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Families covered: Parker of Alkincoats, Parker of Browsholme, Parker of Horrocksford, Parker of Radholme Park

Peter de Alcancotes or Alkincoats of Alkincoats
1. Adam de Alcancotes (a 1311)
  A. William de Alcancotes ancestor of the first family of Parkers of Alkincoats
  B. Richard le Parker (a 1346)
  i. Edmund Parker, parker of Radholme Park (a 1400)
a. Richard Parker of Browsholme (a 1413)
  (1) Edmund Parker of Foulscales (a 1450)
  (A) Giles Parker of Horrocksford (a 1507)
  (i) Bryan Parker (dsp 1531, bailiff of Bolland)
  m. Elizabeth Proctor (sister of Nicholas Proctor of Slaidburn)
  (ii) Edmund Parker of Browsholme Hall, Yorkshire (d before 1546) the first mentioned by Commoners & BLG1886
  m. Elizabeth Redmayne (dau of John Redmayne of Neway) @1@ just below
  (a) Robert Parker of Browsholme (a 1591, 2nd son) - continued below
  m. (08.01.1554) Elizabeth Chadderton (dau of Edmund Chadderton of Nuthurst)
(b)+ other issue - Giles (priest), John of Foulscales
  (iii) Nicholas Parker of Horrocksford (a 1531) ancestor of Parkers of Horrocksford
  m. Anne Marton (dau of Lancelot Marton of Lancashire) ## probably here ##
  (B)+ other issue - Christopher (parker of Radholme Park), 5 sons, 5 daughters
  (2) Robert Parker, parker of Radholme Park (a 1482)
  (A) Elizabeth Parker
  m. John Redmayne of Neway
  (i) Elizabeth Redmayne
  m. Edmund Parker of Browsholme Hall (d before 1546) @1@ just above
  (B) Isabel Parker
  m. (1447) Robert Morcey
  (C) Margaret Parker
  m. (1449) Ranold Waddington
  b. John Parker, parker of Radholme Park
  (1) John Parker of Over Browsholme (a 1440)



