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Families covered: Oliphant of Aberdaglie (Aberdalgy), Oliphant of Dron, Oliphant of Kellie

William Olifard of Lilford, Northamptonshire
TSP indicates that it is not certain that Willam was progenitor of this family, an alternative being Hugh Olifard of Stokes.
1. William Olifard perhaps father of ...
  A. John Olifard in Cambridgeshire
2. David Olifard in Roxburghshire and East Lothian (d after 1170)
  A. Walter Olifard, Justiciar of Lothian (a 1223)
  m. Christian of Strathearn (dau of Ferquhard, 2nd Earl of Strathearn)
  i. Walter Olifard of Bothwell and Abernethy, Justiciar of Lothian (d 1242)
  m. Ysabel
  a. David Olifard of Bothwell (d before 1253)
  m. Dervorgilla Munfichet (a 05.1300)
  ii. David Olifard (a 1221)
  B.+ probably other sons (possibly including Walter, Philip and Fulco)
  Connected to the above in a way that has not been determined (possibly son of William) was ...
  C. William Olifard (a 1206)
  i. Adam Olifard (a 1225)
  ii. William Olifard (a 1231)
  One of these was probably father of ...
a. Sir William Olifard (d after 1312)
  (1) Sir William Olifard
  b. Sir Philip Olifard
  (1) Sir William Olifard§D (or the William above)
  Both of these cousins Sir William were active in the Scots Wars of Independence but were obliged at different times to work for the King of England. One ended up having been captured by Robert the Bruce and sent in chains to the Western Isles (where he probably died about 1313) whilst the other (who was one of the signatories to the Declaration of Arbroath) died 05.02.1329-30 and was buried at Aberdalgie. The latter Sir William was succeeded by ...
(A) Walter Oliphant of Aberdalgie & Kellie, Sheriff of Stirling (a 10.1378)
  The following is partly supported by 'East Neuk of Fife' (Walter Wood, 1887, p258+) which follows the line of Kellie.
  m. (by 1365) Elizabeth Bruce (dau of Robert 'the' Bruce, King Robert I of Scots)
  (i) Sir John Oliphant of Aberdalgie (d before 1417)
  m1. ?? Borthwick (dau of ?? Borthwick of that ilk)
  (a) Sir William Oliphant of Aberdalgie (a 12.1425)
  ((1)) Sir John Oliphant of Aberdalgie (d 23.01.1444-5)
  m. Margaret Ogilvy (a 1471, dau of Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Auchterhouse)
  ((A)) Laurence Oliphant of Aberdalgie, 1st Lord (d before 08.04.1500) --
m1. (c1472) Isabel Hay (dau of William Hay, 1st Earl of Erroll) --
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Cuninghame (dau of Sir Humphrey Cuninghame of Glengarnock)
  ((B)) James Oliphant
  ((C)) John Oliphant
  ((D)) Margaret Oliphant --
  m. Henry Wardlaw, 6th of Wilton and of Torrie (a 1458) --
  ((E)) Christian Oliphant
  m. Alexander Blair of Balthayock
  ((F)) daughter
  m. James Drummond, 1st of Balloch
  ((2)) Thomas Oliphant of Dron possibly of this generation
BLG1858 (Bonar of Bonare, Keltye, Kilgraston, and Kimmerghame) identifies the eldest son/heir of the Walter ("3rd of Aberdalgye") who m. Princess Elizabeth as another Walter ("4th of Aberdalgye") father of John (dvp?) father of Walter ("5th of Aberdalgye") whose 2nd son was Thomas of Dron. That succession disagrees with TSP. Provisionally we place Thomas as of this generation but this is somewhat speculative.
  ((A)) John Oliphant of Dron, Dumbarney, Pitcaithly & Binsean
  ((i)) Margaret Oliphant (heir)
  m. (before 1505) Ninan Bonar of Keltye (d Flodden 09.1513)
  ((3)) Isabel Oliphant --
  m. Sir John Scrymgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee (d 1465 or before 08.1463) --
  (b) Marion Oliphant
  m. (mcrt 1399) Sir Robert Graham of Kilpont (d 1437, regicide)
  m2. ?? Home (dau of Sir Thomas Home)
  (c) Thomas Oliphant of Kellie possibly succeeded by ...
  ((1)) William Oliphant of Kellie (a 1447, 1456) possibly succeeded by ...
  ((A)) Walter Oliphant of Kellie (a 1471) possibly succeeded by ...
  ((i)) (Sir) John Oliphant of Kellie (a 1493, 1516)
The following is supported by sundry cross-references in TSP (Oliphant and Rothes) & BLG1952 (Dundas of Dundas) which note that Sir Alexander has 3 daughters, Janet by his 1st wife and two by his 2nd. Wood identifies the 3 daughters (not naming the wife of Sir Walter Dundas) but mentions only Catherine Oliphant as his wife.
  ((a)) Sir Alexander Oliphant of Kellie (d 1559-60)
  m1. (div 25.09.1550) Katherine Leslie (dau of George Leslie, 4th Earl of Rothes)
  Alexander's first marriage was annulled when he found out that his wife, whose legitimacy had been confirmed to him by the Earl of Rothes, was in fact illegitimate.
  (((1))) Janet Oliphant
  m. Sir Walter Dundas, 18th of Dundas (d c1634)
  m2. (mcrt 08.07.1551) Katherine Oliphant (d 12.12.1602, dau of Laurence Oliphant, 3rd Lord, m2. George Dundas of that ilk)
  (((2))) Jean Oliphant
  m. John Oliphant (son of Alexander in Overkelie)
  (((3))) Margaret Oliphant
  ((b)) Margaret Oliphant (d 1570)
  ((ii)) Malcolm Oliphant
  Wood (p259+) reports that the above Sir Alexander was succeeded by his cousin, who we presume was son of this Malcolm.
  ((a)) Peter Oliphant of Kellie Mill
  (((1))) Bernard Oliphant, last of Kellie (a 1562)
  m. Elizabeth Ramsay
  ((B)) daughter
  m. _ Strang of Pitcorthie
  ((C)) daughter
  m. _ Lumisdene of Airdrie
  (ii) Malcolm Oliphant of Hazelhead
3. Thomas Olifard of Barton, Northamptonshire

Main source(s): TSP (Oliphant) with input & support as reported above
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