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Families covered: O'Neill of Ballylisnelarney, O'Neill of Clanaboy (Claneboy), O'Neill of Flowerfield, O'Neill of Killeleagh (Killelagh), O'Neill of Shane's Castle (Edenduffcarrick), Princes of Tyrone

Reported as described by BP1934 as "Head of the liberality and valour of the Irish" and "twenty-seventh in descent from Niall the Great, Monarch of Ireland A.D. 379-405" (which descent we hope in due course to report) was ...
Aodh or Hugh VII, Buidhe or Boy, Prince of Tyrone (d 1283)
1. Brian I, Prince of Tyrone (d 1296)
A. Henry, Prince of the Clann Aodha Buidhe (later called Claneboy) (a 1319)
  i. Murchedach (Muircheartach or Maurice) VI, Ceannfada, 'O'Neill Budihe' (d 1395)
  a. Brian II (ballagh or freckled), Prince of Claneboy (d 1425)
  (1) Aodh or Hugh VIII (d 1444)
  (A) Conn (d 1482)
  (i) Neill Mor O'Neill, Prince of Claneboy (a 1497)
  (a) Hugh
  ((1))+ issue - Eoghain (d 1534), Niall (d 1537)
  (b) Brian III (ballagh or freckled), Prince of Claneboy had issue (ancestor of O'Neills in Portugal)
  (c) Niall Og O'Neill
  ((1))+ issue - Bryan Fagartach, Hugh, Sir Con
  (d) Phelim Baccagh O'Neill, lord of Clanaboy - continued below



