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Families covered: Percy of Alnwick, Percy of Percy

William de Percy (b c1034, d c1096)
The ancestry reported for William was found in various web sites. It is corroborated to some extent within an excellent book on 'The Conqueror and his Companions' (which is available on a web site - see the relevant section on the Individuals search page) so it is strange that it is not referred to in other Percy records seen so far. We ignore the ancestry and descendants reported in Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Percy I') which appear fanciful.
m. Emma de Port (dau of Hugh de Port of Basing)
1. Alan de Percy ('the great Alan')
m. Emma de Gaunt (dau of Gilbert de Gaunt)
  A. William de Percy (d 1174/5)
  m1. Adelaide (dau of Gilbert FitzRichard de Tonbridge, Lord of Clare)
  i. Maude de Percy (dsp 1204-5)
  m. William de Newburgh, 3rd Earl of Warwick (dsp 15.11.1184)
  ii. Agnes de Percy Y
  m. Josceline de Louvain of Petworth (d 1180) @@ just below Y
  iii.+ other issue (dvpsp) - Walter, Alan, Richard, William (abbot of Whitby)
  m2. (c1166) Sybil de Valoines or Valoniis (a 1199, widow of Robert de Ros of Helmsley, she m3. Ralph D'Aubigny)
  B. Robert de Percy (6th son)
  i. John de Percy
  C.+ other issue - Walter de Rugemond (possibly father of Robert), Alan, Geoffrey, Henry, Gosfrid (abbot in York)
  partner unknown
  H. Alan de Percy
2. Richard de Percy of Dunsley
  m. Atheliza (widow of Walter de Argentum)
  A. William de Percy of Dunsley (a 1133)
  i.+ issue - Bartholomew, Hugh
3.+ other issue - Walter, William, Celestina, Christina



Josceline de Louvain of Petworth (d 1180)
m. Agnes de Percy (dau/heir of William de Percy) @@ just above
1. Henry de Percy (d c1198)
  m. Isabel de Brus (d after 1230, dau of Adam de Brus of Skelton)
  A. William de Percy of Topcliffe (d before 28.07.1245)
  m1. Joan Briwere (d c1233, dau of Sir William Briwere)
  i. Joan de Percy
  m. Henry de Farington or Ferlington
  ii. Agnes de Percy
  m. Eustace de Baliol
iii. Alice de Percy
  m. Sir Ralph Bermingham or de Haringwood
  iv. Anastasia de Percy Y
  m. Ralph FitzRandolph of Middleham (b c1206) Y
  m2. Ellen de Baliol (d c1281, dau of Ingelgram de Baliol)
  v. Sir Henry de Percy (b 1235, d 29.08.1272)
  m. (08.09.1268) Eleanor Plantagenet de Warenne (b 1251, d 1282/90, dau of John Plantagenet de Warenne, 7th Earl of Surrey)
  a. Henry de Percy, 1st Lord of Alnwick, Regent of England (b 1273, d 1315, 3rd son)
Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Percy) identifies Henry's wife as a daughter of Richard, Earl of Arundel (a note added later stating that her father was John by Isabel Mortimer, ie. the 6th Earl and father of Richard, 7th Earl) but TCP (Percy) is cautious and notes that one thing known about her is that she was heir to her brother Sir Richard who "seems to have been a man of no importance". TCP accepts it as possible that she was daughter of Richard, 7th Earl, and acknowleges that "she has been usually affiliated" to that Richard.
  m. (c1294) Eleanor of Arundel (d 1328, sister of Sir Richard of Arundel, possibly dau of Richard, 7th Earl of Arundel)
  (1) Henry de Percy, 2nd Lord of Alnwick (b 1301, d 1352)
  m. Idonia Clifford (d 1365, dau of Robert de Clifford, 1st Lord)
  (A) Henry Percy, 3rd Lord of Alnwick (b 1320, d c17.06.1368)
  m1. (1334) Mary Plantagenet (b c1321, d 01.09.1362, dau of Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster)
  (i) Henry Percy, 1st Earl of Northumberland, Marshal & Constable of England (b 1342, d 29.02.1407/8)
  m1. (1358) Margaret Neville (d 12.05.1372, dau of Ralph Neville, 2nd Lord of Raby)
  m2. (1381) Maud Lucy (d 1398, dau of Thomas de Lucy, 2nd Lord)
  (ii) Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester (b 1343, d unm 23.07.1403, Admiral of the Fleet)
  partner unknown
  (a) Sir Thomas Percy (a 1418)
  (iii) Isabel Percy
  m. Gilbet de Aton (brother of William)
m2. (1365) Joan Orreby (d 1369, dau of John Orreby, 2nd Lord)
  (iv) son (dvp)
  (v) Mary Percy (b 1366/7, dsp 1394)
  m. (before 12.06.1382) John de Ros, 6th Lord (dsp 1393-4)
  (B) William Percy of Kirk Levington (dsp?)
  m. Alice Menyll (sister/heir of John Menyll of Castle Levington)
  (C) Margaret Percy (d 1375)
  m1. (1340 or by 1329) Sir Robert de Umfraville (d c1347)
  m2. (before 25.05.1368, sp) William Ferrers, 3rd Lord of Groby (d 1372)
  (D) Isabel Percy (d c1368)
  m. (before 1327) William, Lord Aton
  (E) Maud Percy (d c1379) Y
  m. (1364) Sir John Nevill, 3rd Lord of Raby (d 17.10.1388) Y
  (F) Alianora Percy (d c1361)
  m. John FitzWalter, 3rd Lord (d 18.10.1361)
  (G)+ other issue - Thomas (d 08.08.1369, Bishop of Norwich), Roger of Stanerbotham, Robert, Richard of Semar
(2) Sir William de Percy (d 1355)
  b.+ other issue - William (d young), John (b 1270, d 1285/93)
  vi. Ingram de Percy of Dalton Percy (dsp after 24.10.1262)
  m. Aveline (dau/heir of William, Earl of Albemarle, m2. Edmund 'Crouchback', Earl of Lancaster)
  vii. William de Percy of Dalton Percy (Canon)
  m. Eva
  viii. Walter de Percy possibly ancestor of Percys of Kildale and thence Ormesby & Sneton but see here
  ix.+ other issue - Galfrid/Jeffrey, Alan, Joscelin of Linton/Litton, Alice and/or Elena (Abbess of Werewell)
  B. Henry of Heyshott ancestor of Percys of Hesset, Sussex
2. Richard de Percy of Topcliffe (d before 18.08.1244, 4th son)§C
  m1. Alice or Joan
  m2. Agnes de Neville (dau of Geoffrey de Neville)
  partner unknown
  A. Henry de Percy of Settle (a 1267)
  m. Agnes de Flammavilla
  i. Alexander de Percy of Settle (a 1303, dsp?)
3. Maud de Percy
  m. (before 1204) John de Daiville
4.+ other issue - Joscelin (dsp c1239), Radulf (Robert de Sutton?, had issue?), Eleanor, Lucy (nun = Adelicia of Hesset & Hameldon?)

Main source(s): Collins (1812, vol II, 'Percy, Duke of Northumberland') with support from GenEU ('Brabant5'), BP1934 ('Northumberland')
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