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Families covered: Oates of Calverton Hall, Oates of Leeds, Oates of Meanwoodside
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Joseph Oates of Leeds (b 11.06.1675, d 27.11.1729)
m. (11.02.1702) Mary Fenton (b c679?, d 27.07.1793/10.09.1765, dau of Thomas Fenton of Hunslet by Mary, dau of James Ibbetson of Leeds)
1. Thomas Oates of Leeds (b 02.07.1710, d 29.12.1750)
  m. (13.10.1740) Sarah Watson of Swanland & Forrilby (d 18/19.04.1744)
A. Elizabeth Oates (bpt 21.09.1743, dsp 07.1807)
  m. (18.10.1789) Thomas Leach of West Riddlesden Hall
2. George Oates of Potternewton (or Lowhall), near Leeds, later of Carr House (b 18.05.1717, d 20.12.1779, 4th son)
  m. (31.12.1741) Sarah Jolley (d 11.05.1768, dau/heir of John (probably not Joseph) Jolley of Manchester by Anne, dau of James Chadwick of Manchester)
  A. Joseph Oates of Westwood Hall (near Leeds) (b 11.08.1743, d 20.12.1824)
  m. (27.03.1777) Elizabeth Rayner (d 06.09.1798, dau of Joshua Rayner of Leeds by Sarah, dau of William Milnes of Chesterfield)
  i. George Oates of Carr House, Meanwood (b 13.02.1781, d unm 21.06.1832)
  ii. Joseph Henry Oates of Oatlands (near Leeds), later of Carr House (b 15.08.1784, d 17.01.1868) had issue
  m. (07.09.1819) Mary Dixon (d 21.06.1827, dau of Thomas Dixon of Bolton)
  iii. Edward Oates of London then Malta then Meanwoodside (b 28.01.1792, d 06.02.1865) had issue
m. (17.10.1836) Susan Grace of Meanwoodside (dau/heir of Edward Grace of Burley)
  iv. Sarah Oates (b 03.06.1778, d 27.07.1864)
  m. (22.11.1810) George William Wood of Singleton Lodge, Platt @@ below
  v.+ other issue - Anne (b 27.10.1779, d 24.07.1797), Mary (b 24.02.1783, d unm 17.04.1869)
  B. George William Oates of Leeds (b 20.08.1748, d by 1821, 3rd son)
  m. (11.08.1788) Mary Hibbert (d 14.04.1845, dau of Robert Hibbert of Manchester, sister of George of Clapham Common)
  i.+ issue - George Hibbert of Greenwich Estate in Jamaica (b 31.08.1791, d 11.04.1837), Robert (b 30.12.1792, d unm 08.04.1816, Captain), Thomas Hibbert (d infant), William Washington (b 02.02.1796, d 24.07.1805), Hibbert of Whitney Estate in Jamaica (b 06.08.1797, d unm 14.12.1840), Anna Maria of Bath (b 05.05.1790, d unm 02.1870)
  C. Frederick Oates of Belmont (near Leeds) (b 03.08.1750, d 14.08.1803)
  m. (29.08.1776) Phoebe Anne Read (d 06.10.1823/1824, dau/coheir of William Read of Leeds)
  i. Frederick William Oates of Barlings House, Lincolnshire (b 03.02.1785, dsp 23.02.1862)
  m. (19.04.1820) Mary Anne Foster (d 24.03.1879, dau/heir of Charles Foster of Barlings)
  ii.+ other issue - William Read (b 03.07.1777, d 05.09.1777), Mary Anne (b 26.05.1779, d unm 29.05.1864), Hannah Maria Harriet (b 17.01.1781, d unm 26.09.1828), Phoebe Caroline (b 31.08.1782, d unm 29.09.1869)
  D. Louisa Anne Oates (b 27.11/12.1758, d 22.09.1806)
  m. (29.09.1780) Rev. William Woods of Leeds (d 01.04.1808)
i. George William Wood of Platt then Sedgley, Lancashire (b 26.07.1781, a 1832) had issue
  m. Sarah Oates (dau of Joseph Oates of Westwood Hall) @@ above
  ii. Louisa Anne Wood
  m. (22.11.1823) Samuel Crawford of Leeds (minister)
iii.+ other issue (d unm) - William, Frederick
  E. Sophia Carolina Oates (b 15.11.1760, d 09.07.1825)
  m. (13.10.1785) Thomas Robinson of Woodlands
