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Families covered: Nicolson of Carnock, Nicholson of Ballow, Nicolson of Hawkesdale, Nicholson of Warley, Nicholson of Durham

John Nicolson of Edinburgh
m. Elizabeth Henderson (dau of Edward Henderson)
1. Sir Thomas Nicolson of Carnock (Stirlingshire), 1st Bart (d 08.01.1646)
  m. Isobel Henderson (dau of Walter Henderson of Granton)
  A. Sir Thomas Nicolson, 2nd Bart of Carnock (b 10.06.1628, d 24.07.1664)
  m. Margaret Livingston (d 02.11.1674, dau of Alexander Livingston, 2nd Earl of Linlithgow, by Mary Douglas)
  i. Sir Thomas Nicolson, 3rd Bart of Carnock (b 15.09.1649, d 20.01.1670)
  m. (1668) Jean Napier (d 1680, dau of Archibald Napier, 2nd Lord of Merchiston, by Elizabeth Erskine)
  a. Sir Thomas Nicolson, 4th Bart, 4th Lord Napier of Merchiston (b 14.01.1669, d unm 09.06.1686)
ii. Eleanor Nicolson
  m. Sir John Shaw, 2nd Bart of Greenock (d 04.1703)
  iii. Isobel Nicolson
  m. (11.02.1679) Sir James Dunbar, 1st Bart of Mochrum (d 1718)
  iv. Margaret Nicolson
  m1. James Hamilton of Ballincrieff
  m2. (1688) Sir Thomas Nicolson of Kemnay and Upsetlingtoun, 1st Bart (d 31.08.1728)
  B. Sir John Nicolson of Tillicoultrie
  m. Sabina Colyear (dau of Col. Walter (sb David?) Colyear)
  i. Sir Thomas Nicolson of Tillicoultrie, 5th Bart of Carnock (d 02.01.1699)
  a. Sir George Nicolson in The Hague, 6th Bart of Carnock (d 10.1771, Major)
  m1. Charlotte Halkett (dau of Edward Halkett)
(1) Sir Walter Philip Nicolson, 7th Bart of Carnock (dspl 1786/8)
  m. Helen Frances Carpenter
  (2) Sir David Nicolson, 8th Bart of Carnock (d unm 19.10.1808)
  (3) Charles Nicolson (d unm 1789)
  m2. (before 22.05.1742) Mary Anne Colyear (dau of General Walter Philip Colyear)
  ii. William Nicolson (d Ypres 1720, Lt. Colonel in Holland)
  a. George Nicolson of Tarviston, Lanarkshire (d 1769, eldest son)
  m. Catharine Edmonstone
  (1) Sir William Nicolson, 9th Bart of Carnock (b 1758, d 05.08.1820, Major General) had issue
  m. (05.07.1804) Mary Russell (b 1769-70, d 20.02.1853, dau of John Russell by Eleanor, dau of William Robertson of Edinburgh)
  (2)+ several daughters
  C. Elizabeth Nicolson
  m. Thomas Drummond of Riccarton
  D. Ann Nicolson
  m. (1654, sp) Sir George Stirling, 6th of Keir (d 06.1667)



