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Families covered: Nugent of Bracklyn, Nugent of Nugent

Said to be 11th in descent from Albert, Comte de Perche, was ...
Fulke de Bellesme, lord of Nogent le Rotrou
1. Gilbert de Nugent of Nogent or Nugent
  A. ?? de Nugent
  BP1934 names Gilbert and Richard as cousins of the Hugh (below) who died in 1213. The following has been pulled together from references in TCP (Delvin) but that source states first that "The origin of this Peerage is obscure." and then that "The descent of the barony is obscure."
  i. Gilbert de Nugent, 1st Lord of Delvin
  a. Hugh de Nugent
  ii. Richard 'le Capella' de Nugent, 2nd Lord of Delvin
  a. Adam de Nugent
  b. daughter
  m. John / Jones
  (1) ??
  (A) ??
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (i) ??
  (a) John FitzJohn, 8th Lord of Delvin
  ((1)) John FitzJohn (dsp, Lord of Delvin?)
  ((2)) Katherine FitzJohn (d before 1406)
  m. Sir William Nugent, Sheriff of Meath (d before 1415) @@ below
  iii. Haket de Nugent (a 1207)
  a. William de Nugent
  m. Emma (sister of Simon de Lacy)
  TCP reports Lodge as identifying 2 more brothers ...
  iv. Christopher de Nugent of Balrath
  According to TCP, Lodge reports that Christopher of Balrath was succeeded by Almericus (a 1254) father of Robert (a 1303) father of Hugh (a 1314) father of Richard father of the William who married Katherine, daughter/sister of John FitzJohn, Lord of Delvin (above), and was ancestor of the later Barons of Delvin. BP1934 shows a different pedigree for that William, which we show below.
  v. John de Nugent of Brackloone
  B. Fulke de Nugent (2nd son)
  i. Hugh de Nugent (d 1213)
  m. Theffania
  a. Gilbert de Nugent of Bracklyn
  (1) Hugh de Nugent of Bracklyn and Platyn
(A) Nicholas de Nugent of Bracklyn (a 1325)
  (i) Richard de Nugent of Bracklyn
  m. Juliana Drake (dau of Nicholas Drake of Albrytestown)
  (a) Nicholas Nugent of Bracklyn (a 1391)
  m. Judith Dillon (dau of Thomas Dillon of Cuirin)
  ((1)) Thomas Nugent of Bracklyn (a 1454) - continued below
  ((2)) Sir William Nugent, Sheriff of Meath (d before 1415)
  m. Katherine FitzJohn (d before 1406, dau of John FitzJohn, 8th Lord of Delvin) @@ above
  ((A)) Richard Nugent, Sheriff of Meath, 10th Lord Delvin (d by 1475)
  m. Katharine Drake (dau of Thomas Drake of Carlanstown)
  ((B)) William Nugent, 1st of Moyrath
  m. Joan Talbot (dau of Richard Talbot)



Thomas Nugent of Bracklyn (a 1454) - continued above
1. Lavalin Nugent of Bracklyn (a 1517)
  A. Christopher Nugent (dvp)
  i. Thomas Nugent of Bracklyn (d 20.12.1553)
  m. Alicia Barnewall (dau of George Barnewall of Arrodstown)
  a. Edward Nugent of Bracklyn (d 1599)
  m. Ismay Barnewall
  (1) Thomas Nugent
  (A) Edward Nugent of Bracklyn
  m. Frances Nugent
  (i) Gilbert Nugent of Bracklyn
  m. Rose Walsh (dau of James Walsh of Shenganagh)
  (a) Edward Nugent of Bracklyn
  m. Mary Green
  ((1)) Edward Nugent ancestor of Princes and Counts Nugent of Austria

Main source(s): BP1934 (Westmeath) with input from TCP (Delvin)
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