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Families covered: Pierce (Hustler) of Acklam, Peirce of Canterbury, Peirce of Charing, Peirse of Hutton Bonville, Peirse of Thimbleby

Berry identifies the arms of the following famiy as "Az. a bend, wavy, or, betw. two unicorns' heads, erased, or".
Gabriel Peirce of Charing, Kent (bur 07.12.1669)
m. Katherine (bur 18.08.1666)
1. Gabriel Peirce of Charing (bur 06.09.1709)
  m. Anne (bur 21.09.1659)
  A. Sampson Peirce of Charing (b 28.03.1656, d 10.10.1692)
  m. Roberta Whitfield (dau of John Whitfield of Canterbury)
  i. John Peirce of Charing (bpt 24.01.1688, bur 06.03.1726, 2nd son?)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 20.06.1746)
  a. Sampson Peirce of Doddington, Kent (bur 09.09.1759)
m. Sarah Halbett (bur 26.12.1808)
  (1) John Peirce of Canterbury (b 04.07.1746, a 1828)
  m. (13.10.1774) Mary Halford (d 1789, dau of Richard Halford of Canterbury)
  (A) John James Peirce of Canterbury (b 09.07.1781, youngest son?) had issue
  m. (20.05.1817) Augusta Elizabeth King of Margate
  (B) Mary Marsh Peirce (b 31.0.1775, a 1828)
  m. Richard Buckner (a 1828, Captain, son/heir of Admiral Charles)
  (C)+ other issue(all d unm?) - William Henry (d infant), George Gabriel (d infant), John (d infant), Sampson Creed (b 05.11.1777, d 31.12.1813 in Spain), Elizabeth Roberts (b 15.12.1778, a 1828), Catherine Sarah (b 04.03.1785, a 1828), Charlotte (b 20.08.1788, a 1828), Sarah Halford (d infant), Caroline (d infant)
  (2) Sarah Peirce (b 14.09.1747)
  m. Herbert Crane
  (3) Rebecca Peirce (b 02.10.1757, dsp 24.04.1814)
  m. William Hemming (a 1828)
  (4) Roberta Catherine Peirce (b 04.04.1752, d 09.07.1821)
  m. Terry Marsh of Boughton, Kent
  (A) George Peirce Marsh of Boughton (a 1828) had issue
  m. Dorothy Barling (dau of John Barling)
  (B) Olive Terry Marsh
  (5)+ other issue - Sampson of London (b 22.07.1753, a 1828, d unm?), James of London (b 02.01.1755, a 1828), Geroge Charles (b 07.06.1759, d in Jamaica), Elizabeth (b 15.04.1750, d unm 07.10.1782)
  b. Roberta CatherinePeirce (bpt 28.12.1726, bur 30.03.1727)
  ii.+ other issue - George (bur c1693), Sampson (b c1693)
  B. Richard Peirce (b 25.04.1659, bur 26.03.1660)
2. John Peirce
  m. Sarah
3. Mary Peirce (bpt 29.04.1644)
  m. _ Nowers



BLG1863 & BLG1952 spell the family name as 'Peirse" whilst Ord used "Peirce".
Richard Peirse of Hutton Bonville
m. Mary Hutton
1. Thomas Peirse of Thimbleby (younger son)
  m. (1700) Anne Hustler (dau of Sir William Hustler of Acklam, sister/heir of James)
  A. William Peirse of Hutton Bonville 
  m. (13.02.1722) Dorothy Stillington (dau of Thomas Stillington of Kelfield)
  i. Mary Pierce (b 1734, d 15.01.1804)
  m. Rev. Edward Stillingfleet of West Bromwich (d 1795)
  ii. daughter (d unm)
  B. Richard Peirse (d 26.06.1759) 
  m. Rachel Bayne (dau of Roger Bayne of Ripon)
  i. Richard William Peirse of Hutton Bonville, later of Easby Hall then Thimbleby, North Riding, Yorkshire (b 20.01.1753, d 25.11.1798)
  m. (1780) Elizabeth Fawcett (dau of Christopher Fawcett of Newcastrle-on-Tyne)
  a. Richard William Christopher Peirse, last of Thimbleby (b 14782, d 18.12.1845) had issue
  m. (29.08.1803) Maria Clarke (dau of Rev. Richard Clarke of Bedale by Jane, dau of John Wise of Totnes)
  b. James Peirse had issue
  m. Sophia Clarke (dau of Rev. Richard Clarke of Bedale)
  c. John Peirse (dsp)
  d. Elizabeth Peirse
  m. George Ford Clarke (Rector of Thornton Watlass)
  ii. James Peirse (dsp, Captain)
  iii. Anne Peirse
m. Joseph Williamson of Meltoin Hall
  C. Thomas Peirse or Pierce of Acklam
  m1. (1737) Jane Staines (dau of Thomas Staines of Ripon)
  i. Thomas Peirse (d young?)
  m2. Elizabeth Johnson (dau/coheir of John Johnson, prebendary of Durham) marriage mentioned by Ord but not by BLG1952
  m2/3. Mary Robinson (dau of Sir Tancred Robinson)
  Ord appears to have been confused by the different Thomases. He shows that this Thomas had by Jane Staynes a son called Thomas who was was his successor Thomas and m. Constance Lutton (dau of Ralph Lutton of Knapton by dau of Sir Griffith Boynton). BLG1952 shows that, whilst there was a son Thomas by Jane Staines, his successor Thomas was by Constance Hutton, dau of Ralph Hutton of Knapton by dau of Sir Francis Boynton. That too was slightly wrong in that it appears that she was ...
  m3/4. Constance Lutton (d 1785, dau of Ralph Lutton of Knapton by dau of Sir Francis Boynton, 4th Bart)
  ii. Thomas Peirse or Pierce, later Hustler of Acklam (d unm 1819)
  Ord shows that the Thomas who succeeded was "of Peirceburgh", changed his name to Hustler, and, by Constance Lutton, was father of Thomas (d young), Constance & William. We are following BLG1952 which shows the Thomases differently and also shows William as this Thomas's younger brother rather than his son.
iii. William Peirse (d 1818)
  m1. Charlotte Meade (dau of Richard Meade of Philadelphia)
  a. Thomas Peirse or Pierce, later Hustler of Acklam Hall (b 01.08.1801, d 30.06.1874) had issue
  m. (12.08.1822) Charlotte Frances Eliza Wells (d 25.07.1843, dau of Richard Wells of Demerara, West Indies)
  m2. Sarah (dau of Rev. John Bostock of East Grimstead)
  m3. Mary (widow of _ Wylam)
  iv. Constance Hustler
  D. Anne Peirse
  m. Read Hodshon of Wilton Hall
  E. Mary Peirse
  m. Joseph Stillington
  F.. Evereld Peirse of Acklam (b 18.08.1698, d unm 11.01.1784)
  G.+ other issue - Dorothy, Elizabeth, Catherine

Main source(s):
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(2) For lower section : BLG1863 ('Peirse of Thimbleby'), BLG1952 ('Hustler formerly of Acklam Hall'), 'The History and Antiquities of Cleveland' (John Walker Ord, 1846, 'Pedigree of Hustler of Acklam', p529+)
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