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Families covered: Poynings of Basing, Poynings of Poynings

1. William de Poynings (a 1086)
  TCP reports "Although there is no evidence to prove that he was the lineal ancestor, he was certainly the predecessor in Sussex of ..."
  A. Adam de Poynings (d before 1148)
  m. Beatrice wife of Adam and presumed mother of ...
  i. Adam de Poynings (d before 12.1202)
  a. Michael de Poynings (d by 1243)
  m. (1206) Margaret (widow of John de Cailly)
  (1) Sir John de Poynings (d before 09.1272)
  m. (before 1240) Ela Aiguillon (d before 12.1251, dau of Robert Aiguillon)
  (A) Sir Luke de Poynings
  m. (before 18.11.1276) Hawise (widow of Reynold de Vautort of Harberton)
BE1883 suggests that Luke's wife (and mother of Michael) was Isabel, daughter and co-heir of Robert d'Aguillon. We follow TCP.
  (i) Sir Michael de Poynings (probably d Bannockburn 24.06.1314)
  m. (before 08.06.1298) Margery (a 02.1333, possibly a Bardolf)
  (a) Sir Thomas de Poynings (d 10.10.1339)
  m. (c1317) Agnes de Rokesley (d before 22.12.1346, dau of Richard de Rokesley of Westwood & Ruxley)
BE1883 suggests that Sir Thomas was the 1st Baron. We follow TCP and so henceforth differ in the numberings of the Lords compared with BE1883.
  ((1)) Sir Michael de Poynings, 1st Lord (d 07.03.1368/9)
  m. (by 1348) Joan Rokesley (d 16.05.1369, dau of Sir Richard Rokesley)
  ((A)) Thomas de Poynings, 2nd Lord (bpt 19.04.1349, dsp before 25.06.1375)
  m. (before 05.06.1372) Blanche de Mowbray (d 21.07.1409, dau of John de Mowbray, 3rd Lord)
((B)) Richard de Poynings, 3rd Lord (b c1355, d 25.05.1387) - continued below
  m. Isabel Grey (d 11.04.1394, dau of Robert Grey, later FitzPayne)
  ((C)) Agnes de Poynings (d 12.06.1403)
  m1. Sir John de Moleyns
  m2. William Bardolf, 4th Lord (d 1385)
  m3. (after 10.04.1386) Sir Thomas Mortimer (d before 09.01.1402/3)
  ((D)) Margaret de Poynings
  m. William Aton
  ((E)) Elizabeth de Poynings
  m. John de Grey, younger of Rotherfield (dvp)
  ((2)) Sir Luke de Poynings of Basing, 1st Lord 'St. John' (d before 04.07.1376)
m. (before 29.0.1348/9) Isabel St. John (b 29.06.1333, d 16.10.1393, dau of Hugh de St. John of Basing, 2nd Lord)
  ((A)) Thomas de Poynings of Basing, 2nd Lord 'St. John' (b by 1373, d 07.03.1428/9)
  m1. Joan (possibly dau of Roger, Lord Strange)
((i)) Hugh de Poynings (dvp 26.12.1426)
  m1. Elizabeth Ferrers (dau of Sir Martin Ferrers of Brere Ferrers)
  ((a)) Joan de Poynings
  m. Thomas Bonville
  m2. (before 1408) Eleanor Welles (dau of John Welles, Lord, by Eleanor de Mowbray)
  ((b)) Constance de Poynings
  m1. Sir John Paulet of Nunney
  m2. Henry Greene of Drayton
  ((c)) Alice de Poynings
  m1. John Orrell
  m2. Sir Thomas Kingeston
  ((ii))+ other issue - Luke, Thomas
m2. (before 24.11.1399) Philippe Mortimer (d 24.09.1401, dau (by Philippa, dau of Lionel, Duke of Clarence) of Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March, widow of Earl of Pembroke then Earl of Arundel)
  m3. (after 16.04.1415) Maud (d 14.06.1435, widow of John Halsham of Coombe, possibly dau of ? de Mauley)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Thomas, 2 daughters
  ((B)) Hugh de Poynings or St. John
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas, John, Richard
  (b) Michael de Poynings
  (c) Margery de Poynings (b c1310, d 1349) probably of this generation
  www.berkshire.history.com contains an article on Margery reporting her marriages as follows ...
  m1. Sir Edmund Bacon of Ewelme
  m2. (1339, sp) Nicholas, Lord De La Beche of Aldworth (d 1345)
  m3. (1346) Thomas D'Arderne (d 1346?)
  m4. (1347) John de Dalton (son of Robert)
  (ii) Margery de Poynings
  ii. John de Poynings
  iii. William de Poynings
  iv. Aubreye de Poynings possibly (according to a web site) the Aubrey/Albreda who married ... Y
  m. William 'de Caisneto' of Horsford and Colne, Sheriff of Norfolk (d 12.1174) Y



Richard de Poynings, 3rd Lord (b c1355, d 25.05.1387) - continued above
m. Isabel Grey (d 11.04.1394, dau of Robert Grey, later FitzPayne)
1. Robert de Poynings, 4th Lord (b 03.12.1382, d 02.10.1446)
  TCP does not identify the name of Robert's first wife but BE1883 identifies her, confirming she was the mother of his children, as ...
  m1. Elizabeth or Eleanor Grey (dau of Reginald de Grey, Lord of Ruthyn)
  A. Sir Richard de Poynings (dvp 10.06.1429)
m1. Joan Seamer (d 1420, dau of Henry Seamer)
  m2. Eleanor Berkeley (d 01.08.1455, dau of Sir John Berkeley of Beverstone)
  i. Eleanor de Poynings, Baroness Poynings (b c1422, d 02.1483/4)
m. (by 25.06.1435) Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland (b 25.07.1421, d Towton 29.03.1461)
  B. Robert de Poynings (d St. Albans 17.02.1460/1)
  m. Elizabeth Paston (dau of William Paston)
  i. Sir Edward Poynings, Lord Deputy of Ireland (dspl 10.1521)
  m. Elizabeth Scott (dau of Sir John Scott of Scot's Hall)
  partners unknown (4)
a. Sir Thomas Poynings, Sheriff of Kent, Baron (dsp 17/8.08.1545)
  m. Katherine Marny (dau of John Marny, 2nd Lord)
b. Sir Adrian Poynings, Governor of Portsmouth (d c1571)
  m. Mary West (dau of Sir Owen West)
  (1) Elizabeth Poynings
  m. Andrew Rogers
  (2) Mary Poynings
  m. Edward More of Odiham
  (3) Anne Poynings
  m1. _ Knight of St. Denys
m2. Sir George More of Loseley (d 16.10.1632)
  c. Edward Poynings (d c1547)
  d. Jane (or Mary) Poynings
  m. Thomas Clinton, 8th Lord (b 1490, d 07.08.1517)
  e. Margaret Poynings
  m. Edmund Barry of Sunnington
  f. Maria Poynings
  m. Sir Thomas Wiford ## possibly here?? ##
  g. Rose Poynings
  m. Robert Leukenore of Leigh
  C. Edward de Poynings
  D. daughter (a 1432) probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Thomas Palmer
  m2. (by 06.1434) Margaret Squery (d 03.11.1448, dau of Thomas Squery of Westerham)
2. Joan de Poynings
  m. Sir Richard de Camoys (dvp)

Main source(s): TCP (Poynings - various), BE1883 (Poynings - various)
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