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Families covered: Pratt of Carricknahinny, Pratt of Castlemartyr, Pratt of Kinsale, Pratt of Youghal

BFR identifies the arms of the following family as "Gu. on a fesse or three mullets sa. between as many elephants' heads erased of the second, tusked or" and reports that the following Robert "came to Ireland about 1645".
Robert Pratt of Carricknahinny, co. Cork (d after 03.08.1650, Bailiff of Youghal)
1. James Pratt of Youghal (a 1690)
  A. Robert Pratt of Castlemartyr
  m1. ??
  i. James Pratt of Carricknahinny & Youghal (d 1738)
m. Mary Green (dau of Simon Green of Youghal, aunt of Roger)
  a. Robert Pratt of Carricknahinny & Castlemartyr (b c1711, d 05.11.1793)
  m. Sarah Williams (dau of Richard Williams)
  (1) James Pratt (b c1744, d 15.11.1827, rector of Athnowen, Chancellor of Cork)
  m. (1775) Anne Rugge (d 07.1790, dau of John Rugge son of Henry (MP) son of Rev. John by Catherine, dau of Sir Percy Smyth of Ballynatray)
  (A) Robert Pratt (b 19.07.1776, d 07.02.1856, rector of Desertmore) had issue
  m. (14.07.1802) Emily Nix (dau of John Nix of Killiney)
  (B) John Pratt of Cork (b 1782, d 1835) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (1816) Frances Hawkes (dau of John Hawkes of Grange)
  (C) Henry Pratt (b 1787, d 27.04.1858, Major, 3rd son)
m. (23.12.1815) Sarah Fitton (dau of Richard Fitton of Gawsworth by Brianna, dau of Patrick Bellew)
  (D)+ other issue - James (d 29.09.1866, curate of Kilnaglory), Richard (b 1788, d 02.03.1854), Anne (d 1796), Sarah (d 09.05.1859), Mary (d young), Eliza (d 1792)
  (2) John Pratt (a 1821, General)
m. (08.1782) Elizabeth Vallancey (dau of Gen. Chaeles Vallancey)
  (A) Charles Pratt (d 20.02.1865, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (30.03.1819) Elizabeth King (d 30.10.1868, dau of Sir Abraham Bradley King of Corrard, Bart)
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (d young), George (Comm. RN), James (captain), John (d 11.1839, Major), Percy (d 21.04.18559, Lt. Colonel, had issue), Mary Letitia (d young), Elizabeth (d young)
  (3) Sarah Pratt (bur 02.03.1772)
  m. (09.1763) Patrick Bellew of Castlemartyr
  (4) Alice Pratt
  m. Thomas Kenah of Bridgefield, Castlemartyr
  (5)+ other issue - Simon, Jonas (bur 20.01.1797, curate of Youghal), Richard, Robert, Benjamin, William, Mary, Jane, Susannah, Elizabeth, Anne
  b. Simon Pratt (d 30.07.1747, bailiff of Youghal)
  m. (1742) Anne Green (dau of John Green of Youghal, cousin)
  (1) son (d young)
  c. James Pratt of Castlemartyr (b c1720, d 02.1803)
  m. Frances Williams (b c1727, d 11.1799, dau of Richard Williams)
(1) Robert Pratt (b c1754, d 07.10.1823, Lt. Colonel)
  (2) Jeremiah Pratt of Kinsale (d 15.02.1813, surveyor of Kinsale)
  m. Mary Rose of Limerick (d 21.08.1832)
  (A) James Pratt of Kinsale (b 1783, d 1844) had issue
  m. (09.02.1815) Sarah Scott (dau of James Scott of Coolmain)
(B) Elizabeth Pratt
  m. John Spring Hamilton (Major, brother of Lt. General N(icholas))
  (C) Frances Pratt
  m. (31.05.1822) Matthew Scott (Major)
  (D)+ other issue - Robert (b 1789-90, d 19.06.0808), William (d unm 10.12.1818)
  (3) Richard Pratt of Castlemartyr (dsp 20.03.1819)
  m. Mary Davis (dau of William Davis of Killeagh (by Margaret, dau of Roger Green of Youghal), cousin)
(4) Alice Pratt
  m. (28.04.1789) William Rose of Castlemartyr (great-nephew of Henry Rose (MP))
  (5)+ other issue - Benjamin (bpt 11.11.1771, to America), Sir Charles (bpt 19.01.1775, d unm 25.10.1838, Lt. General), Harriet (d 1825)
  d. Alice Pratt
  m. John Lander of Youghal
  (1) Simon Lander
  (2) Mary Lander
  m. (02.04.1780) David Freeman of Youghal
  (3) Susannah Lander
m. John Allin of Youghal (d 23.05.1786, son of Samuel)
  e Mary Pratt
  m. Robert Kenah of Garryoughteragh
  f Ann Pratt
  m. (11.1759) _ Connell of Castlelyons
  g.+ other issue - John (dsp), Arabella
  ii. Jonas (Jonah) Pratt of Castlemartyr (d before 15.12.1733)
  a. Elizabeth Pratt (d 07.1766) possibly fits here
  m. (15.06.1738) Hickman Rose of Ahabeg
  b. Mary Pratt possibly fits here
m. (29.06.1746) Richard Studdert of Clonderlaw (b c1699, d 11.1778)
  iii. Jeremiah Pratt of Youghal
  m. (1713) _ Vennor
  a. Robert Pratt
  b. Jeremiah Pratt of Youghal (b 1723, d 22.01.1777, rector & vicar of Carrigrohanebeg))
  m. (19.07.1764) Mary Anne Chaigneau (d 25.06.1779, dau of David Chaigneau (MP for Gowran), widow of Simon Green of Youghal)
  vi. daughter
  m. ?? Kenah of Castlemartyr
  m2. Ann
  v. John Pratt, Mayor of Youghal (a 1748, 1760)
  m. Anne Webb (dau of Thomas Webb)
  a.+ issue - Robert, Thomas (b 1751), Jonah (b 1753), James (b 1758, d 1793), Mary Anne
  vi. Anne Pratt
  m. Andrew Kelly
  B.+ other issue - Jeremiah, James, George of Youghal
2. Ann Pratt
  m. (1679) John Rea
3.+ other issue - Pinsent (a 1683), Robert of Youghal

Main source(s): BFR ('Pratt', p489+)
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