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Families covered: Nuthall of Cattenhall, Nuttall of Dublin, Nuttall of Tittour, Nuthall (Nuttall) of Tottington

This family's name appears to have varied between Nuthall, Nutthall & Nuttal but then settled on Nuttall. BLGI1912 reports that it was anciently "Notogh". We do not know where the family originated but Commoners suggests that it was early on at Nuthhall Hall near Holcombe, presumed to be the Holcome near Manchester in Lancashire rather than the one in Devon. The 3 families shown on this page share a coat of arms though that of the Nuthalls of Cattenal are quartered with the arms of Griffin & Horton.
John Nuthall
m. Agnes Griffin (dau/heir of John Griffin of Cattenhall son of Nicholas son of John son (by Alice) of Robert Griffin of Cattenhall)
1. Richard Nuthall of Cattenhall (a 1504)
  m. Jane Horton (a 1504, dau/coheir of Rogert Horton by Alice Manley)
A. William Nuthall (dsp)
  B. Richard Nuthall of Cattenhall
  m. Alice Hurleston (d 1600, dau of Thomas Hurleston or Hurlston of Picton)
  i. John Nuthall of Cattenhall (d 1586)
  m. Jane Newport (dau of Robert Newport of Sandon)
  a. John Nuthall of Cattenhall (a 1642)
  m. (c1608) Mary Hyde (dau of Robert Hyde of Norbury)
  (1) Richard Nuthall (bpt 05.03.1612)
  (A)+ issue - John (bpt 05.10.1634), Anne (bpt 1633), Katherine (bpt 09.04.1637)
  (2)+ other issue - Catherine (bur 25.10.1624), Elizabeth (bpt 02.01.1607), Alice (bpt 07.12.1611), Margaret (bpt 1610), Jane (bpt 14.05.1609), Ellen (bpt 13.06.1624)
  b.+ other issue - Edward, William (bur 11.04.1624), Richard (bpt 05.04.1584), Thomas (bpt 14.05.1586)
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Humphrey, Anne, Margaret, Dorothy, Elizabeth



Thomas Nuthall of Tottington, Lancashire (d c1605)
m. Catherine Holt (dau of Robert Holt of Stubley)
1. Thomas Nuthall of Tottington (d c1614)
  m. Helen Smethurst (dau of Richard Smethurst of Broad Oake)
  A. Raphe Nuthall or Nuttall of Tottington (d 1634) the first mentioned by BLGI1912
  Dugdale identifies Raphe's wife as Alice, dau of Lawrence Crompton of Brightmet. BLGI1912 identifies her as ...
  m. Alice (widow of Laurence Crompton of Brightmet)
  i. Thomas Nuthall or Nuttall of Tottington (b c1612, a 03.1664)
  m. Margaret Orrell (dau of William Orrell of Turton)
  ii. Lawrence Nuthall or Nuttall of Tottington (d before 10.07.1686)
  m. Margaret Wood (d before 23.05.1688, dau of Henry Wood of Milhouse)
  a. Thomas Nuttall of Tottington (a 03.1726)
  m. Eleanor Taylor (dau/coheir of John Taylor of Horridge Hall)
  b. Christopher Nuttall (Major)
  m. Elizabeth Henley
(1) James Nuttall of Dublin (a 1753, Captain, 3rd son)
  m. (c1707) Anne Hunter (dau of John Hunter of Ballysorrell & Dromardbegg)
  (A) Christopher Nuttall of Drumard, co. Tipperary (d 28.06.1775)
  m. (12.1736) Sarah Barker (b 05.12.1701, d 24.01.1775, dau/coheir of Captain George Barker)
  (i) George Barker Nuttall of Tittour (co. Wicklow) & Dublin (b 19.01.1738, d 06.02.1806)
  m. (10.09.1769) Anne Freeman (b 1751, d 12.04.1804, dau of Dr. John Freeman of Oxfordshire)
  (a) John Christopher Nuttall of Tittour (b 25.10.1774, d 07.11.1849, Major, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (21.07.1808) Dorothea Annabella Falkiner (d 24.03.1860, dau of Daniel Falkiner of Abbotstown, sister/coheir of Col. Sir Frederick, Bart)
  (b) Anne Margaret Nuttall (b 08.06.1781)
  m. _ Bradley
  (c)+ other issue - Robert Henry (b 28.12.1770, d 1796), Henry Quin (b 04.06.1776, d young), George (b 08.10.1787, d 28.05.1813), Thomas (b 23.02.1791, d 15.01.1792), Isabella Mary Anne (b 02.04.1772, d unm 15.01.1847), Elizabeth (b 05.07.1778, d unm 30.07.1778), Elizabeth Mary (b 08.08.1782, d 27.02.1817), daughter (b 03.09.1793, d 01.09.1794)
  (ii) James Nuttall (b 05.10.1741) had issue
  m. Sarah Wilson
  (iii) Christopher Nuttall of Donnybrook Road, Dublin (b 07.09.1743, d unm 20.07.1782)
  (iv) Martha Ann Nuttall (b 04.12.1739)
  m. (23.06.1768) Thomas Bell
  (B) John Nuttall of Mount Neb, co. Wexford (d 23.10.1773, Captain)
  m. (25.07.1771) Elizabeth Gowan (dau of John Gowan of co. Wexford)
  (i) Mary Anne Nuttall
  m. James Burkitt of Sea View House, Clonevin
  (C) Thomas Nuttall of Dublin had issue
  m. Mary Williams (dau of James Williams)
  (D) Mabella Nuttall
  m. William Alley
  (2)+ other issue - John, Thomas (d c09.1707), Mary Fetherstone, Hannah
  c. Alice Nuttall
  m. John Crompton
  iii. Ralph Nuthall or Nuttall (cleric)
  B. Elizabeth Nuthall
  m. Thomas Howarth of Tottington
  C.+ other issue - Richard (d young), Francis, Thomas



Robert Nuttall of Bury
1. Thomas Nuttall
  A. Robert Nuttall
  m. Mary Kay (dau of Rev. Roger Kay of Fittleton)
  i. John Nuttall (d 11.1813)
  m1. Eliza Howarth (dau of Jonathan Howarth of Manchester & Blackburn)
  a. Robert Nuttall of Kempsey House, Worcestershire (b 10.03.1798) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (17.06.1819) Susan Anne Andrews (dau of Rev. Randal Andrews of Ormskirk)
  m2. Elizabeth Parker (dau of George Parker (son of the Lord Chief Baron), sister of Rear Admiral Sir William)
  b. John Parker Nuttall
  c. Emma Susan Nuttall (d 14.04.1873)
  m. (01.07.1834) Henry (not Theophilus) Biddulph (rector of Birbury, son of Sir Theophilus, Bart)
  ii. Susan Nuttall
  m. Thomas Clayton (Lt. Colonel)
  iii.+ other issue - Richard, Mary, Anne

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