Robert Parker of Browsholme (a 1591) - continued above
m. (08.01.1554) Elizabeth Chadderton (dau of Edmund Chadderton of Nuthurst, sister of William, Bishop of Lincoln)
1. Edmund Parker (d unm young)
2. Thomas Parker of Browsholme (d 12.03.1634)
  m. Bridget Tempest (d 1610, dau of James Tempest of Rayne)
  A. Edward Parker of Browsholme (b 03.08.1602, d 1667, 2nd son)
  m. (28.01.1629) Mary Sunderland (d 16.01.1673, dau of Richard Sunderland of High Sunderland)
i. Thomas Parker of Browsholme (bpt 01.05.1631, d 01.08.1695)
  m. Margaret Assheton (dau of Radcliffe Assheton of Cuerdale)
  a. Edward Parker of Browsholme (b 01.01.1658, d 11.07.1721)
  m1. Catherine Bouche (dau of Henry Bouche of Ingleton Hall)
  (1) Thomas Parker of Browsholme (dsp 1728)
  m2. Jane Parker (dau of John Parker of Extwistle)
  (2) John Parker of Browsholme (b 11.06.1695, d 28.03.1754)
  m. Elizabeth Southouse (dau of Henry Southouse of Maunden)
(A) Edward Parker of Browsholme (b 1730, d 22.12.1794)
  m. (1750) Barbara Fleming (dau of Sir William Fleming, 1st Bart of Rydal Hall)
  (i) John Parker of Browsholme (d 1797)
  m. (1778) Beatrix Lister (dau of Thomas Lister of Gisburne Park)
  (a) Thomas Lister Parker of Browsholme (b 27.09.1779, d unm 02.03.1858)
  (b) Edward Parker (b 03.11.1780) had issue
  m. (1813) Isabella Strode (dau of Rev. J. Strode of Hatfield)
  (c) John Fleming Parker (b 1782, cleric)
  m. (1817) Catherine Lister (b 1793, d 10.1873, dau of Thomas Lister of Gisburne Park, 1st Lord Ribblesdale)
  (d) Henry Parker (b 1784, 5th son) had issue
  m. (05.1808) Anne Maclean (dau of John Maclean of Galway)
  (e)+ other issue - Charles Robert (b 1783), William (b 1785, vicar of Waddington), Septimus (b 1788, d 1792), Octavus (b/d 1790)
  (B) Elizabeth Parker
  m. Robert Parker of Alkincoats @2@ just below
  b. Robert Parker of Alkincoats (b 1662, d 10.11.1714)
  m. (30.01.1696) Ellen Whitaker (dau of Miles Whitaker of Symonstone)
(1) Thomas Parker of Alkincoats (b 07.12.1696, a 1753)
  m. Alice Blakey (dau/heir of John Blakey of Lanehead, widow of John Lonsdale of High Righley)
  (A) Robert Parker of Alkincoats
  m. Elizabeth Parker (dau of John Parker of Browsholme) @2@ just above
  (i) Thomas Parker of Alkincoats (d 27.04.1819)
  m. (04.05.1778) Betty Parker (d 08.11.1808, dau of Edward Parker of Newton Hall by Elizaeth, dau/heir of John Goulbourne of Manchester)
  (a) Thomas Parker of Alkincoats, Newton Hall & Brownsholme (dsp 22.04.1832)
  m. (04.05.1778) Mary Molyneux (dau/heir of William Molyneux of Liverpool)
  (b) Edward Parker of Alkincoats (b 18.07.1786, d 22.05.1865) had issue
  m. (04.07.1816) Ellen Barcroft (dau of Ambrose William Barcroft of Noyna)
  (c) John Parker (d 04.01.1830, 4th son)
  m. Ann Edmondson of Coates Hall
  (d) Elizabeth Parker
m. _ Atherton (Captain)
  (e)+ other issue - Robert (d unm 02.09.1809), Ellen (b c1790, d 12.1800)
  (ii) John Parker, later Toulson of Skipworth had issue
  m. (19.07.1804) Hester Arthur Worsop (dau of John Arthur Worsop of Howden)
  (iii) Robert Parker (d unm 1805)
  (2)+ other issue - Robert of London (had issue), Edward
ii. Robert Parker of Carlton & Marley Hall (bpt 23.06.1633, dsp)
  m. Jane Rookes (dau of William Rookes of Royds Hall)
  iii. Edward Parker (bpt 01.05.1636)
  m. Jane Boteler (dau of Thomas Boteler of Hatton Gardens)
  iv. Mary Parker (bpt 17.05.1641)
  m. Thomas Heber of Holling Hall
  v.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 14.11.1637), Roger (bpt 20.01.1639, had issue)
  B. Elizabeth Parker
  m(2). James Carrier of Helpston
  C. Janet Parker
  m. (08.1612/3) Richard Carrier of Wirksworth (Rev.)
  D. Anne Parker
  m1. Thomas Whittingham of Claughton (d Newbury 27.10.1644, captain)
  m2. John Conrad Molanus
  E.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), William (rector of Tetford, had issue), Nicholas of Wirksorth
3. Roger Parker (b c1558, dsp 29.08.1629, Precentor & Dean of Lincoln)
m. Alice Pont (widow of Ralph Proby of Brampton)
4. William Parker of Blisland & Warligon, Cornwall (bur 1631, Rector of Blisland, Archdeacon of Cornwall)
  The following is supported by Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Parker of Blisland', p352).
  m. Joan Panchard of Wiltshire (bur 1625)
  A. James Parker 'of Blisland' of Trengoff in Warleggan (b 1590, d 1672/1680)
m. (31.12.1616) Katherine Buller (bur 1686, dau of Sir Richard Buller)
  i. William Parker of Tredinnick in St. Mabyn (bpt 30.03.1624, d before 10.09.1688)
  m. Elizabeth Silly (dau of Richard Silly of Trevelver)
  a. Elizabeth Parker (b 1655-6, bur 16.04.1741)
  m. (01.07.1682) John Opy of Egloshayle
  b.+ other issue - James (bur 1647), William (dsp by 1747), Robert (bpt 1655, dsp by 1747), John (bpt 1658, d young?), John (bpt 01.10.1665), Philippa (bpt 1649), Ann (bpt 1661), Katherine (bpt 1663, bur 1664), Katherine (bpt 08.03.1664, bur 1681), Joane (bpt 1668)
  ii. Alice Parker (bpt 28.05.1620)
  m. (1641) George Smith of Warligon, Lantewy & Lunna in St. Neot (bur 1652)
  iii.+ other issue - James (bpt 08.01.1626), Robert (bpt 1628, bur 1649), Richard (bpt 1620), John (bpt 1633), Francis (bpt 1636, dsp), Anthony (bpt/bur 1639), George (bpt 1640), Johan (bpt 1641), Rowland (bpt 1643, dsp), Katherine (b 07.04.1618), Jane (bpt 27.01.1622, bur 14.11.1622), Catherine (bpt 1626, bur 1627), Elizabeth (bpt 1629), Cordelia (bpt 1631), Katherine (bpt 1634), Mary (bpt 1635), Jane (bpt 1637, d unm bur 1707), Katherine (bpt 1644)
  B. William Parker (b c1592, d unm, rector of Stoark)
5. Jennet Parker shown by BLG1952 as of this generation, shown by Commoners a generation earlier, not mentioned by BLG1886
  m1. Thomas Sherborn of Ribbleton
  m2. Richard Holden of Chaigley
6. Elizabeth Parker shown by BLG1952 as of this generation, shown by Commoners a generation earlier, not mentioned by BLG1886
  m. Leonard Helme of Goosnargh

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Parker of Browsholme'), BLG1886 ('Parker of Browsholme'), Commoners (vol 3, 'Parker of Browsholme', p634+)
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