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Families covered: Early Poole family in Wales, Pole of Montagu

Beli, lord of Cegidfa in Powys
1. Gruffydd
  A. Gwyn
  m. Annes (dau of Tudur ap Einion Vychan, of Mochdref, ab Elystan Glodrydd)
  i. Einion
  m. Jonet (dau of Llewelyn ap Einion ap Meilir Grych)
  a. Adda
  m. Jonet (dau of Ifan Vychan ap Ifan Wynn ap Ifan ap Dafydd Goch)
  (1) Dafydd
m. Angharad (dau of Gruffydd ap Adda Lloyd ap Meredydd ap Ifan ap Madog ap Einion ap Cynfelyn ap Dolphin)
  (A) Dafydd Vychan
  (i) Sir Hugh Poole
m. Jonet (dau of Gruffydd ap Rhys ap Meredydd)
  (a) Gruffydd Poole
  m. Eva (dau of John ap Goronwy ap Ifan ap Einion, of Gwynfryn)
  ((1)) 'Sir' Owen Poole of Llandecwyn (a 1519, priest)
  m1. Margaret (dau of Dafydd ap Ifan ap Howel ap Rhys ap Ifan)
  ((A)) Sir RIchard Poole (a 1558)
  m. Ellen (dau of Owen Llyod of Peniarth ucha)
  ((i)) Anthony Poole of Cae Nest (bur 1629) #1a#
Griffith shows Anthony as son not only of Richard & Ellen but also of Anthony & Ann Anwyl (see #1b# below), thereby indicating uncertainty as to his parentage.
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Hugh Gwyn of Pennarth)
  ((ii)) Annes probably of this generation
  m. Edward of Maes y neuadd
  m2. ?? (dau of Gruffydd ap William)
  ((B)) Thomas Poole (d 1618)
m. Catherine Meredydd
  ((C)) Humphrey
  ((D)) Elliw
  m. Ellis Prys of Plas Iolyn (Dr.)
  ((E)) Margaret
  m1. Gruffydd ap Ednyfed
m2. Eliza ap Robert Wynn
  ((F)) Elin
  m. Thomas ap Dafydd ap Robert ap Rhys ap Meredydd
  ((G)) Anna
  m1. Robert Prys ap Dr. Ellis Prys
  m2. Rowland ap Thomas ap Gruffydd, of Coedyrhygyn
  ((H)) Catherine
  m1. William ap Eliza ap William, of Trawsfynydd
  m2. Morris ap William, of Glyn Llifon (d 1588)
  ((2)) Sir Richard Poole, Constable of Harlech Castle SEE #2# BELOW
  m. Margaret, Countess of Salisbury (dau of George, Duke of Clarence)
  (b) Anthony Poole #1b#
  m. Ann (dau of Lewis Anwyl of Park)
  Griffith shows Anthony as of this generation but dates in the record of the Anwyl family suggest that Ann was of a later generation, one that would fit Anthony & Ann being parents of the above-mentioned Anthony of Cae Nest. See #1a# above.
  ii. Eva
  m. Madog Vychan ap Madog ap Urien



The parents of the Sir Richard Pole who married Margaret, Countess of Salisbury, are normally shown as the following Jeffrey/Geoffrey & Edith. It is strange that further knowledge of his ancestry is not well-known. We show above the pedigree claimed for Sir Richard by J.E. Griffith but admit to being sceptical of it, not least because without the under-mentioned relationship between Edith St. John & King Henry VII, or something similar, no easy explanation is at hand to explain Richard's high-profile marriage. We suspect that the following Geoffrey was of the family shown on Pole01 but have no evidence to support that view.
Sir Jeffrey (Geoffrey) Pole of Buckinghamshire
m. Edith St. John (dau of Sir Oliver St. John of Penmark, later of Bletsho)
  Sir Richard Pole may have been chosen by King Henry VII as husband for his wife's cousin Margaret on the basis that he was 'safe' since Richard's mother (Edith) was a half-sister of Henry's own mother, Margaret Beaufort.
  (22.09.1494) Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Salisbury (b c1469, d 27.05.1541, dau of George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence)
Had Richard III defeated Henry Tudor at Bosworth and Edward IV been declared illegitimate, and assuming that Richard III then had no surviving issue himself, it is probable that the claim to England's throne would have passed through Margaret Plantagenet. Assuming for a moment that Margaret would still have married Sir Richard had Henry Tudor not won Bosworth, surely very unlikely, such a claim would then have passed into the Hastings family and then, alongside the barony of Hastings, into the Rawdon family which later acquired the earldom of Loudoun. The succession to that hypothetical (and irrelevant albeit rather interesting) claim has since passed, sometimes through female lines, alongside the earldom of Loudoun.
  A. Henry Pole, Lord Montagu (b c1492, d 09.01.1538/9)
  Henry was executed by Henry VIII for treason and his title was forfeited.
  m. Jane Neville (d before 26.10.1538, dau of George Neville, Lord Abergavenny)
  i. Henry Pole (d unm after 09.1542)
ii. Katherine Pole (d 23.09.1576)
  m. (25.06.1532) Francis Hastings, 2nd Earl of Huntingdon (d 20.06.1561)
  iii. Winifred Pole
  m1. Sir Thomas Hastings (dsp)
  m2. Sir Thomas Barrington of Barrington Hall
B. Sir Geoffrey Pole
  i. Margaret Pole probably of this generation
  m. Walter Windsor (son of Lord William)
  C. Sir Arthur Pole
  m. Jane Lewknor (dau of Sir Roger Lewknor)
  i. Henry Pole
  D. Reginald Pole, Cardinal
  E. Ursula Pole (d 12.08.1570)
  m. (16.02.15158/9) Henry Stafford, 1st Lord Stafford (b 18.09.1501, d 30.04.1563)
2. Eleanor Pole probably of this generation
  m. Sir Ralph Verney of King's Langley (d 06.07.1528)

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 04.01.04) : BE1883 (Pole of Montagu), TCP (Montagu)
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