  F.+ other issue (d unm) - Benjamin (b 20.02.1745, d 03.03.1745), Mary (b 15.01.1746, d 11.02.1769), Anne (d 21.04.1756), Sarah (d 20.05.1758), Sally (d young)
3. Josiah Oates of Allerton Hall (b 07.03.1721, d 24.02.1782)
  m. Mary Roebuck (b 1724-5, d 19.04.1795, dau of John Roebuck of Sheffield by Sarah)
  A. Sarah Oates (b 01.03.1754, d 01.10.1755)
4. Samuel Oates of Leeds (b 15.09.1722, d 21.12.1789)
  m. Mary Hamer (d 27.07.1793, dau of Samuel Hamer of Hamer Hall by Mary, sister of Sir Henry Ibbetson, Bart)
  A. Samuel Hamer Oates of Allerton Hall (b 22.07.1752, d 11.11.1811, 2nd son)
  m. (04.11.1782) Sarah Sherbrooke (d 02.02.1834, dau of William Coape Sherbrooke of Arnold (by Sarah, dau/coheir of Henry Sherbrooke of Oxton), sister of Maj. Gen. Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, Governor General of Canada)
  i. William Coape Oates of Calverton Hall, etc. (b 04.03.1790, dsp 06.01.1863, Captain, 2nd son)
  m. (09.1822) Julia Henrietta Leacroft (dau of John Leacroft of Southwell)
  ii. Henry Coape Oates of Paris, later of Calverton Hall, etc. (bpt 13.06.1791, d unm 21.12.1872)
  iii. John Coape Sherbrooke Oates (b 10.02.1794, d 01.12.1846, RN, 4th son) had issue
  m. (11.1834) Ann Jane Falkner (d 03.1870, dau of Thomas Falkner of Lound Hall)
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - Charles (b 10.02.1785, d infant), Frances (bpt 30.09.1783, d 21.10.1863), Harriet Hamer (b 25.06.1786, d 10.12.1797), Mary Coape (bpt 11.02.1788, d 07.11.1810), Elizabeth Coape Sherbrooke (bpt 10.121792, d 12.03.1812)
  B. Josiah Henry Oates of Burley (near Leeds) (b 05.1758, d 16.01.1832)
  m. Dorothy Lister (dau of Edward Lister of Langthorne)
  i. Charles Oates of Seville (Spain) (b 06.03.1788, d 1823) had issue (all d unm)
  m. Josephine de Bules, Seville
  ii. Isabella Mary Oates (b 13.11.786, d 09.03.1836)
  m. (02.05.1811) William Borrowdaile (son/heir of Richardson of Bedford Hill)
  iii.+ other issue (d unm) - George Hamer of Bolton Lodge (b 13.01.1794, d 08.03.1871), Eliza Hamer (b 29.03.1789, d 17.02.1869), Anne Margaret (b 28.09.1796, d 16.02.1818), Jane (d 07.11.1793)
  C. Henry William Oates of Fieldhead (b 24.05.1761, d 17.04.1831)
  m. Margaret Cockshott (dau of Edward Cockshott of Morley)
  i. Hannah Oates (d infant)
  D. Edward Oates of Bradford (b 17.10.1770, d 12.06.1833, 6th son) had issue
  m1. (22.04.1801) Rebecca Lodge (d 26.08.1817, dau of William Lodge of Pontefract)
m2. (23.08.1818) Elizabeth Taylor (dau of Joseph Taylor of Bradford)
  E. Ann Oates (b 25.03.1754, d 1796)
  m. Thomas Bond of Lancaster
  F.+ other issue (d unm) - Joseph (b 10.02.1749, d infant), William (b 24.03.1764, d 1796, Captain), Mary (bpt 10.05.1750, d 14.06.1765), Margaret (b 14.03.1756, d 17.05.1828)
5. Elizabeth Oates (b 19.12.1703, d 10.09.1779)
  m. Hugh Marshall of Leeds 'of Horsforth'
  A. Alice Marshall
  m. John Parker of Woodthorpe
6. Lydia Oates (b 24.04.1715, d 1795)
  m. Thomas Sanderson of Enwood
7.+ other issue (d unm) - Joseph (b 10.04.1712, d 1719), Josiah (b 10.04.1713!, d 28.04.1719), Anne (b 14.09.1705, d 14.07.1787-9), Mary (b 15.04.1708, d 21.11.1782), Rachael (b 10.12.1718, d infant)

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Oates of Meanwoodside'), FMG (vol 1, MS116/117, 'Oates-Wood', p 266+)
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