b 1569, d 1607)
  BLG1952 shows this George as 'of Grove' with no further information. Maddison shows a George of this generation as dsp 1582 but also shows a George of Faldingworth (b 1569) as eldest son of the John who married Gertrude Whalley which contradicts what is shown by BLG1952. We presume, provisionally, that both are wrong and that George of Faldingworth fits here.
  m1. Mary Stowe (dau of John Stowe of Newton-on-Trent)
  A. Isabel Nevile
  m. Thomas Wilson of Rotherham
  B.+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Winifred (d young), Anne (dsp)
  m2. Katharine Smith (dau of John Smith of Welton, she m2. John Smith of Snarford)
  C. John Nevile of Faldingworth (b 1605, bur 30.12.1661)
  m. Jane Nelson (dau of Henry Nelson, rector of Hougham)
  i. George Nevile of Faldingworth (b c1636)
  m. Mary Richardson (bur 05.07.1688, dau of Thomas Richardson, Mayor of Hull)
  a. Jane Nevile (bpt 05.01.1663-4)
  m1. Edward Houston of Walesby
m2. (04.11.1703) John Robinson of Market Rasen (draper)
  b.+ other issue - George (bpt 14.01.1674-5, d 15.07.1675), Katharine (bpt 02.10.1666, bur 18.08.1667), Mary (bpt 18.11.1668)
  ii. John Nevile (a 1680)
  m1. Anne Dow of Beverley
  a. Effame Nevile
  m2. Jane Saunderson (bpt 18.01.1676-7, dau of Robert Saunderson, son of Robert, Bishop of Lincoln, she m2. William Clerke)
  b.+ other issue - John, Jane, Mary
  iii. Katharine Nevile
  m. (18.06.1661) John Healey of Roseley
  iv. Mary Nevile
  m1. William Healey of Burringham (bur 12.1673)
  m2. John Clerk of Bottesford
  v.+ other issue - Henry, Thomas, Jane (bur 08.06.1696), Christian (bur 05.09.1657), Anne, Alice
  D. Elizabeth Nevile
  m1. John Chadwick
  m2. Robert Dixon (a 1636, rector of Faldingworth)
  E. Mary Nevile
m1. _ Craven
  m2. (30.11.1632) Richard Lilly of Lincoln
  F. Ellen Nevile
  m1. Edmund Lucy of Rochdale
  m2. _ Butterworth of Rochdale
  G. Alice Nevile
  m. William Bagwarde of Driffield
  H.+ other issue - Anne, Jane
3. Anthony Nevill of Skellingthorpe (dsp bur 16.04.1590, 4th son)
  m. Mary Fitzwilliam (d 1607, dau of George Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe, widow of Richard Hiltoft)
4. Dennys or Dinoysius Nevill of Thornhaugh
  m. Elizabeth Debden (dau of John Jermin Debden of Suffolk)
  A. Gervase Nevill of Thorney (b c1594) ancestor of Nevills of Badsworth
B.+ other issue - Anthony, John, Barbara, Sara, Susan
5. Elizabeth Nevill (bur 13.11.1636)
  m1. William Harden of Fosse (Fors) and Torksey
  m2. John Hopkinson of Alford
6. Beatrix Nevill
  m. William Farnham of Quorndon
7. Dorothy or Mary Nevill
  m. Gervase Eyre of Newbold and Keveton (b c1546, d 1626)
8. Barbara Nevill probably the Barbara who married ...
  m. George St. Andrew of Gotham
9.+ other issue - Gervase of Blyth Abbey (bur 24.12.1601), Francis of Grove (d before 23.05.1611), Mary (or Dorothy)
m2. Mary Williamson (dau of John Williamson of Gainsborough, sister of Sir Richard)
12. Gervase Nevill (b c1587, a 1622, rector of Grove)
  m1. (c09.1622) Theodosia Somersall (b c1601, dau of _ Somersall of Leadenham)
  m2. (mcrt 19.04.1633) Mary Manby (dau of William Manby of Elsham)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Nevile of Thorney) with input from BLG1952 (Nevile of Wellingore and Aubourn), BLG1886 (Nevile of Thorney), BEB1841 (Neville of Grove) and Maddison's Lincolnsire Pedigrees (1906, Nevile of Haddington and Wellingore) and some support from Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Nevell)
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