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Families covered: Nicolson of Cluny, Nicolson of Glenbervie, Nicolson of Houll, Nicolson of Kemnay, Nicolson of Shebster, Nicolson of Trabroun, Nicolson of Upsetlingtoun

We have no reason to believe that the 2 families shown on this page were closely related to each other. They share the page for our convenience.
George Nicolson, Provost of Aberdeen (a 1622)
m. _ Howison
1. Thomas Nicolson of Pitmedden and Cluny (a 1640)
  m. Elizabeth Abercromby
A. Sir George Nicolson of Cluny, Upsetlingoun, Kemnay and Balcaskie (d 03.02.1711, Senator as Lord Kemnay)
  m. Margaret Hallyburton (d 10.08.1722)
  i. Sir Thomas Nicolson of Kemnay and Upsetlingtoun, 1st Bart (d 31.08.1728)
  m. (1688) Margaret Nicolson (dau of Sir Thomas Nicolson, 2nd Bart of Carnock)
  a. Isabella Nicolson
  m. (1715) Thomas Brisbane (son of John of Bishopton)
  b. Margaret Nicolson (d 30.09.1759)
  m. William Kerr, 3rd Marquess of Lothian (d 28.07.1767)
c. Eleanor Nicolson (dsp)
  m1. Robert or Thomas Boyd (b 13.09.1689, d 02.1716)
  m2. John Crauford of Craufordland
  ii. Sir William Nicolson of Glenbervie and Upsetlingtoun, 2nd Bart (d 07.06.1766)
  Sir William had 22 children, most of whom died young or unmarried.
  m1. (28.03.1697) Lilias Pringle (d 20.04.1707)
  a. Margaret Nicolson (d 08.05.1770)
  m. (08.03.1720) Andrew Hay (son of James of Caribber)
  m2. (05.07.1713) Agnes Burnett (dau of Robert Burnett of Muchalls)
b. Sir James Nicolson of Glenbervie, 3rd Bart (b 01.1722, dsp 11.03.1782)
  m. (04.08.1751) Margaret Straton (dau of John Straton of Lauriston)
  m3. (1738) Mary Milne (dau of Robert Milne of Balwylie)
  m4. (01.06.1763) Helen Mill (d 04.09.1783, dau of John Mill of Old Montrose)
  c. Helen Nicolson of Glenbervie (b 06.07.1765, dsp 1834)
  m1. (11.02.1781) Henry Ivie of Mount Alvo, later Ivie-Nicolson (d 11.01.1792)
  m2. (29.04.1793) George Mill, later Mill-Nicolson
  m3. (05.1803) James Mitchell, later Mitchell-Nicolson (d 1843)
  d. Joan Nicolson of Glenbervie (b 01.05.1766, d 22.11.1847)
  m. (11.11.1797) James Wilson (minister of Farnell)
  Glenbervie passed to one of their daughters.
  B. Thomas Nicolson, Bishop of Peristachium (b 1642, d 23.10.1718, Vicar Apostolic in Scotland)
  C. James Nicolson of Trabroun
  m. Catherine Gourley
  i. Thomas Nicolson (dvp)
  m. Catherine Prince
  a. James Nicolson of Trabroun (a 1745)
  m. Jean Kernochan
  (1) Sir James Nicolson, 4th Bart (d c1818)
  m. (25.07.1799) Margaret Warton (dau of John Warton of Frickley)
  (A) Sir Joseph Nicolson, 5th Bart (b 28.03.1800, dsp c1839)
2. Katherine Nicolson
  BLG1952 (but not BLG1886) shows Katherine, sister of Thomas Nicolson of Pitmedden and Cluny, as wife of an Alexander Jordan, 7th of Abergeldie. This appears to be a confusion with Katharine, sister of Thomas Nicolson of Cockburnspath, who married Alexander Gordon, 7th of Abergeldie.



Nicol Laurenson of Houll in Unst, Shetlands
m. Isabel
1. Erasmus Nicolson of Houll
  m. Janet Gray (dau of Robert Gray son of Walter of Cliff)
  A. Laurence Nicolson of Houll
  m. Agnes Bruce
  i. William Nicolson
  m. Elizabeth Nisbet
  a. Laurence Nicolson
  (1) Rev. William Nicolson of St. Petersburg
  b. David Nicolson
  m. Martha Spence
  c. Elizabeth Nicolson
m. Robert Bruce
  (1) Elizabeth Bruce
  m. John Mouat
  (2) Grace Bruce
  m. William Mouat
  (3) Janet Bruce
  m. Samuel Dunn Hunter of Lerwick
  ii. Robert Nicolson
  m. Katherine Nisbet
  iii. Louisa Nicolson
  m. David Spence of Houlland (bpt 21.04.1717, d 1782)
  iv.+ other issue - Marion, Isabel, Grizel, Bruce
  B. Katherine Nicolson
  m. Andrew Bruce of Scolland
  The following comes from 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Bruce of Scolland', p46).
  i. Katherine Bruce
  m. John Johnston
  ii. Helen Bruce (b 11.09.1763, d 16.11.1836)
  m. (23.04.1789) John Smith (b 11.09.1763)
  a. James Smith of Edinburgh (b 11.07.1790, d 06.01.1866) had issue
m. (27.11.18120 Catherine Mackenzie
  b. Catherine Smith (b 13.04.1799)
  m. Jerome Morrison
  c.+ other issue - John (b 03.05.1793), Andrew (b 10.07.1796), Arthur (b 03.09.1802), Charlotte (b 22.10.1805)
  iii.+ other issue - William, Janet
  C. Isabel Nicolson (dsp)
  m. Laurence Nisbet
  D. Helen Nicolson
  m. Thomas Arthurson
2. Bess Nicolson
  m. Magnus Laurenson of Westshore
  A. Isabel
  m. James Gray
3. Katherine Nicolson
  m. Erasmus Peterson
  A. Peter
  i. John



Patrick Nicolson (minister of Kiltarlity)
1. Alexander Nicolson of Shebster (b c1724, d 1785, minister of Thurso)
  m1. (1754) ??
  A. Patrick Nicolson of Shebster (d 1805?, minister of Thurso)
  m. (1787) Mary Maxwell Dunbar (d 1806, dau of Captain Thomas Dunbar of Westfield by Jamet, dau of Sir William Dunbar of Hempriggs)
  i. Alexander Nicolson, last of Shebster (a 1808, dsp)
  ii. Malcolm Nicolson (Major) had issue
  m1. Jessie Moodie (dau of James Moodie of Melsetter, cousin)
  m2. ??
  iii. Janet Dunbar Nicolson
  m. _ Featherstone (Dr.)
  iv. Mary Nicolson
m. _ Jackson (Major)
  v. Isabella Nicolson
  m. Simon Nicolson (Dr.)
  vi. Margaret Nicolson
  m. _ Western (Lt. Colonel)
  B. James Nicolson (Dr.)
  m2. (1765) Mary Honyman (b c1728, d 1817, dau of Patrick Honyman of Gramesay)
  C. Jessie Nicolson
  m1. Alexander McLeod of Lynegar (son of Donald (Sheriff-Substitute of Caithness))
  i. Jemima McLeod (d 1868)
  m. _ Hepburn of St. Vincent
  ii.+ other issue (d young) - David, Mary
  m2. William Sinclair in Thurso (writer)
  iv.+ other issue (dsp) - Alexander in Edinburgh (accountant), Gordon (in West Indies)

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