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Families covered: Ouchterlony of Kelly, Ouchterlony of Ouchterlony

Hararldson starts the family tree with the following Turpin having noted (p2) that Turpin "is the Anglo-Norman French form of the old Norse name Torfinn and points to a possible Norman or Norse origin to the family."
Turpin de Ochterlony in Dunnichen (d before 1237)
1. Walter (a 1236)
Hararldson (p35) reports that Walter "exchanged the lands of Ouchterlony, Dunnichen, with the lands of Kenny, Kingoldrum, sometime between 1226-1237".
  A. Walter of Ouchterlony (a 1296)
  i. ?? Ouchterlony possible intermediary generation
  a. John de Ouchterlony of Kelly in Angus, Sheriff of Forfar (a 1350)
  (1) William de Ouchterlony of Kelly (d by 1409)
m. (by 1375) ?? Stewart (dau of Sir John Stewart of Perceton)
  (A) Alexander Ouchterlony of Kelly (b c1375, d by 1443)
  Hararldson (p2) reports that "The family acquired the Barony of Kelly in Arbirlot parish through marriage in the early 15th century and subsequently changed the name of the Barony to Ouchterlony." Kelly is near Arbroath in Angus.
  m. (c1394) Janet Maule (dau of William Maulde of Panmure by Marion Fleming)
  (i) William Ouchterlony of that ilk (b c1404, d by 1476)
m. Janeta Gray (b c1414, a 1468, dau of Sir Andrew Gray of Broxmouth or Foulis by Janet Mortimer)
  (a) Alexander Ouchterlony (b c1424, dvp c05.1466)
  m. (1444) Mariota Drummond (b c1424, dau of ?? Drummond of Stobhall)
  ((1)) William Ouchterlony (b c1450?, d(sp?) before 1476)
  ((2)) Sir James Ouchterlony of that ilk (b by 1460, d Flodden 1513)
Hararldson (p38) reports that Sir James's wife was probably Mariota Keith "who may be a daughter of Sir William Keith, Earl Marischal, and Mariota Erskine."
  m. (c1475) Mariota Keith
  ((A)) William Ouchterlony of that ilk (b c1479, d 1529-30) - continued below
  m1. Mariota Lyon
  m2. Margaret Gardyne
  ((B)) Mariota or Marjory Ouchterlony
  m. (mcrt 17.03.1497/8) George Barclay of Mathers
  (ii) Janet Ouchterlony --
  m. (before 06.07.1442) Sir John Wishart, 2nd of Pittarow (son of Sir John) --



