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Families covered: Ogle of Cawsey Park, Ogle of Kirkley, Ogle of Ogle

Ralph Ogle, 3rd Lord (b 07.11.1468, d 16.01.1512/3)
m. Margaret Gascoigne (a 07.1515, dau of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe)
1. Robert Ogle, 4th Lord (b c1490, d before 26.01.1531/2)
  m. (before 28.12.1515) Anne Lumley (dau of Thomas Lumley)
  A. Robert Ogle, 5th Lord (d after Penielheugh / Ancrum Moor 06.03.1544/5)
  m1. (c1526/7) Dorothy Widdrington (dau of Sir Henry Widdrington of Widdrington)
  i. Robert Ogle, 6th Lord (b 30.05.1529, dsp 01.08.1562)
  m. Joan Mauleverer (d 15.01.1594/5, dau of Sir Thomas Mauleverer of Allerton Mauleverer)
  ii. Margery Ogle
  m. Gregory Ogle
m2. (after 08.07.1537) Jane Ratcliffe (dau of Sir Cuthbert Ratcliffe of Dilston)
  iii. Cuthbert Ogle, 7th Lord (b c1540, d 20.11.1597)
  m. (c1565) Catherine Carnaby (d 10.01.1622/3, dau of Sir Reynold or Reginald Carnaby of Halton)
  a. Jane Ogle, Baroness Ogle (d 12.1625)
  m. (11.12.1583) Edward Talbot, 8th Earl of Shrewsbury (bpt 25.02.1561, dsps 08.02.1617)
  b. Catherine Ogle, Baroness Ogle (b c1570, d 18.04.1629)
  m. (11.07.1591) Sir Charles Cavendish of Stoke & Welbeck Abbey (b c1553, d 04.04.1617)
The barony of Ogle passed into the Cavendish family.
  iv. Thomas Ogle (dsps)
  m. Isabella Grey (dau of Sir Thomas Grey of Horton)
  v. Jane Ogle
  vi. Margaret Ogle
  m. Robert Widdrington (d before 20.01.1599)
B.+ 2 sons
2. Sir William Ogle 'of Cawsey Park'
  m. Margaret Delaval (dau of John Delaval)
  A. James Ogle of Cawsey Park
  B. John Ogle of Bebside
  C. Eleanor Ogle probably of this generation
  m. Christopher Selby of Biddleston
  A natural dau of Sir William Ogle of Causey Park, probably of this generation, was ...
  D. Mary Ogle
  m. (c1542) John Widdrington of Chibburn & Hauxley
3. John Ogle
  m. Sibyll Heron (dau of Sir John Heron)
  A. Henry Ogle ## just below ##
4. Anne Ogle
  m1. Humphrey Lisle (dsp before 1554, son of Sir William)
  m2. Sir John Delaval
5. Dorothy Ogle
  m1. Sir Thomas Forster (d 1526)
  m2. Sir Thomas Grey of Horton (d 1570)
6. Margery (Margaret) Ogle (a 1548)
  m1 George Harbottle (dsp 20.1.1527/8)
  m2. (before 04.09.1536) Thomas Middleton of Belsay
  m3. (before 01.02.1546/7) Richard Dacre (Constable of Morpeth Castle)



