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Families covered: Pemberton of Halsnead, Pemberton of Pemberton, Pemberton of Torry Hill

Sir Adam de Pemberton of Pemberton, Lancashire (a 1154)
1. Alan de Pemberton (or de Windle) of Pemberton & Windle (a 1189)
  m. Edusa
  We suspect that either the pedigree is missing some generations over the next few generations or some of the dates are wrong.
  A. Alan de Pemberton of Pemberton (a 1292 (sb 1192?))
  i. Hugh de Pemberton (a 1204)
  a. Adam de Pemberton of Pemberton (a 1348)
  m. Alice de Hacking
  (1) John de Pemberton (a 1348)
  b. Thomas de Pemberton
  ii. John de Pemberton
  iii. William de Pemberton (a 1292)
  m. Mary
  a. Adam de Pemberton
  (1) William de Pemberton 'of Pemberton'
  m. Eleanor (Alienora) (a 1368)
  (A) Thurstan de Pemberton of Pemberton (a 1368)
  (B) Emma Pemberton
  m. Robert Hindley of Hindley
  (C) daughter
m. Rafe Worsley of Worsley
  (D) daughter
  m. _ Sankey of Sankey
  (E) Alice Pemberton
  m. _ Parr of Parr
  (F) Maud Pemberton
  m. Thomas Molyneux of Rainhill & Hawkley
  (2) John de Pemberton
  (A) Richard de Pemberton of Tunsted & Prescot (d 1415) - continued below possibly fits here
  m. Alice
  (3) Hugh de Pemberton
  b. Matilda (Maude) Pemberton
  m. Thomas Molineux of Sefton
  B. Sir Alan de Pemberton or de Windle of Windle had issue
  m. Amice, heir of Rainhill
  'The Register' reports that "Their great grand-dau. & heir married .... Gerard of Kingsley, Cheshire from whom descends the present Lord Gerard of Brynn." No such marriage is reported on Gerard01 but, of course, she may not have been the mother of the successor to Kinglsey.
2. William de Pemberton (a 1246)



Richard de Pemberton of Tunsted & Prescot (d 1415) - continued above
m. Alice
1. Thomas de Pemberton (dvp)
  A. Hugh de Pemberton of Halsnead
  m. Margaret le Norres (dau/heir of Thomas le Norres of Burtenhead)
  i. William de Pemberton of Halsnead (dsp)
  ii. John de Pemberton of Burtenhead, later also of Halsnead (a 1490, 1501)
  a. James Pemberton of Halsnead (dsp 1508)
  b. George Pemberton of Halsnead, Tunsted & Pemberton (d 1558)
  m. Isabel Dychefield (dau of John Dychefield of Ditton)
  (1) James Pemberton of Halsnead & Whiston (d 1591)
  m. Alice (a 1593)
  (A) James Pemberton of Halsnead (b 1571, d 1655)
m. Katherine
  (i) George Pemberton of Halsnead (b 1608, d 1688)
  m. Emma
  (a)+ issue - Anna (b 1672, d 1690), Emma (d 1675)
  (ii) James Pemberton, later of Halsnead (a 1691)
  "In 1691 (James) conveyed parts of Halsnead to his kinsman, John Pemberton" (below).
  (a) Anna Pemberton (b 1685, d 1690)
  (iii) Richard Pemberton
  m. Jane
  (a)+ issue - James (b 1642), Richard (b 1647)
  (iv) John Pemberton (b 1609, d 1687)
  m. Elizabeth Garnett
(a)+ issue - Thomas (b 1651), James (b 1653)
  (B) Richard Pemberton
  (i)+ issue - James, George
  (2) John Pemberton
  (3) Beatrix Pemberton
  m. Rev. John Crosse (a 1512)
  (4) Elizabeth Pemberton (a 1520)
  m. Roger Fazakerley of Fazakerly
  (5) Ellen (Helen) Pemberton
  m. (1514?) (Robert) Molyneux of Mellyng
  (6) daughter
  m. _ Davenport
  (7) daughter
  m. ??
  c. Richard Pemberton (a 1577, youngest son?)
  m. Elizabeth
  (1) George Pemberton
  (2) William Pemberton
  (A) James Pemberton
  d.+ other issue - Thomas, Margaret
  iii. Richard de Pemberton
  B. Thurstan de Pemberton (b 1422, d 1469)
  m. Emma



A kinsman of the above James Pemberton of Halsnead was ...
John Pemberton in Whiston, Halsnead, etc. (d 1730)
m1. Catherine
m2. Anne Sephton (widow of Thomas Bispham of Bispham Hall)
1. Robert Pemberton (b 1714, d 1740, Captain)
2. Edward Pemberton of Warrington (b 1715, d 1781, MD)
  The following is supported by BLG1847 ('Pemberton-Leigh of Hindley Hall') & BP1869 ('Kingsdown' (extinct)). The arms of the family, quartered with those of Leigh, are identified by BLG1847 as "erm. three water-bougets, sa." and by BP1869 as "erm. an estoile, or, between three buckets, sa., hoops and handles, gold".
  m. Ellen Lyon (dau of John Lyon of Appleton)
  A. Robert Pemberton (b 1760, d 1804, of the Inner (or Middle) Temple)
  m. (24.07.1788) Margaret Leigh (dau/heir of Edward Leigh)
  i. Thomas Pemberton, later Pemberton-Leigh of Torry Hill and/or Hindley Hall, Lord Kingsdown (b 11.02.1793, d unm 07.10.1867, MP)
  ii. Edward Leigh Pemberton of Torry Hill and/or Wrinstead Court (Kent) (b 18.02.1795, d 1877) had issue
  m. (23.12.1820) Charlotte Cox (dau of Samuel Compton Cox (master in chancery))
  iii. Frances Ellen Pemberton (d 28.10.1867) not mentioned by 'The Pedigree Register'
  m. Edward Collins Wright (rector of Pitsford)
  iv.+ other issue - Ann, Loveday
  B.+ other issue - Thomas, Matthew, John, James

Main source(s): 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 14 (September 1910), 'Pemberton', p46+)
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