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Families covered: Orde-Powlett of Bolton, Orde of East Orde, Orde of Morpeth, Orde of Nunnykirk, Orde of Weetwood

BLG1952 ('Orde of Nunnykirk') shows the arms of that family as "Sa. three salmons hauriant per pale arg. and or". BP1934 ('Campbell-Orde') shows the same arms quartered with Campbell. BP1934 ("Bolton') identifies the arms of that family as "Sa. three swords, in pile, points downwards, arg. pommels and hilts. or: on a canton, of the second, an escocheon of the field, charged with a salmon haurient ppr".
William Orde of East Orde, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1638)
m. Mary
1. William Orde of East Orde (d 1678)
  m. ?? Selby (dau of Sir William Selby of Twizel Castle)
  A. William Orde of East Orde, Sheriff of Northumberland (a 1711, dsp)
  B. Thomas Orde of Berwick
  i. Francis Orde
  m. _ Clark of Northamptonshire
  a. William Orde of Sandybank House and East Orde
m1. _ Ogle (dau of _ Ogle of Cawsey Park)
  m2. Isabella Jackson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  Not sure by which wife were ...
  (1)+ 2 daughters
  ii. Thomas Orde of Felkington (bur 21.03.1737)
  m. Mary Strother (d by 1701, dau of William Strother, sister of Sir William of Fowberry)
  a. John Orde of Morpeth, later of East Orde (d 1784)
  m1. (1734) Mary Ward (d 1735, dau of Edward Ward of Morpeth and Nunnykirk)
  (1) William Orde of East Orde, Morpeth and Nunnykirk (d 11.02.1814)
  m. Anne Ward (d 18.08.1809, dau of William Ward of Nunnykirk)
(A) William Orde of Nunnykirk, Sheriff of Northumberland (d unm 1843, 2nd son)
  (B) Charles Ward Orde (Major) had issue
  m. Maria Chapman (dau of John Chapman of Westmeath)
  (C)+ other issue (d unm) - John (Major), Thomas (Captain RN)
  m2. Anne Marr (d 26.12.1788, dau of Ralph Marr of Morpeth)
  (2) Thomas Orde of Hackwood Park, later Orde-Powlett, 1st Lord Bolton of Bolton Castle (b 30.08.1740, d 30.07.1807)
  m. (07.04.1778) Jean Mary Powlett (b c1751, d 14.12.1814, natural dau of Charles Powlett, 5th Duke of Bolton)
  (A) William Orde-Powlett, 2nd Lord Bolton (b 31.10.1782, dsp 13.07.1850)
m. (08.05.1810) Maria Carleton (b 20.08.1777, d 16.11.1863, dau of Guy Carleton, 1st Lord Dorchester)
  (B) Thomas Powlett Orde-Powlett of Bolton Hall (b 16.10.1787, d 31.01.1843) had issue
  BP1934 (Bolton) identifies Thomas's wife as Letitia, sister of Stafford O'Brien of Blatherwycke Park, but TCP (Bolton) identifies her as ...
  m. (07.02.1811) Letitia O'Brien (d 09.03.1859, natural dau of Henry O'Brien of Blatherwycke Park)
  (3) Sir John Orde, Governor of Dominica, 1st Bart (b 22.12.1751, d 19.02.1824, Admiral)
  m1. (1781) Margaret Emma Stephens (dsps 13.09.1790, dau of Richard Stephens of St. Helena)
  m2. (03.12.1793) Jane Frere (d 16.09.1829, dau of John Frere of Roydon)
  (A) Sir John Powlett Orde, 2nd Bart (b 09.06.1803, d 11.12.1878) had issue
  m1. (15.06.1826) Eliza Campbell (d 13.06.1829, dau of Peter Campbell of Kilmory)
  m2. (14.06.1832) Beatrice Edwards (b c1814, d 29.07.1895, dau of James Edwards of Harrow-on-the-Hill)
  (B) Anna Maria Fenn Orde (b c1806, d unm 17.08.1894)
  (4) Anne Orde (d 1825)
(5) Mary Orde
  m. Robert Lisle of Acton House
  b. Thomas Orde (vicar of Kirknewton)
  m. (c1733) Sarah Shafto (d 10.05.1778, dau of Leonard Shafto of Weetwood)
  (1) Leonard Shafto Orde (d unm Minden 27.04.1770)
  (2) John Orde of Weetwood (b 1739, d 24.12.1818, Commodore RN)
  m1. Rosamund Daglish (d 04.1776, dau of James Daglish of Weetwood)
(A) Leonard Shafto Orde of Weetwood (b 25.03.1769, Lt. General) had issue
  m1. Penelope Ogilvie of Edinburgh
  m2. (17/27.05.1800) Louisa Anne Jocelyn (d 01/2.09.1807, dau of Robert Jocelyn, 1st Earl of Roden)
  m3. Harriet Bevan (d 1821)
  (B) John Orde (rector of Wensley) had issue
  m1. (24.08.1802) Frances Carleton (d 08.04.1812, dau of Sir Guy Carleton, 1st Lord Dorchester)
  m2. Mary Anne Burley (dau of Blake Burley)
  (C) James Orde (d 22.05.1850, Lt. General) had issue
  m1. (15.05.1811) Margaret Maria Elizabeth Beckford (d 07.09.1818, dau of William Beckford of Fonthill)
  m2. (11.11.1829) Elizabeth Susan Somerset (d 16.04.1876, dau of Henry Somerset, 6th Duke of Beaufort)
  (D) Mary Orde
  m. William Bell Moises (vicar of Felton)
  (E) Juliana Anne Orde (b c1774, d 23.11.1856)
  m. (05.07.1804) Robert Jocelyn, 2nd Earl of Roden (b 26.10.1756, d 29.06.1820)
  m2. Margaret Ord
2.+ 5 sons

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Orde of Nunnykirk), BP1934 (Bolton), BLG1952 (Orde formerly of Weetwood), BP1934 (Campbell-Orde)
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