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Families covered: Northcote of Crediton, Northcote of Hayne, Northcote of Northcote

Galfridus of Northcote in East Dowen, Devon (a 1103)
1. John de Northcote (d 1118)
  A. Galfridus de Northcote
  i. William de Northcote
  m. (1190) Margarite de Afeton (dau of Robert de Afeton)
a. Andrew de Northcote (2nd son)
  m. (c1289) Matilda Faber (dau of Peter Faber of Bocytracy)
  (1) William de Northcote
  Vivian identifies William's wife as Matilda, dau/heir of Robert Hillion. BP1934 identifies her as ...
  m. (1325) Matilda Hillion (dau of Robert Hillion)
  (A) John de Northcote
  m. (1343) Johanna Meoles (dau/coheir of Roger Meoles by Avis (Alice), heir of Sir William le Prouse)
  (i) John de Northcote, Sheriff of Devon
  m. Margery de Beckington (sister/heir of Thomas de Beckington, widow of John de Grans)
  (a) John Northcote of Newiton
  m. Isolda Sutton
  ((1)) Walter Northcote
  m. Elianor Hawkworthy (dau/coheir of Robert Hawkworthy)
  ((A)) John Northcote
  m1. Isota
((i)) John Northcote (3rd son)
  m. Joan Luttrell (dau of John Luttrell)
  ((a)) Walter Northcote
  m. Alice Gramhead (dau/coheir of Baldwin Gramhead or Mamhed)
  (((1))) Walter Northcote
  m1). Alice
  (((A))) John Northcote of Crediton - continued below
  m. Alice Durke (dau of John Durke)
  (((B))) Robert Northcote
  ((ii))+ other issue
  m2. Agnes Matiford
  (ii) Robert de Northcote
  (B) Andrew de Northcote
  (2)+ other issue - Robert, Edmund
  b.+ other issue - Walter, Edmund
  ii. Walter de Northcote



John Northcote of Yewton in Crediton (a 1521) - continued above
m. Alice Durke (bur 27.03.1570, dau/heir of John Durke)
1. Walter Northcote of Crediton (bur 07.05.1572)
  m. Elizabeth Hill (bur 25.03.1587, dau of Richard Hill of Shilston)
  A. John Northcote of Crediton (d 29.09.1587)
  m. Elizabeth Dowrish (bur 01.11.1587, dau of Thomas Dowrish of Dowrish)
i. Walter Northcote of Hayne (bpt 21.07.1566, d 30.09.1587)
  m. (17.05.1585) Mary Drew (dau of Edmund Drew of Hayne, m2. Sir Edward Giles of Bowden)
  a. Elizabeth Northcote (bpt 12.04.1586)
  m1. Edward (not George) Yarde of Cherston or Churston
  m2. (21.08.1615) Barnabas Potter, Bishop of Carlisle
  b. Mary Northcote
  BP1934 shows here a Mary who m. Sir Edward Giles of Bowdon. However, this appears to be confusion with 'her mother'.
  ii. John Northcote of Upton (d 12.1632)
  m1. Elizabeth Rouse (dau of Sir Anthony Rouse of Halston by Elizabeth Southcote)
  a. Anthony Northcote (dvpsp 1619)
m2. (c04.1596) Susan Pollard (bur 05.06.1634, dau of Sir Hugh Pollard of King's Nympton)
  b. Sir John Northcote, 1st Bart of Hayne, Sheriff of Devon (b c1599, bur 24.06.1676)
  m. Grace Halswell (bur 19.07.1675, dau/heir of Hugh Halswell of Halswell)
  (1) Sir Arthur Northcote, 2nd Bart of Hayne (bpt 25.03.1628, d 1688)
  m1. Elizabeth Welsh (dau of James Welsh of Alvardiscott)
  (A)+ 2 sons (dvpsp) and 1 daughter (d unm)
m2. (1650) Elizabeth Godolphin (d 1707, dau of Sir Francis Godolphin)
  (D) Sir Francis Northcote, 3rd Bart (dsp 1709)
  m. (26.07.1688) Anne Wrey (dau of Sir Chichester Wrey, 3rd Bart)
  (E) Sir Henry Northcote 'of Pynes', 4th Bart (b 1655, d 02.1729-30)
  m. Penelope Lovett (dau/coheir of Robert Lovett of Liscombe & Corfe)
(i) Sir Henry Northcote, 5th Bart (b 1710, bur 28.05.1743)
  m. (16.08.1732) Bridget Maria Stafford (d 15.08.1773, dau/heir of Hugh Stafford of Pynes, m2. Richard Maddon of Westminster)
  (a) Sir Stafford Northcote, 6th Bart (bpt 06.05.1736, d 11.03.1770)
  m. (17.10.1761) Catherine Bradford (d 01.1802, dau of Rev. George Bradford, rector of Talaton)
  ((1)) Sir Stafford Henry Northcote, 7th Bart (b 06.10.1762, d 17.03.1851)
  m. (06.05.1791) Jacquetta Baring (b 03.06.1768, d 22.01.1841, dau of Charles Baring of Courtland)
  ((A)) Henry Stafford Northcote (b 18.03.1792, dvp 22.02.1850) had issue
  m1. (13.11.1815) Agnes Mary Cockburn (d 09.04.1840, dau of Thomas Cockburn)
  m2. (06.01.1846, sp) Catherine Robbins (dau of Thomas Robbins)
((B)) Hugh Stafford Northcote (b 22.12.1793, d 19.02.1880, Major) had issue