Of a family that came from Forest of Nichol, Cumberland, the first to come into Ireland (temp James I) was ...
?? Nicholson of Ballymagee, near Bangor, co. Down
1. William Nicholson of Ballow, co. Down (b 1591, d 05.04.1665)
  m. Janet Brown (b c1600, d 1680)
  A. John Nicholson (dvp 1655)
  B. Hugh Nicholson of Ballymagee
m. Isabel Orr (d 1696)
  i. William Nicholson of Ballow (b 1659, d 03.01.1704)
  m. Eleanor Dunlop (d 1720, dau of James Dunlop of Bngor)
  a. Hugh Nicholson of Ballow (b 01.11.1697, d unm 25.08.1722)
b. William Nicholson of Ballow (b 23.10.1699, d 17.06.1740)
  m. Mary Whyte (b c1693, d 29.10.1787, dau of Hugh Whyte of Ballyree (by Anne, dau of Alexander Hamilton of Ballyvernon by Isabell, dau of John Blackwood), m2. Patrick Cleland of Ballymagee)
  (1) Hugh Nicholson of Ballow (d 1743)
  (2) William Nicholson of Ballow (dsp 05.04.1798)
  m1. (1774) Agnes Cleland (d 11.07.1775, dau of John Cleland of Whitehorn or Whithorn, relict of Richard Rose)
  m2. Sarah Wells (dau of George Wells of Belfast)
  (3) Robert Donaldson Nicholson, later of Ballow (d unm 1803)
  (4) Susanna Nicholson (b 1729)
  m. Hugh Jackson of Ballywooley
  (5) Margaret Maxwell Nicholson (b 1734, d 1805)
  m. Robert Gawen Steele (b 11.03.1732-3, d 23.03.1814)
  iii. James Nicholson (b 1663, d 09.12.1727)
  m. Jane Allen (dau of Francis Allen of Donaghadee).
  a.+ issue - Francis, James, Aruchbiald, Margaret, Isabel
  iv. Margaret Nicholson
  m. William Glenholme of Ballymascaw
  v.+ other issue - Henry, Mary
2. daughter
  m. Thomas McMullan
3. daughter



Mathew Nicholson of Gray Stones in Warley
m. Mary Priestley (b c1629, bur 23.11.1689, dau of Joseph Priestley of Goodgreave)
1. Elizabeth Nicholson (d 18.09.1730)
  m. Josiah Stansfield of the Breck, Sowerby (son of Josiah)
2.+ other issue - Joseph of Warley, Benjamin of Warley, Richard, child



Commoners reports that "The family of Nicolson were of note in the counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland for the best part of three centuries". Commoners mentions 2 brothers who we show as sons of ...
?? Nicolson
1. Robert Nicolson had issue
2. Joseph Nicolson of Park Broom
  A. Joseph Nicolson (rector of Plumland & Torpenhow)
  m. Mary Brisco (dau of John Brisco of Crofton by Mary, dau of Sir Thomas Braithwaite of Barneshead)
  i. William Nicolson, Bishop of Carlisle then Derry, Archbishop of Cashel (b 1655, d 1727) had issue
Commoners reports that William "was promoted to the archbishoprick of Cashel, but died suddenly a few days after". Wikipedia (William Nicolson") reports that William was nominated to be Archbishop of Cashel & Emly but died "before he could assume charge".
  m. Elizabeth Archer (dau of John Archer of Oxenholme)
  ii. John Nicolson of Hawkesdale, Cumberland
  a. Joseph Nicolson of Hawkesdale
  b. John Nicolson
  (1) John Nicolson of Hawkesdale Hall (dsp?)
  (2) Mary Nicolson
  m. Rev. William Watts



James Nicholson of Durham (d 1681, cordwayner)
m. (c02.1680) Jane Heslop (a 11.1727, dau of William Heslop of Durham, m2. Richard Wharton)
1. James Nicholson of West Rayinton (bur 16.08.1727, MP for Durham)
  m1. Anne Allan (bur 21.08.1719)
  A. Jane Nicholson (b 22.09.1713, d 13.05.1778)
  m. (20.07.1736) Thomas (Lyon), Earl of Strathmore
  B. Anne Nicholson
  Anne is shown as married to Patrick Lyon, brother of Thomas, Earl of Strathmore, but that is unlikely (unless Patrick was illegitimate). That Thomas, the youngest son of the 4th Earl, did have a brother named Patrick but that was his eldest brother who dvp unm 09.1709.
  C.+ other issue - James (bur 31.08.1712), Mary (a 02.1749, d unm?)
  m2. Elizabeth Metcalfe (dau of Richard Metcalfe of Thornborough, m2. Nicholas Lambton of Biddick Waterville)

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