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Families covered: Pollard of Horwood, Pollard of Langley, Pollard of Way

Walter Pollard of Way, Devon (a 1242)
1. Walter Pollard of Way (a 1295)
  A. Joel Pollard of Way (a 1334)
  In his work on Cornwall, Vivian shows the connections between the above and to the following John with wavy lines, indicating uncertainty, but his later work on Devon shows them with solid lines.
  i. John Pollard of Waye alias Horwood (a 1390) the first mentioned by Visitation (Oxfordshire)
  m. Emma Doddiscombe (dau of Sir John Doddiscombe)
  a. Walter Pollard of Way
  m. Elizabeth Cornowe (dau/coheir of William Cornowe or Cornew or Carmino)
  (1) John Pollard of Way
  m. Ellenor Coppleston (d 21.09.1430, dau of John Coppleston of Coplestone)
  (A) Walter Pollard of Way
m. Joane Baron (dau/heir of Roger Baron of Ravenshyll or Barneshill)
  (i) Richard Pollard of Way
  m. Margaret Cockworthy (dau of John Cockworthy)
  (a) Anthony Pollard of Waye 'of Horwood'
m. Petronell Chudleigh (dau of James Chudleigh or Chidleigh of Ashton)
  ((1)) Sir Richard Pollard of Waye 'of Horwood'
  m. Joane Bamfield (dau of Edward Bamfield of Devon)
  ((A)) Anthony Pollard of Waye & Horwood (d 16.06.1589)
  m. Johane Stucley (d 27.02.1599, dau of Lewis Stucley of Affeton)
  ((i)) Anthony Pollard 'of Horwood'
  m. Joan Fortescue (dau of Hugh Fortescue of Wear)
  ((a)) Arthur Pollard of Horwood (bur 10.10.1633)
  m. Joan (bur 03.06.1622)
(((1))) Anthony Pollard of Horwood (d 16.06.1687)
  (((2))) Elizabeth Pollard
  m. (c11.1624) Henry Futz of Horwood
  ((b)) Hugh Pollard
  m. (c09.1620) Margery Colthurst of Redruth
  ((ii)) Anne Pollard
m. William Holland of Wear
  ((iii)) Mary Pollard possibly of this generation
  m. John Ayre of Wotton
  ((iv))+ other issue - Richard, Francis, Anthony
  ((B)) John Pollard (4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Paulet (dau of Gyles, Lord Pawlett)
  ((i)) Lewis Pollard of Newenham Courtney
m. Elizabeth Goddard (dau of Richard Goddard of Harn)
  ((a)) Anne Pollard
  m. William Brobin
  ((b))+ other issue (a 1634) - John (b c1608), Lewis, Anthony, Charles, Elizabeth, Philadephia, Mary
  ((ii))+ other issue including Anthony (4th son), Elizabeth
  ((C)) Anne Pollard
  m. Hugh Bury of Colliton
((D)) Elizabeth Pollard
  m. Peter Trevellyan of Basil
  ((E))+ other issue - William, Henry, John, Alexander, Petronell, Ursula, Francisca
  ((2)) Alexander Pollard
  ((3)) Mary Pollard
  m. John Eyre
((4)) Joane Pollard
  m. Nicholas Ashe
  ((5)) Grace Pollard
  m. John Burnby
  ((6)) Ann Pollard
  m. Alexander Wollacomb
  ((7)) Alice Pollard
  m. Thomas Gaye of Goldsworthy
  ((8)) Thomasine Pollard
  m1. William Cockshead
  m2. Walter Babington
  (b) John Pollard
  m. Elizabeth Beville (dau/heir of John Beville of Trewarveneth)
((1)) Alexander Pollard of Trenwith, Cornwall (a 1593)
  m. Jane Trenwith (dau of James Trenwith)
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas (a 1593), Henry, Jane, ELizabeth, Mary
  ((2))+ other issue - Thomas, James
  (c) Margaret Pollard
  m. William Crewos of Morchard
  ((1)) Emlin Crewes or Crues (coheir) probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Williams of Stoford (b 1513-4, d 01.07.1566, Speaker of the House of Commons)
  ((2)) Alice Crewes or Crues (d 02.04.1613, coheir) probably of this generation
m. Gregory Hockmore of Buckland Baron (d 15.10.1571)
  (d) Avice Pollard
  m. Walter Pollard of Plymouth
  ((1)) Anthony Pollard of Newenham Courtney (b 1525-6, d 17.07.1577) who married ...
