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Families covered: Norreys of Bray, Norreys (Norris) of Davyhume Hall, Norreys of Penwortham, Norreys (Noreis or Norres) of Speke, Norreys (Norreis or Noreis) of Sutton

Related to Hugo le Noreis (Norensis of Noricus) de Blacrod (d 1223), to whose son Hugo he was kinsman and heir male, was ...
Alane le Noreis of Sutton (a 1230)
1. Alane le Noreis of Sutton (a 1250, bailiff of Halton)
BP1934 differs from Ormerod which we follow not least because of the additional detail he provides. BP1934 shows this Alan as father of Sir Henry father (rather than brother) of (his successor) Alan father (rather than brother) of (his successor) Henry father of Thomas father of William of Sutton who is reported as having acquired the manor of Speke by marriage with Joan, dau of Sir John Molyneux of Sefton. William & Joan are shown by BP1934 to have been parents of Sir Henry father of the Sir John who married Katherine Balderstone.
  A. Sir Henry le Norreis of Sutton (d 1314)
  m. Margaret de Daresbury (b before 1248, a 1314, dau of William de Daresbury)
  i. Alane le Norreis of Sutton and Daresbury (d before 1351)
  m. Mabell de Merton (dau of Ranulph de Merton)
a. Thomas le Norreis (d(vp?)sp before 1351)
  m. Helewisa
  b. Clemence Norreis, heiress of Daresbury, Sutton, Eccleston and Rainhill
  m. William Daniers (d 1407, son of Sir John)
  ii. Gilbert le Norreis of Sutton, Eccleston and Rainhill
  B. Alane le Noreis or Norreys of Speke
  m. Margaret de Haselwal (dau of Sir Patrick de Haselwal by Agnes, dau of William de Thurstanston)
  i. Patrick le Noreis or Norreys of Speke (d before 1318)
  ii. Robert le Noreis or Norreys (dsp)
  C. Robert le Noreis
  D. John le Noreis
  m. Nicola de Haselwal (dau of Sir Patrick de Haselwal by Agnes, dau of William de Thurstanston)
  i. Sir Henry le Noreis of Speke (a 1327)
  a.+ issue (dvpsp?) - John, Henry
ii. Alan le Noreis of Speke
  m. Ellyn
  a. Sir John le Noreis of Speke
  As noted above, we follow Ormerod who differs from BP1934 on Sir John's ancestry.
  m. Katherine Balderstone (dau of Robert Balderstone)
  (1) Sir Henry Norreys of Speke (a 1421)
  m. Alice de Ernys (dau of Roger de Ernys of Chester)
(A) William Norreys of Speke - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Harrington (dau of Sir James Harrington)
  (B) John Norreys of Bray (a 1456)
  m. Millicent Ravenscroft (dau of _ Ravenscroft of Cotton End)
  (i) Thomas Norreys (dsp)
  (ii) Roger Norreys of Bray
  (a) William Norreys of Bray
  m1. Christian Sereth (dau of William Sereth of Ruscombe)
  ((1)) Sir John Norreys of Bray & Patenden, Sheriff of Devon & Berkshire (d 1466)
  m1. Alice Merbrooke (dau of Richard Merbrooke of Yattenden)
  m2. Eleanor Clitherow (dau of Roger Clitherow of Colderstone)
  m3. Margaret Chedworth (dau of Sir John Chedworth)
((2)) William Norreys
  ((A)) Thomas Norreys of Wingfield had issue
  m2. Anne de la Rivers
  ((3)) Roger Norreys of Cookham had issue
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) by which marriage is unknown, was ...
  ((4)) Agnes Norris (b 1402, d 1472)
  m. William Bulstrode of Upton (b 1400, d c1473)
  (iii) Anne Norris probably of this generation
  m. Edward Sulyard of Netherhall, etc. (d 1516)
  (C)+ other issue - Robert, James, Richard, (Sir William)
  (2) Katherine Norris
  m. (mcrt 1377-8) Roger le Bruyn of Stapleford
  (3) Elizabeth Norris possibly of this generation
  m. Ralph Vernon of Shipbroke
  b.+ other issue - William, Alan, Hugh
  C.+ other issue (a 1292) - Robert, John