William Ouchterlony of that ilk, Sheriff of Forfar (b c1479, d 1529-30) - continued above
m1. (c1499) Mariota Lyon (d before 1511, dau of John Lyon, 3rd Lord Glamis, by Elizabeth Scrymgeour)
1. Alexander Ouchterlony of that ilk (b by 1505, d 1552)
m1. (c1525) Elizabeth Learmonth (d before 1547)
  A. James Ouchterlony of that ilk (b c1530, d 1561)
  m. (by 1552) Agnes Beaton (b c1534, d c1603, dau of Cardinal David Beaton (by Marion Ogilvy), m2. George Gordon, m3. Sir Patrick Gordon)
i. William Ouchterlony 'of Kelly' of that ilk (b 1553, d 1609)
  m. (before 10.06.1574) Elizabeth Stewart (d 30.11.1594, dau of John Stewart 4th Lord Innermeath (by Elizabeth Beaton who m2. James Gray))
  a. Sir William Ouchterlony of that ilk (b 1575, a 1635, 2nd son) p43/46
  m1. (mcrt 01.05.1592) Catherine Scrymgeour (d before 1616, dau of Sir James Scrymgeour of Dudhope by Margaret Carnagie)
  (1) Sir James Ouchterlony (b 1593-4, d 1636, captain)
  m. (27.05.1634, sp?) Margaret Young (b 1613-4, a 1648, dau of Sir Peter Young of Seaton by Margery Nairne)
  (2) David Ouchterlony (d 1648)
  m. (c1639) Elizabeth Ouchterlony (d c1621, d 1639) @@ below
  (A) James Ouchterlony (bpt 04.07.1639, a 1649)
  (2) Elizabeth Ouchterlony (a 1632)
  m. (by 1632) Andrew Halliburton in Dundee (natural son of Sir James of Pitcur)
  (2) Magdalene Ouchterlony (a 1628)
  m2. (26.05.1616) Catherine Arrat (Harriot?)
  (1) child (bpt 13.11.1614)
  b. Alexander Ouchterlony of Arbroath & Balmirmur (b c1577, a 1624)
  m. (c1594) Barbara Durham (a 1616, m1. Robert Auchinleck of that ilk (son of Gilbert))
c. Sir James Ouchterlony (b 1578-9, d before 06.09.1636, gentleman of the Privy Chamber)
  m. (23.05.1604) Dorothy Dale (b 1567-8, d 1616, dau/heir of Sir Valentine Dale (Master of the Court of Requests), m1. Sir John North)
  p. Ann Osborne (a 1637, "his servant")
  (1) Walter Ouchterlony (bpt 12.03.1631, bur 24.12.1638)
  partner(s) unknown but possibly Ann Osborne
  (2) Elizabeth Ouchterlony (d c1621, d 1639)
  m. (c1639) David Ouchterlony (d 1648) @@ above
  (3)+ other issue - Henry (bpt 14.11.1632, bur 08.12.1632), Mable (b c1625, a 1639)
  d. Patrick Ouchterlony of Banhard (b c1580, d c1633)
m. (mcrt 07.05.1603) Euphame Maule (a 1634, dau of Patrick Maule of Panmure by Margaret Erskine)
  (1) Patrick Ouchterlony in Banhard (a 1614, 1640)
  e. Elizabeth Ouchterlony (b by 1574, a 1614)
  m. (mcrt 19.11.1591) Alexander Strachan, younger of Brigtoun (d 11.1613, son of Alexander of Brigtoun)
  f. Isabell Ouchterlony (b by 1577, a 1600)
  m. (1595) John Rynd of Carss (d before 1638, son of William of Carss by Margaret Ogilvy)
  g. Jean Ouchterlony (b by 1577, d 04.1658)
  m. (mcrt 27.05.1595) William Durham of Grange (a 1658, son of William of Grange by Jean Leslie)
  h.+ other issue - David (b c15874, dvp by 1588), Gilbert (a 1605)
  ii. David Ouchterlony (b by 1556, a 1619, baillie of Arbroath)
  m. (before 27.09.1602, sp?) Elizabeth Durward (a 1619)
  iii. Alexander Ouchterlony of Arbroath (b by 1559, a 1612)
  m. (before 24.02.10601) Alison Balfour (a 1605)
  a. Alexander Ouchterlony (a 1605, 1612)
  iv. Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blackdykes (b by 1559, d 1615, baillie of Brechin)
  m1. (before 1593) Joneta Ross (d before 1609)
  a. Gilbert Ouchterlony of Blackdykes (b by 1590, a 1657, Constable of Brechin)
m. (before 11.05.1629) Elizabeth Eassone (a 1645)
  (1) George Ouchterlony (a 1657)
  b.+ other issue(a 1616) - Alexander (a 1616), Elspet, Margaret, Euphame, Agnes
  m2. (before 07.11.1609) Margaret Kynninmonth (a 1625, m2. John Oudny of Kethick (Keithock))
  g.+ other issue (a 1616) - John (a 1628, Constable Deputy of Brechin), David (a 1618), Andrew (a 1630)
  v. John Ouchterlony of Brechin (a 1575, d by 1619)
  m. (before 1595) Agnes Jamestone (a 1629)
  vi. Elizabeth/Isabel Ouchterlony (b by 1559, d 1604)
  m. (before 03.01.1583/4) William Gordon of Gight (d 1605, son of John)
  vii. Catherine Ouchterlony (b by 1561, a 1606))
  m. (mcrt 17.07.1579) Robert Guthrie of Kinblathmonth (a 1625, son of Thomas of Kinblathmonth, m1. Isobel (dau of John Ogilvy of Inverkeillor by Elizabeth Fortheringham))
  B. William Ouchterlony (a 1562)
C. Alexander Ouchterlony in/of Balmirmur (b by 1545, d 1622)
  i. William Ouchterlony (a 1623)
  ii. Agnes Ouchterlony (a 1631)
  m. (before 30.06.1623) William Masterton in St. Andrews (a 1631)
  D. Agnes Ouchterlony (b c1550, a 1590)
  m1. (before 02.06.1576) John Guthrie of Hilton of Guthrie
  m2. (before 1588) John Oliphant in Hilton (brother of William of Newton)
  m2. (before 07.12.1454) Elizabeth/Isabel Cunningham (a 1592, dau of _ Cunningham of Barnes)
  E. John Ouchterlony of Cairnie (b c1550, d 1613)
  m. (before 19.08.1581) Janet Beaton (a 1598, dau of (Robert?) Beaton of Westhall)
2. David Ouchterlony of Kellie (a 1512, d before 1545)
  m. (before 1531) Isobel Arbuthnot (d 1558, dau of James Arbuthnot of that ilk by Jean Stewart)
3. John Ouchterlony (a 1545)
m2. (before 04.08.1511) Margaret Gardyne (a 1566, m2. William Murray of Smidihill)

Main source(s): 'The Ouchterlonys of that ilk' (Harald Jan Haraldson, 2022) with many thanks to the author for providing us with a copy of that impressive book and permitting us to make use of it
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