Phelim Baccagh O'Neill, lord of Clanaboy - continued above
1. Brian O'Neill of Edenduffcarrick Castle, lord of Clanaboy
  A. Shane O'Neill of Edenduffcarrick Castle (Shane's Castle), last lord of Clanaboy (d 23.04.1617)
  m1. Rose McGennis (dau of Sir Arthur McGennis of Iveagh)
  i. Sir Henry O'Neill of Shane's Castle (d 08.04.1638)
  m. Martha Stafford (dau of Sir Francis Stafford, Governor of Ulster)
a. Rose O'Neill (dsp 1695/1707)
  m. (before 20.03.1655/6) Randal MacDonnell, Marquess of Antrim (b 1609, dsp 03.02.1682)
  m2. Anne O'Neill (dau of Bryan Carrach O'Neill, lord of Loughinsholin)
  ii. Arthur O'Neill
  m. Grace O'Hara (dau of Cathal O'Hara of Crebillagh)
  a. Cormac O'Neill of Shane's Castle (dsp, Colonel)
  b. John O'Neill
  m. Rose
  (1) Charles O'Neill of Shane's Castle (dsp 1716, 3rd son)
  m. Mary Paulet (dau of Charles Paulet, 2nd Duke of Bolton)
  (2)+ other issue (d unm) - Arthur (d 1702), Henry
iii. Phelim Dubh O'Neill
  m. Shela O'Hara (dau of Cathal O'Hara of Crebillagh)
  a. Brian O'Neill
  m. Eleanor McGenis (dau of Edmond McGenis of Kilwarlin)
  (1) John ('French John') O'Neill of Shane's Castle (d before 05.1739)
  m. Charity Dixon (dau of Sir Richard Dixon of Colverstown)
(A) Henry O'Neill (dvp 1721)
  m. Mary (widow of Captain John Bickerstaffe of Rosegift)
  (i) Mary O'Neill
  m. Arthur Chichester (Rev.)
  Consequent to this marriage, in 1855 Shane's Castle passed to one of their descendants who took the name O'Neill and was created Lord O'Neill of Shane's Castle.
  (B) Charles O'Neill of Shane's Castle (d 08.1769)
  m. (c01.1736) Catherine (possibly Alice?) Brodrick (dau of St. John Brodrick of Midleton)
  (i) John O'Neill of Shane's Castle, 1st Viscount (b 16.01.1740, d 17.06.1798)
  m. (18.10.1777) Henrietta Boyle (d 03.09.1793, dau of Charles Boyle, Lord Dungarvan)
  (a) Charles Henry St. John O'Neill, 2nd Viscount, Earl O'Neill (b 22.01.1779, d unm 25.03.1841)
(b) John Bruce Richard O'Neill, 3rd Viscount (b 20.12.1780, d unm 12.02.1855, General)
  (ii) St. John O'Neill (b 06.05.1741, d 1790)
  m. France Borrowes (dau of Robert Borrowes of Ballybrittas)
  (a) Mary O'Neill (d unm)
  (iii) Anne O'Neill
  m. Richard Jackson 'of Coleraine'
  (a) Sir George Jackson of Forkill (dsp?) brother of ...
  (b) Anne Jackson (d 08.1837) probably of this generation
  m. (18.05.1785) Nathaniel Alexander, Bishop of Meath
  (C) Catherine O'Neill (d 15.04.1739)
  m. (19.10.1711) Richard Butler, 7th Viscount Mountgarret (dsp 14.05.1736)
  (D) Anne O'Neill
  m. William Sharman (Captain)
(E) Mary O'Neill
  m. Robert Borrowes of Ballybrittas
  (F) Jane O'Neill
  m. Arthur Dawson (baron of the Exchequer)
  (F)+ other issue - Clotworthy (d unm before 08.1750), Rachel, Elinior, Rose
(2) Henry O'Neill
  m. Sarah O'Neill (dau of Con O'Neill of the Fews)
  (A) Henrietta O'Neill
  m. Henry O'Beirne (Colonel)
  (i) Maria Theresa O'Beirne (dsp 13.02.1777)
  m. (23.07.1726) Philip Wharton, Duke of Wharton (bpt 05.01.1698-9, d 31.05.1731)
  (3) Hugh O'Neill
  (4) Sarah O'Neill
  m. Thomas Dobbin of Edenduffcarrick
  b. Arthur O'Neill of Neillsbrook and Flowerfield
  m. Eleanor O'Neill (dau of Henry O'Neill of Ballylisnelarney) @@ below
(1) Felix O'Neill of Flowerfield
  m. _ Ker (dau of Robert Ker of Flowerfield)
  (A) Mark Ker O'Neill (d before 26.08.1792)
  m. Elizabeth Tobin (dau of Abraham Tobin)
  (i) Mark Ker O'Neill (2nd son)
  m. (1809) Eliza Jones (dau of Thomas Morris Jones of Money Glass)
  (ii) Elizabeth O'Neill
  m. _ Godfrey
  (iii) Esther O'Neill
  m. Alexander MacManus of Mount Davis
  (iv) Mary O'Neill
  m. Henry O'Hara
  (v)+ other issue (d unm) - Felix, Robert (d 1810, Major)
  (2) Daniel O'Neill of Ballyminster
  (A) Eleanor O'Neill
  m. Ambrose O'Rourke of Ballybollan
  (B)+ other issue - Luke, John, Charles, St. John
  (3) Katherine O'Neill
  m. _ O'Hara
  (4) Rose O'Neill
c.+ other issue - Rose, Sarah, Maria, Eleanora
  iv. Shane Oge O'Neill of Ballylisnelarney (d 1620)
  m. Anne
  a. Daniel O'Neill (dsp)
b. Henry O'Neill of Ballylisnelarney (b c1613)
  (1) John O'Neill of Ballybollan
  m. Honora MacDonell (dau of Sir James MacDonell)
  (A) Ambrose O'Neill of Dublin (d before 22.10.1753)
  (i) Sarah O'Neill
  m. Daniel O'Rourke
  (B) Henry O'Neill
  m. Mary Straford (dau of Robert Stratford)
  (2) Daniel O'Neill
  (3) Elinor O'Neill
  m. Arthur O'Neill of Flowerfield @@ above
  v. Rose O'Neill
  m. Toole MacCan
  vi. Mary O'Neill
  m. Serrell O'Hara
  vii.+ other issue - Hugh (dsp), Onora
  B. Con O'Neill (d 1585)
  m. _ McGennis (dau of Sir Hugh McGennis of Iveagh)
  i. Hugh Oge O'Neill
a. Bryan O'Neill of the Feeva ancestor of O'Neill of Carlyan-in-the Feeva
2. Hugh O'Neill
  A. Neill O'Neill
  i. Neill O'Neill of Killeleagh (d 1628)
  BP1934 identifies Neill's wife as 'Alice ny Donnell' but BP1934 (Antrim) suggests that she was ...
  m. Sarah MacDonnell (dau of Randal MacDonnell, 1st Earl of Antrim)
  a. Sir Henry O'Neill, 1st Bart of Killeleagh or Killelagh (b 1625)
  The following comes from TCB (vol iv, O'Neile or O'Neill of Killelagh).
  m. (c1655) Eleanor Talbot (dau of Sir William Talbot, 1st Bart of Carton, by Alison Netterville)
  (1) Sir Neill O'Neill, 2nd Bart of Killeleagh or Killelagh (b c1658, dspm after Boyne 08.07.1690)
  m. (01.1677) Frances Molyneux (dau of Caryl Molyneux, 3rd Viscount)
(A) Rose O'Neill probably of this generation
  m. Nicholas Wogan of Rathcoffey (d before 19.12.1770, Colonel)
  (B) Ann O'Neill probably of this generation
  m. John Segrave of Cabra
  (2) Sir Daniel O'Neill, 3rd Bart of Killeleagh or Killelagh (dspm)
  m. (c1690) Mary Byrne (b 1671, bur 29.08.1759, dau of Sir Gregory Byrne, 1st Bart of Timogue, by Margaret Copley)
  (A) Ellinor O'Neill
  m. Hugh O'Reilly of Ballinlough
  b. Katherine O'Neill
  ii. Hugh O'Neill
  B. Mary O'Neill probably of this generation
  m. Sir James MacDonnell

Main source(s): BP1934 (O'Neill) with support from BE1883 (O'Neill)
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