  m. (31.03.1826) Harriet Hope Trevililan (d 14.05.1883, dau of William Cely Trevililan of Midelney)
  ((C)) Stafford Charles Northcote (b 31.07.1796, d 19.02.1880, rector of Upton Pyne) had issue
  m. (22.04.1830) Elizabeth Helena Robbins (d 30.03.1883, dau of Thomas Cockburn)
  ((2)) Catherine Jane Northcote (d 1844)
  m. (1782) John Thomas Wright of Lympstone
  ((3)) Maria Anne Northcote
  m. George Bradford (Major)
  (b) Henry Northcote (bpt 08.03.1738)
  m1. Philippa Searle (dau of Edward Searle of Plympton)
  ((1)) Bridget Northcote (d 09.07.1835)
  m. David Perkins (vicar of Mamhead)
  m2. (15.11.1777) Sarah Tuke (dau of James Tuke or Tooke of Doncaster)
  ((2)) Stafford Northcote (b 05.05.1783, d 02.04.1854) had issue
  m. (31.05.1810) Sarah Beauchamp (dau of John Beauchamp)
  (c) Hugh Northcote (bpt 09.03.1740, d 25.07.1787, rector of Upton Pyne)
  m. Elizabeth Bradford (dau of Rev. George Bradford)
  ((1)) Hugh Northcote (bpt 26.01.1774, rector of Monk Oakhampton)
  m. (12.04.1804) Anne Lewes Southcombe (dsp 1838, dau of Rev. G. Southcombe)
  ((2)) Catherine Maria Northcote
m. Rev. John Pitman
  ((3)) Frances Anne Northcote
  m. Rev. John Tally
  ((4))+ other issue (d unm) - Charles, Bridget Elizabeth, Charlotte
  (d) Bridget Maria Northcote
  m. (11.12.1773) William Paynter
(ii) Elizabeth Northcote
  m1. (1734) John Ineldon (Incledon) of Braunton
  m2. (02.02.1747) Rev. John Wright
  (iii) daughter (d unm)
  (F) Charles Northcote (d 1721)
  m. Sarah Northcote (dau of John Northcote) @@ below
  (i)+ issue - Arthur, Charles
  (G) Arthur Northcote (bpt 23.02.1650-1, bur 27.01.1679-80)
  m. (02.02.1677-8) Margaret Gay (dau of Anthony Gay of Bristol)
  (H) Elizabeth Northcote (a 1717, d unm)
(I) Dorothy Northcote (a 1707)
  m. (16.02.1685/6) Andrew Quicke of Newton (b 24.03.1665-6, d 1736)
  (J) Penelope Northcote
  m. (02.01.1708-9) John Hesket (Lancaster Herald)
  (2) John Northcote (bpt 24.09.1629) had issue
  m. (25.01.1660-1) Catherine Foljambe (dau/coheir of John Foljambe of Woodbrook)
  (A) Sarah Northcote
  m. Charles Northcote (d 1721) @@ above
(3) Lewis Northcote had issue
  m. Jane Coplestone
  (4) Haswell Northcote (bpt 27.08.1639) had issue
  m. Mary Crooke
  (5) William Northcote (bpt 26.11.1648, youngest son) had issue
m. Alice Leigh
  (6) Susannah Northcote (bpt 15.02.1632-3)
  m. (05.01.1652-3) Robert Fortescue of Fillegh
  (7) Elizabeth Northcote (bpt 29.03.1638)
  m. (c01.1672-3) Thomas Pointingdon or Pointington
  (8)+ other issue - William (bpt 01.12.1642, bur 24.11.1643), Grace (bpt 01.01.1640-1, bur 03.01.1659-60)
c. Elizabeth Northcote (b 1604)
  m1. (26.08.1623) Thomas Laskye of Stogumber
  m2. Thomas Fulford
  d. Anne Northcote (bpt 26.08.1619)
  m. (03.05.1637) John Elford of Sheepstor
e.+ other issue - Lewis (b 1601, a 1620), Amias (bpt 13.10.1603, dps), Edmund (bpt 26.02.1605-6, dsp), Edmund (b 1608, bur 17.05.1629), Amias (b 1613, a 1620), Francis (bpt 21.12.1614, a 1620), William (b 1615, a 1620), Walter (bpt 21.08.1617, a 1620), Pollard (bpt 15.09.1618, d unm before 24.06.1648), Benjamin (bpt 20.06.1620, dsp), Susan (bpt 09.02.1607-8, bur 08.05.1635), Dorothy (b c1611, bur 11.04.1644), Gertrude (b 1611), Frances (bpt 21.12.1614)
  iii. Anne Northcote (bpt 08.04.1564)
  m. Robert Davey of Devon
  iv. Elizabeth Northcote (bpt 10.06.1565)
  m1. (sp) Humphrey Selwood
  m2. Robert Young of Colbrooke
  v. Honor Northcote (bpt 31.03.1569, d 31.07.1641)
  m1. John Furse 'of Crediton' of Churston
  m2. William Champneys
  vi. Richerda Northcote (bpt 26.08.1573)
  m. John Merifield of Crookherne
  vi. Katherine Northcote (bpt 15.01.1580)
  m. (16.06.1601) Emanuel Davy of Crediton / Sandford
  vi.+ other issue - William (bpt 26.08.1573), Philip (bpt 10.09.1575)
  B. Robert Northcote (dsp)
  C. Philip Northcote (bur 02.10.1610) had issue
  m. Julian Tresilian (bur 28.03.1611, dau of ?? Tresilian of Tresilian)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Northcote of Pynes), BP1934 (Iddesleigh)
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