William Norreys of Speke - continued above
Commoners identifies William's wife as Perceval, dau of John Harrington of Westby. Ormerod confirms that that is how Visitation (Cheshire, 1567) names her but identifies her as ...
m. Elizabeth Harrington (dau of Sir James Harrington)
1. Thomas Norreys of Speke (d 1487-8)
  m. Lettice Norreys (dau of Thomas Norreys of Derby)
A. Sir William Norreys or Norres of Speke (b 1459, d 01.09.1506-7)
  m. Catherine Bold (dau of Sir Henry Bold of Bold Hall)
  i. Henry Norreys or Norres of Speke (b c1481, d 07.07.1524)
  m. (08.07.1500) Clemence Harrington (dau of Sir James Harrington of Wolfage)
  a. Sir William Norreys or Norres of Speke (b c1501, d 30.01.1568)
  m1. (mcrt 12.04.1521) Ellen Bulkeley (dau of Rowland Bulkeley of Wateroft)
  (1) Clemence Norres
  m. (03.11.1534) Adam Hulton of Hulton Park (d 20.09.1572-3)
  (2) Catharine Norres
  m. Hugh ap Richard of Wales
(3) Alice Norres
  m. Adam Hawarden of Wolston
  (4) Ellen Norres
  m. _ Lloyd
  (5) Margaret Norres
  m. Thurstan Tyldesley of Wardley
  (6)+ other issue - William (dsp Musselburgh 10.09.1547), Emma
  m2. (before 1535) Anne Myddleton (dau of David Myddleton of Chester)
  (8) Edward Norreys or Norres of Speke (b c1539, bur 21.05.1606)
  m. Margaret Smallwood (dau of Roger Smallwood of Westminster)
  (9) Elizabeth Norres
  m. Bartholomew Hesketh of Aughton ## possibly here ##
  (10) Isabel Norres
m. Robert Charnock of Astley
  (11) Jane Norres
  m. William Ball of Chester
  (12) Margaret Norres
  m. (Edmond?) Molyneux of Wood
  (13)+ other issue - Henry, John, George, John (dsp), son (dsp before 1566), Mary, Anne (dsp)
  b. Thomas Norres of Blacon (d before 1565)
  m. Anne Brampton (a 1582, dau of William Brampton of Norfolk) ## possibly here ##
  (1) Margaret or Margery Norres
  m. John Ogle of Whiston
  (2)+ other issue - Henry, Edward of Park Hall, William of Staples Inn, Thomas (dsp), James of Blackrod, Dorothy
c. Anne Norres
  m. Percival Harrington of Huyton Hey
  ii. William Norres of West Derby (d before 1565) had issue
  m. _ Passmyche (dau of James Passmyche)
  iii. Margaret Norres
  m. John Ogle of Prescot
  iv.+ other issue - James, Edward, Joan
  B. Richard Norreys (3rd son) possibly the Richard of Chester who was father of ...
i. Margaret Norreys (coheir)
  m. Randall Dodd of Smythes Penry (a 1524)
  C. Edmund Norreys of Fifield, Berkshire had issue
  m. Alice Fowler (dau of John Fowler)
  i. John Norris of Fifield, Berkshire possibly of this generation
  m. Mary Staverton (dau/coheir of William Staverton of Staverton Mnnor)
  D. Nicholas Norreys of Tarleton (youngest?)
  i. ?? Norreys
  a. ?? Norreys
  (1) ?? Norreys
  (A) Nicholas Norreys of Middleforth (b 1633, d 1684)
  m. Elizabeth Loxham of Preston
  (i) Henry Norreys of Penwortham (b 1684/5)
  m. Mary Blackledge (d 1740, dau of John Blackledge of Howick)
  (a) Henry Norreys or Norris of Penwortham (d 1754)
  m. (1739) Catherine Shaw (dau of John Shaw of Anderton)
  ((1)) Henry Norris of Penwortham and Davyhulme Hall (b 1744, d 1780)
  m. (1779) Anne Allen (dau of John Allen of Mayfield, Derbyshire)
  ((A)) Mary Norris
  m. (17.07.1809) Robert Josias Jackson Harris, later Norreys of Davyhulme Hall (b 27.09.1784)
  ((2)) Catherine Norris
  (b) Thomas Norreys (4th son)
  m1. ?? (Mrs. Cochrane)
  ((1)) Thomas Norreys of Liverpool
  m. Jane Horton (dau of Walter Horton of Stafford)
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas Horton, Walter
  m2. Alice Winstanley (dau of Richard Winstanley of Chorley)
  ((2)) Robert Norreys (b 1769) had issue
  m. Ellen Ellames of Liverpool
  ((3))+ other issue - Henry (b 1770), Catherine
  (c) Margaret Norreys
  m. Adam Saunderson of Preston
  (d) Elizabeth Norreys
  m. John Harrison of Bankfield
  (e)+ other issue (dsp) - William of Withnell, Robert
  E. Elizabeth Norreys
  m. William Worthington (son of Hugh of Worthington)
F. Alice Norreys
  m. James Toxteth of Aighburgh
  G.+ other issue - Thomas, Christopher, Edward, Elizabeth, Jane, Beatrice
2. Catherine Norreys
  m. Robert Grosvenor of Eaton
3. Agnes Norreys
  m. John Bunbury of Cheshire (d c1506)
4. Elizabeth Norreys
  m. Thomas Gerard of Ince
5. Margaret Norreys
  m. Robert Lathom of Parbold
6. Beatrice Norreys
  m. John Ireland of Lidiate (d 05.1514)
7. Ales Norreys
  m. John Evans of Hawarden
8. Jane Norreys
  m. William Worthington of Worthington
9.+ other issue - Richard, Robert, William (priest), John, Edmund, Henry, Christopher

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 09.12.03, revised 19.12.06) : BP1934 (Abingdon), George Ormerod's 'Miscellanea Palatina' (see below, pedigrees on 'Le Noreis or Norreys of Sutton and Daresbury' and 'Norres of Speke')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 29.10.06, revised 19.12.06) : George Ormerod's 'Miscellanea Palatina' (1851, 'consisting of Genealogical Essays illustrative of Cheshire and Lancashire Families and of a Memoir on The Cheshire Domesday Roll', the pedigrees on 'Norres of Speke' appear to be based on Visitation (Cheshire, 1567+1664) with corrections) with thanks to a contributor (AG, 18.12.06) for bringing this to our attention, with some support from BEB1841 (Norreys of Speke) and support/input from Commoners (vol i, Norreys of Davyhulme Hall)
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