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Families covered: Peak of Carnarvon, Peke of Hill's Court, Peke of Sandwich

We doubt that there was any connection between the 2 families shown on this page. They share the page for our convenience.
John Peak or Beak of Carnarvon
1. John or Richard Peak
  A. John Peak
  i. Thomas Peak
  m. Jane Spicer (dau of John Spicer of Carnarvon)
  a. Rowland Peak
  m. Agnes (dau of Lewis ap William by Agnes, dau of Richard Foxwist of Pryscol)
  (1) Robert Peak of Llanrrrwst (a 1621)
m. Catherine (dau/heir of Owen)
  (A) Robert Peak, Mayor & Sheriff of Coventry (a 1651, Captain)
  m. _ Ball of Coventry
(i) Elizabeth Peak
  (B) John Peak (dsp)
  b. John Peak
  m. Jane (dau/heir of John Lewis of Gwersyllt)
  (1) William Peak 'of Carnarvon'
  m. Elizabeth Owen (d 13.08.1623, dau of Owen ap Ieuan ap John, of Llangristiolus)
  (A) William Peak (dsp)
  m. Jane (dau of William Griffith of Carnarvon)
  (B) Jane Peak
  m. William Williams of Quellyn
  (C) Ellen Peak
m. William Andrews of Cheshire
  (i) John Andrews
  (ii) Owen Andrews of Gray's Inn (a 1650)
  (m. Rachel Motham (dau of Thomas Motham of Norfolk)
  (a) William Andrews of Gray's Inn
  (2) Ann Peak
  m. Hugh Martyn of Carnarvon
  (3) Jane Peak
  m. John Williams, Sheriff of Chester (a 1636)
  (4) Mary Peak
  m. William Thomas (of family of Coed Helen)
  c. Eleanor Peak
  m. Hugh ap Robert ap John
  d. Margaret Peak
  m. Hugh Stodart of Bodidda
  (1) John Stodart (a 1621)
  (2) Gaynor Stodart
  m. Owen Meredydd
  (3) Mary Stodart
  m. John ap William
  (4) Elinor Stodart
  m. Owen WIlliams
  (5) Elizabeth Stodart
  m. Ambrose ap Richard



Berry shows the following family as having coat of arms as "Az. three talbots, passant, or".
Thomas Peke of Wye, Kent
1. Nicholas Peke of Sandwich, Kent
  m. Joanna Manwood (dau of Roger Manwood of Sandwich)
  A. Edward Peke of Sandwich
  m1. Elizabeth Norton
  i. Edward Peke of Sandwich
  m. Susan Fisher (dau of Thomas Fisher of Sandwich)
  a. Thomas Peke of Hill's Court (b c1603, d 1677)
  m. Catherine Kingsley (d 1684, dau of William Kingsley, archdeacon of Canterbury)
  (1) Edward Peke of Hill's Court (b 1642, 2nd son)
m. Elizabeth Wentworth (d 1691, dau of George Wentworth & "heir to the Earl of Strafford")
  (A) Thomas Peke (b c1672, d 1701)
  m. Elizabeth Ball (dau of Anthony Ball of Bruxley, m2. Robert Minchard)
  (i) Ann Peke
  m. Matthew Bookey
  (a) Ann Bookey
  (ii) Sarah Peke
  m. William Wright Morrice (dvpsp)
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Edward (b 1701-2, dsp), Elizabeth, Margaret (d 1701)
  (B)+ other issue (dsp) - Edward (b 1674), Ruishe
  (2) Damaris Peke (b 1638)
  m. Henry Dering of Pavington
  (3) Susan Peke (b 1641)
  m. John Aucher (prebendary of Canterbury)
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1639, d 1644), Peter (b 1648, a 1654), Charles (b 1661), Mary (b 1645, d infant), Elizabeth (b 1648), Anne (b 1654)
  a.+ other issue (a 1619) - John (b c1606), Edward, Peter, Mary, Susanna
  ii. John Peke
  iii. Matthew Peke
  m. Anne Jacob (dau of John Jacob)
  iv. Anne Peke
  m. Thomas Noell
  m2. Mary Cox
  v. Alice Peke
  m. William Wilson
  vi.+ other issue - Peter, Joanna (d infant)

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 15.02.17) : CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p116 & p351)
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