  m. Phillippe Sheldon (b c1532, d 23.12.1606, dau of William Sheldon of Bolye)
  ((A))+ issue (dsp) - William, John
  ((2)) Alice Pollard
  m. Thomas Tonke
  ((A)) Amy Tonkes
  m. William Alcocks
  ((3)) Joane Pollard
m. Robert Charleton
  ((4)) Margaret Pollard
  m. ?? Scudamore
  ((5))+ other issue (dsp) - Sir John of Oxfordshire (judge), William
  (ii)+ other issue - Lewis (dsp), Anthony
  (B) Robert Pollard
  m. _ Lewkenor of Sussex
  (i) Sir Lewis Pollard of Girleston & King's Nympton (b 1465, judge)
  m1. Agnes Hext (dau of Thomas Hext or Exte of Kingston)
  m2. _ Donesford
(ii) Thomas Pollard
  (C) Sir John Pollard
  (D) Anne Pollard
  m. John Wood of North Tawton
  (2) Elizabeth Pollard
  m. William Wilford
  b. Richard Pollard
  m. Thomazin Cruse (dau/coheir of William Cruse)
(1) Elizabeth Pollard
  m. Humphry Pointz
  c. Roger Pollard
  m. Eline Hansford (dau/coheir of _ Hansford of Passburye)
  (1) William Pollard
  m. Elizabeth Hatch (dau of John Hatch of Wooleigh, widow of John Burye of Colliton)
  (A) Patrick Pollard of Langley
m. Margerye Burye (dau of William Burye of Colliton)
  (i) George Pollard of Langley (2nd son)
  m. Thomazine Coplestone (dau of John Coplestone)
  (a) Richard Pollard of Langley (d before 08.05.1626)
  m. Mary Molford (dau of Roger Molford or Molsford of Cadbury)
  ((1)) Richard Pollard (a 1620, d before 27.07.1660)
  m. Joane Phillip (dau of John Phillip of Plymouth)
  ((A)) John Pollard (a 1620, dsp before 14.02.1667-8, 2nd son)
  m. Sarah
  ((B)) Thomas Pollard (a 1620, 1667, 6th son)
  m. Ursula (a 1659)
  ((i)) Richard Pollard (a 1659, 1667)
  ((C)) Mary Pollard (a 1620, 1667)
  m. John Furse
  ((D)) Jane Pollard (a 1620, a 1667)
  m. John Addington
  ((E)) Cicilie Pollard (a 1620, 1659)
  m. _ Belleyne
((F))+ other issue (a 1620) - George (b c1606, d before 1659), Richard (a 1620, 1667), Ezekias (a 1620, 1667), Tristram (a 1620), Susan (a 1620), Elizabeth (a 1659, 1667), Honor (a 1657)
  ((2)) Izat Pollard
  m. Richard Gerveys of Cornwall
  ((3)) Mary Pollard (a 1624)
  m. Hugh Hanford
m2. John Hartley (a 1624)
  ((4)) Thomasin Pollard (a 1624)
  m. John Slowley
  ((5))+ other issue (dsp) - Dorothy, Agnes
  (b) Joanna Pollard (bur 17.05.1610/9)
  m1. Michael Barry of Winscott
  m2. William Risdon of Bableigh (later of Winscott) (d 1622)
  (c) Mary Pollard (bur 27.11.1610) probably of this generation
  m. Simon Slowley of Fremington
  (ii)+ other issue - John, Nicholas
  (2) Walter Pollard
  (3) Cicilie Pollard
  m. Richard Spencer
  d. Elizabeth Pollard
  m. Thomas Berry of Berry Narbor

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Pollard of Way), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Pollard of St. Hillary), Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574+1634, Pollard of Nuneham Courtney)
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