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Families covered: Norton of Halesworth, Norton of Mellis Manor, Norton of Norton Conyers (Yorkshire), Norton of Sawley

Egbert Conyers
1. Roger Conyers, later Norton
  m. Margaret Norton (dau of Richard Norton of Norton)
A. Adam Norton of Norton Conyers, Yorkshire
  m. Alice Nunwyke (dau of Sir Thomas Nunwyke)
  i. Sir Richard Norton of Norton Conyers (d 20.12.1420, Chief Justice)
  m. Elizabeth or Isabel Tempest (d 20.09.1431, dau of Sir John Tempest of Studley)
  a. Sir John Norton of Norton Conyers and Sawley (d 04.12.1489)
  m. Jane Pigot (d 06.08.1488, dau of Sir Randolph Pigot)
(1) Sir John Norton of Norton Conyers and Sawley, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b 1459, d 27/8.08.1520)
  m. Margaret Warde (d 03.09.1520, dau of Sir Roger Warde of Givendale)
  (A) John Norton of Norton Conyers (d 16.01.1556-7)
  m. (c01.1492/3) Anne Ratcliff (dau of William Ratcliff of Rilston (not Pilston))
  (i) Richard Norton of Norton Conyers, Sheriff of Yorkshire (b c1488, d 09.04.1588)
  m1. Susan Nevill (b 1501, dau of Richard Nevill, Lord Latimer)
  (a) Francis Norton of Norton Conyers
  m. Albreda Wimbish (dau/sister of Thomas Wimbish of Lincolnshire)
  ((1)) John Norton of Norton Conyers (dsp)
  m. Bridget Stapleton (dau of Sir Robert Stapleton of Wighill)
  ((2)) Henry Norton of Burrowlig, later of Norton Conyers
m. Catherine Tankard (bur 10.09.1620, dau of William or Thomas Tankard of Broughton)
  ((A))+ issue (dsp) - Theophilus (bpt 25.11.1582, d unm), Basill (d young), John
  ((3)) Elizabeth Norton
  m. Edward Barton of Whenby
  ((4))+ other issue - Jeremy (dsp), Susan, Sarah, Mary
  (b) John Norton (d 1584/5)
Visitation (Warwickshire, 1682-3, Norton of Coventry) shows this John as ancestor of the Nortons of Coventry but the Harleian editor added a note to say that the link "is not authentick".
  m1. Jane Morton (dau of Robert Morton of Bawty)
  ((1)) Anne Norton
  m. _ Salmon of Ripon
  m2. Margaret Redshaw (dau of Christopher Redshaw of Ouston)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Norton
  (c) Edmund Norton of Clowbeck (bur 17.02.1613)
  m. Cecilia Boynton (dau of Matthew Boynton of Barmston)
  (d) William Norton of Hartworth
  m. Anne Boynton (dau of Matthew Boynton)
((1)) Thomas Norton
  m. (27.10.1581) Anne Wandeford (dau of Michael Wandeford of Pickhill)
  ((A)) Anne Norton
  (e) Marmaduke Norton of Stanton (bur 04.11.1564, 8th son)
  m1. Elizabeth Killinghall (bur 03.1584-5, dau of John Killinghall of Middleton St. George)
  ((1))+ issue - Henry (b/d 04.1584), Susan (bpt 21.12.1580, d infant), Susan (bpt 21.12.1580, d infant), Helen (b/d 1583), Jane (b c1585, a 1589)
  m2. (13.08.1590) Frances Hedworth (dau of Ralph Hedworth of Seaton)
((6))+ other issue (a 1594) - Margaret (bpt 14.10.1591), Margery (bpt 16.08.1592), Agnes (bpt 16.09.1593)
  (f) Sampson Norton of Wath (d before 17.11.1574)
  m. Bridget Bulmer (dau of Sir Ralph Bulmer of Witton)
  (g) Mary Norton
  m1. Henry Greene of Newby
  m2. John Lamburne
(h) Anne Norton
  m. Robert Byrnand of Knaresborough
  (i) Clare Norton
  m. Richard Goodricke of Ribstone (d 1581)
  (j) Jane Norton
  m. Richard Gascoigne of Sedbury
  (k) Katherine Norton (d 06.04.1596)
m. Francis Bulmer of Elmedon
  (l) Joane Norton
  m. Gerard Salvin of Croxdale (d 09.11.1587)
  (m) Elizabeth Norton
  m. Henry Johnson (son of Sir Thomas Johnson of Walton)
  (n)+ other issue - George of Cleasby, Thomas, Christopher (d 1570), Richard (d 1564), Henry (d 1564)
  m2. Philippa Trapps (dau of Robert (not Thomas) Trapps of London)
  (ii) Thomas Norton (d 27.05.1570)
m. Elizabeth Ashe or Eshe of Shirmingham
  (a) issue - Thomas of Shirmingham, Elizabeth
  (iii) Simon Norton alias Farewell of Craven (d 1545-6, moved to Somerset)
  Simon is not mentioned in the normal sources on the Norton family but is identified as the 3rd son of this generation in BLG1952 (Farewell of Hillfield House).
  m. Julian Clarke of London
  (vi) Isabel Norton
  m. _ Buttie of Flewiche
  (v) Anne Norton
  m1. (02.09.1538) Robert Plumpton of Plumpton
  m2. Robert Morton of Bawtry
(iv) Margaret Norton
  m. Thomas Makenfield of Makenfield (Markenfield)
  (vii)+ other issue - William of Topcliffe (d 1591/2), Christopher, Marmaduke, Jojhn (dsp)
  (B) Henry Norton (dsp)
  (C) Margaret Norton
  m. Sir John Lascelles of Brakesburgh
  (D) Jane Norton
  m. Sir William Mallory of Studly
  (E) Anne Norton
  m. Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington (a 1485)
  b. Elizabeth Norton
  m. Richard Goldesborough of Goldesborough
  c. Margaret Norton (d 1465)
  m. Sir John Stapleton of Wighill (d 1455)
  d. Jane Norton probably of this generation
  m. John Arthington of Arthington (a 1449)
  ii. John Norton
  a. Anthony Norton
  (1) Thomas Norton (into Suffolk)
  (A) Andrew Norton
We show what is reported by Visitation (Suffolk, 1561) but Visitation (Metcalfe, Suffolk, 1612, Norton of Halesworth) differs on the next few generations, showing Andrew's son Walter as married to Mary Copcott and father of the Walter who married Katherine Bedingfield.
  (i) Walter Norton of Halesworth (d by 1542)
  m. Joan Purpett
  (a) Robert Norton of Halesworth and Mellis Manor (d 1561)
  m. Mary Copcott (d by 1584, dau of Richard Copcott of Pirton)
  ((1)) Walter Norton of Halesworth and Mellis Manor (d 1609)
  m. Katherine Bedingfield (dau of Sir Henry Bedingfield of Oxburgh)
  ((A)) Henry Norton of Halesworth
  m. Ann Sulyard (dau of Edward Sulyard of Wetherdon)
  ((i))+ issue - Walter, Edward, Frances, Margaret, Grace, Katherine, Mary, Elizabeth
  ((B))+ other issue - Richard, Edward, mary
  ((2))+ other issue - William in London, Richard, Francis, George in London, Joan

Main source(s): Visitation (Suffolk, 1561, Conyers alias Norton of Yorkshire and Halesworth), Visitation (Coley 1899, Yorkshire, Dugdale 1665, Norton of Sawley), BP1934 (Grantley)
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