The following was redone using BLG1952 (and Debrett). Previously it had been based on BLG1886 ('Ogle of Kirkley Hall') with input from http://members.aol.com/dwidad/ (link may not work any more) and some presumptions regarding the connections between generations down to the Ralph who m. Martha Thompson. BLG1886 specifies that from John & Sybil Heron (## just above ##) "sprang" Mark Ogle "who purchased Kirkley ... in the beginning of the 17th century, and from him descended" the Ralph who m. Martha Thompson. This is supported by 'Ogle and Bothal' (Sir Henry Ogle, Bart, 1902) which identifies the above John as 'of Kirkley' and shows him as father of Henry (by Sybil Heron). However, the earlier Debrett (1840) reports that the following Henry was "a lineal descendant of William Ogle, 3d son of Sir Robert Ogle, and brother of Robert, 1st Lord Ogle". [BP1934 ducks the issue by cross-referring to BLG.] Given that BLG1952 starts with the following Henry without any suggestion as to his ancestry, showing him as 'of Kirkley' even though he must have lived in the 16th century not the 17th (with no Mark being mentioned by either BLG1952 or Debrett), we suspect that the parentage of the following Henry has yet to be fully proven although we agree that it seems likely that he was closely connected to the above family.
Henry Ogle of Kirkley, Northumberland (d 1581)
m. Margaret
1. Cuthbert Ogle of Kirkley (7th son)
  m. Dorothy Fenwick (dau of Roger Fenwick of Bitchfield)
  A. John Ogle of Kirkley (b 30.11.1617)
m. Elizabeth Fowler (dau of Ralph Fowler of Sandiford Stone)
  i. Ralph Ogle of Sandiford, later of Kirkley (bur 29.05.1705)
  m. (1670) Martha Thompson (d 1687, dau of Nathaniel Thompson)
  a. Nathaniel Ogle of Kirkley (d 1739)
  m. (27.04.1708) Elizabeth Newton (d 1751, dau/coheir of Jonathan Newton of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
  (1) Nathaniel Ogle of Kirkley (b 1715, d unm 1762)
  (2) Newton Ogle of Kirkley (b 1726, d 1804, Dean of Winchester, Prebendary of Durham, 3rd son)
  The following includes input from BLG1886 ('Ogle of Kirkley Hall').
m. Susanna Thomas (dau of John Thomas, Bishop of Winchester)
  (A) Nathaniel Ogle of Kirkley (b 07.10.1765, d unm 05.1813)
  (B) John Savile Ogle of Kirkley Hall (b 24.08.1767, d 01.04.1853 (or 1838?), Canon of Durham)
  m. (14.10.1794) Catherine Hannah Sneyd (dau of Edward Sneyd of Dublin)
  (i) John Ogle (b 07.03.1796, dvp 14.07.1832)
  m. (25.08.1828) Sara Agatha Miles (dau of John Philip Miles of Leigh Court)
  (a) Sara Ogle (d 1846)
  (ii) Henry Ogle (dsp 07.1831)
  m. (13.03.1827) Harriet Anne Bracebridge (ddau of Walter Bracebridge of Atherstone Hall)
(iii) Edward Chaloner Ogle of Kirkley Hall b 07.08.1798, d 07.11.1869, cleric) had issue
  m. (17.08.1830) Sophia Ogle (dau of Admiral Sir Charles Ogle, 2nd Bart)
  (iv) Bertram Newton Ogle (d 29.03.1839, Captain, 6th son) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (1834) Maria James Simpson (dau of George Simpson of Bombay)
  (v) Arthur Ogle (d 28.12.1878, Major) had issue
  m. (10.09.1844) Caroline Amelia Lechmere (d 21.05.1880, dau of Vice Admiral William Lechmere of Hill House)
  (vi) Kate Elizabeth Ogle (d 08.05.1880)
m. (15.11.1831) Charles Streatfield (Major General, son of Henry of Chiddingstone, cousin)
  (vii) Annie Charlotte Ogle
  m. (20.04.1826) Sir James Macdonald, 2nd Bart, of Woolmer Lodge (d 29.06.1832)
  (viii)+ other issue - Charles (d young?), Nathaniel (d young?), Savile Craven Henry (b 07.06.1811, d unm 11.03.1854, MP)
  (C) Henry Bertram Ogle
  m. (1802) Anna Maria Raphael (dau of Edward Raphael of Madras)
  (D) Elizabeth Catherine Ogle (d 24.06.1801)
  m. (06.1792) Henry Streatfield of Chiddingstone
  (E) Anne Ogle
  m. Harry Scott (d 07.1832)
  (F) Hester (Esther) Jane Ogle (d 27.10.1817)
  m. (27.04.1795) Richard Brinsley Sheridan (playwright)
(G)+ other issue - Richard Newton (d 1794, captain), Susanna (d unm 1823), Isabella (d unm)
  (3) Sir Chaloner Ogle, 1st Bart (b 1726, d 27.08.1816, Admiral)
  The following comes from BP1934 ('Ogle').
  m. Hester Thomas (dau of John Thomas, Bishop of Winchester)
(A) Sir Charles Ogle, 2nd Bart of Worthy (b 24.05.1775, d 16.06.1858, Admiral, 3rd son) had issue
  m1. (22.04.1802) Charlotte Margaret Gage (d 09.1814, dau of Hon. Thomas Gage, CIC)
  m2. (04.09.1820) Letitia Burroughs (d 13.11.1832, dau of Sir William Burroughs, Bart)
  m3. (10.04.1834) Mary Anne Cary (dsp 04.02.1842, dau of George Cary of Tor Abbey)
  (B) James Ogle (b 1778, d 19.05.1833, vicar of Crondall) had issue
  m. (21.12.1807) Elizabeth Poulter (d 27.10.1855, dau of Edmund Poulter, prebendary of Winchester)
(C) Arabella Ogle (d 29.10.1855)
  m1. (20.12.1785) Hon. Edward Bouverie (b 20.09.1760, d 30.12.1824)
  m2. (07.10.1828) Hon. Robert Talbot (dsp 17.03.1843)
  (D) Barbarina Ogle (d 17.05.1854)
  m1. Valentine Henry Wilmot of Farnborough
  (i) Arabella Jane Wilmot (d 27.01.1839) probably of this generation
  m. (03.01.1821) Frederick Sullivan (b 1797, d 1873, vicar of Kimpton)
  m2. (04.12.1819) Thomas Brand, 20th Lord Dacre (dsp 21.03.1851)
  (E) Jane Hester Ogle (dsp 1796)
m. Richard Streatfeild of The Rocks
  (F) Sophia Jemima Ogle (d 1824)
  m. (28.08.1790) Sir Charles Asgill, 2nd Bart (dsp 1823, General)
  (G)+ other issue - George Chaloner (dvp unm), Edward Henry (dvp unm),Thomas (d 1801), Isabella (d unm), Susannah (d unm)
  (4) Isabella Ogle (d 09.12.1761)
  m1. (1737) Sir Chaloner Ogle (dsp 1750, Admiral, cousin)
  m2. (09.12.1751) (James King), 4th Lord Kingston (b 1693, d 28.12.1761)
  (5) Elizabeth Ogle (b 1714)
  m. George Grey of Southwick (b 1713, d 1746)
  (6) Martha Ogle
  m. Sigismund, Baron de Starck
  (7)+ other issue (d young) - Ralph, Jonathan
  b.+ other issue
  ii. Cuthbert Ogle (b c1650, d 28.03.1740, judge of the Court of Admiralty at Newcastle) had issue
  m. Mary Braithwaite (d 16.11.1744?, dau of Richard Braithwaite of Warcop)
  iii. Dorothy Ogle (bur 04.11.1737) probably of this generation
  m. (22.02.1676/7) Nathaniel Boutflower of Apperley
  B.+ other issue
2.+ other issue

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 09.01.04) : TCP (Ogle), BE1883 (Ogle)
(2) For lower section (first done within the upper section on/by 15.05.04, redone as separate section on 10.08.17) : BLG1952 ('Ogle formerly of Kirkley Hall', Debrett's 'Baronetage of England' (Collen, 1840, 'Ogle', 12.03.1816) with input as reported above
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