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Families covered: Nourse of Weston-under-Penyard, Nourse of Woodeaton

John Nourse of Milton, Buckinghamshire
1. John Nourse of Chilling Place, Oxfordshire (d 1633)
  BLG1847 mentions only John's marriage to Phillipa and that, as she was "dervived from Henry Chichele" (founder of All Soul's College, Oxford), "several of the Nourses, in consequence of their being of Founders' Kin, were admitted Fellows of that College." BLG1847 then mentions only 1 son, John, leaving the impression that Phillipa was his mother. However, Visitation is clear that his mother was his father's 1st wife ...
m1. Anne Saunders of Longmarston
  A. Richard Nourse of Woddeaton (Woodeaton), Oxfordshire (b 1600-1, d 06.09.1673)
  m. Martha Smith (b 1600-1, d 18.04.1673, dau of Ralph Smith of North Crowley)
  i. John Nourse of Woodeaton (b 1627-8, d 01.04.1708)
  m1. (c1660) Anna Sedly (b 1634-5, d 30.08.1669, dau/coheir of William Sedly (Sidley) of Diggswell by Ann, coheir of Henry Boteler)
Visitation (Oxfordshire) ends (in notes added by the Harleian editor) with mentioning that the next generation comprised 2 sons (twins) and 6 unnamed daughters, the youngest apparently dying at or soon after birth. Richard, the elder son, appears to have died before his mother. 4 of the daughters (Martha, Elizabeth, Susanna & Mary) are named in BEB1841 ('Sidley of Ailesford') and shown to have married as below. VCH reports that both sons dvp and that John was succeeded by his nephew Francis, son of his brother Francis.
  a. Martha Nourse
  m. Robert Pitt of Blandford (Dr)
  (1) Martha Pitt
  m. Sir George Bridges Skipwith, 3rd Bart of Matheringham (dsp 04.06.1736)
  b. Elizabeth Nourse
  m. Charles Harris
  (1) Elizabeth Harris
  m. Joseph Smith of Oxford
  (A) Harris Smith (a 1772)
  (B) Mary Smith
  m. George Anson Nutt
  c. Susanna Nourse
  m. Thomas Craddock (rector of Stembridge)
  d. Mary Nourse
  m. Dutton Seaman of Rotherby
  (1) Dutton Seaman (comptroller of London)
  e.+ other issue - Richard (d before 30.08.1669), son (dvp), daughter (d unm?), daughter (b/d by 30.08.1669)
  m2. Martha Smith (b c1632, d 03.12.1711, granddau of Ralph Smith, cousin)
  iii. Francis Nourse (d 29.09.1687) date of death given by note in Visitation (Oxfordshire)
m. Margaret (d 23.10.1689)
  a. Francis Nourse of Woodeaton, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (d 05.12.1732)
VCH identifies this Francis, son of Francis and nephew of Richard, as the husband of Judith Jodrell. However, Visitation (Howard & Crisp 1896, England & Wales, Notes, volume 1, 'Jodrell Pedigree', p112) shows that Francis as son of the Francis who married her aunt Anne. The dates indicate that VCH had confused the generations.
  m. Anne Jodrell (bur 11.09.1728, dau of Paul Jodrell of Lichfield)
  (1) John Nourse of Woodeaton (b 25.11.1710, d 1774)
  m. (16.07.1739) Judith Jodrell (dau of Paul Jodrell, cousin)
  (A) Elizabeth Johanna Nourse of Woodeaton (d 08.02.1822)
  m. John Weyland of Woodrising (d 1825)
  (B) Apollonia Nourse (d 21.03.1817) probably of this generation
  m. (29.07.1775) Philip Wodehouse (b 01.05.1745, d 14.02.1811, prebendary of Norwich)
(C)+ 5 or 6 others (dvp)
  iii. Walter Nourse of Weston-under-Penyard (Herefordshire) then Ruardean, Linton, etc. not mentioned by Visitation but identified by BLG1847 as a younger son of Richard
  m. Christian Wall of Lintridge
  a. John Nourse of Lower Weston (Weston-under-Penyard) (2nd son)
  m. Joane Kyrle (dau of Sir John Kyrle of Much Marcle, Bart)
  (1) John Nourse
  m. Ann Smyth (dau of John Smyth of North Nibley)
  (A) John Nourse (d 1751)
  m. Eliza Gregory (dau of James Gregory of Woolhope)
  (i) John Nourse
  m. (11.04.1721) Elizabeth Gregory (dau of William Gregory of How Caple, cousin)
  (a) John Nourse (dsp)
  (b) William Nourse of Weston-under-Penyard
  m. Anne Mayo (dau of John Mayo of Stantway)
  ((1)) John Nourse of Weston-under-Penyard (b 21.04.1755, dsp 1808, Colonel)
  ((2)) Susan Nourse (b 1754, d 08.05.1825)
  m. Thomas Griffiths of Oveross
((A)) Mary Griffiths (d young)
  ((B)) Susan Griffiths
  m. Thomas Harvey
  ((3)) Mary Nourse of Weston-under-Penyard (a 1847)
  ((4))+ other issue - Timothy (dsp in America), Elizabeth (d unm)
  (2) Anne Nourse (d 25.07.1747) probably of this generation
  m1. Richard Smyth of the Dyffrin
  m2. William Garnons of Trelough (b c1669, d 20.12.1725)
(3)+ other issue - Walter, Philip, Charles, William, James
  b. Elinor Nourse
  m. Grimbold Pauncefoot
  c. Mary or Margaret Nourse
  m. _ Powell of Gloucester
  d.+ other issue - Walter (d young), Walter of Newent
  iv.+ other issue - Richard (d 13.05.1679), Elizabeth
  m2. Phillipa Tirrell (dau of Sir Edward Tirrell or Tyrril of Thornton)
  B.+ other issue including John (d Edgehill 1642)

Main source(s): Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1623, 'Nourse of Woodeaton') , BLG1847 ('Nourse of Weston-under-Penyard'), VCH (Oxfordshire, vol 5, 'Parishes: Wood Eaton')
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