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Families covered: Prideaux of Ford Abbey, Prideaux of Netherton
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Sir Edmund Prideaux ('of Farway') of Netherton, 1st Bart (b 1554, d 23.03.1628)
m1. Bridget Chichester (dau of Sir John Chichester of Rawleigh by Gertrude Courtenay)
1. Timothy Prideaux (bpt 31.08.1590, dvp unm)
2. Tabitha Prideaux (a 1590)
  m. Thomas Aylworth of Bennalieck ## see here ##
3. Sarah Prideaux (b c1574, d 1628)
  m. John Fortescue of Vallapitt (b c1586, d 1649)
4. Admonition Prideaux
  m. (08.09.1612) John Moyle of Bake
m2. Catherine Edgecumbe (dau of Piers Edgecumbe of Edgecumbe (Edgcomb of Edgcomb))
5. Sir Peter Prideaux, Sheriff of Devon, 2nd Bart of Netherton (b 1596, bur 03.02.1681-2)
  m. Susannah Poulet (bur 10.10.1673, dau of Sir Anthony Poulet, sister of John, 1st Lord)
  A. Sir Peter Prideaux, 3rd Bart of Netherton (bpt 13.07.1626, d 22.11.1705, 4th son)
m. (17.11.1645) Elizabeth Grenville (bur 28.05.1692, dau of Sir Bevil Grenville or Granville of Stow, sister of John, Earl of Bath)
  i. Sir Edmund Prideaux, 4th Bart of Netherton (b 1646-7, d 06.02.1719)
  m1. (c11.1672) Susannah Winstanley (bur 29.10.1687, dau of James Winstanley of Braunston, widow of John Austin of Derhams)
  a. Sir Edmund Prideaux, 5th Bart of Netherton (b 05.11.1675, d 26.02.1728-9)
  m1. Mary Reynardson (d 12.08.1712, dau of Samuel Reynardson of Hillingdon)
  (1) Mary Prideaux (b 30.07.1712)
  m. James Winstanley of Braunston (d 1758)
  m2. (c05.1714) Anne Hawkins (d 10.05.1741, dau of Philip Hawkins of Pennans)
(2) Peter Prideaux (d infant)
  (3) Anne Prideaux (b 22.09.1718)
  m. (12.04.1737) John Pendarves Basset of Tehidy (b 1713, d 19.09.1739, uncle of Lord De Dunstanville)
  b. Peter Prideaux of Soldon (b 02.11.1679, d 03.12.1711)
  m1. Katherine Kelland (dau of John Kelland of Painsford, widow of John Cuffin then John Prideaux)
  (1) Susanna Prideaux (d 04.06.1747)
  m. (c11.1732) Charles Evelyn of Wotton (of Yarlington)
m2. (181.04.1710) Dorothea Petitt (dsp, dau of Clement Petitt of Dentyleon, Isle of Thanet)
  c. Susanna Prideaux
  m. (04.10.1706) Phineas Creek of Lion's Inn
  m2. Elizabeth Saunderson (bur 14.05.1702, dau/coheir of George Saunderson of Thorsby)
  d. Sir John Prideaux, 6th Bart of Netherton (b 17.06.1695, bur 29.08.1766)
  m. (04.02.1719) Anne Vaughan (d 05.12.1767, dau of John Vaughan, Viscount Lisburne, by Mallet Wilmot)
  (1) John Prideaux (bpt 21.09.1720, dvp Niagara 19.07.1759, Brigadier General)
m. Elizabeth Rolt (b 1717, d 1759, dau of Colonel Edward Rolt of Sacombe Park, sister of Sir Edward, Bart)
  (A) Sir John Wilmot Prideaux, 7th Bart of Netherton (b 13.02.1747-8, d 04.03.1826)
  m1. (04.06.1778) Harriet Webb of Westminster (dsp)
  m2. (28.01.1791) Anne Phoebe Priddle (b c1765, d 02.09.1793, dau of William Priddle of Farway)
  (i) Sir John Prideaux, 8th Bart of Netherton (b 29.09.1792, d 13.05.1833, Captain)
  (ii) Sir Edmund Saunderson Prideaux, 9th Bart of Netherton (b 17/21.01.1793, dspms 10.02.1875, Colonel) had issue
m1. (19.01.1832) Frances Mary Anne FitzThomas (d 01.06.1836, dau of Rev. William Edward FitzThomas of Awliscombe) @@ below
  m2. (29.04.1841, sp) Caroline Barnard (b 1795-6, d 03.08.1841, dau of Rev. James Barnard of Combe Flory)
  m3. (06.10.1842, sp) Frances Irton (d 17.11.1852, dau of Edward Irton of Irton Hall)
  m4. (07.08.1855, sp) Louisa Bodle (d 19.12.1878, dau/coheir of Robert Bodle of Woolston Hall, widow of George Watlington of Caldecot House in Aldernham)
  m3. (19.05.1804) Sarah Smith of Farway (b c1772, d 22.09.1851, widow of _ Ellis)
  (B) Edward Bayntun Prideaux (bur 08.06.1797, Cmdr. RN)...
  m. Lucretia Gilbert (dau \of Pomeroy Gilbert of Compton & Sandridge, m2. Rev. John Pomeroy)
  (C)+ other issue - Edmund (d before 07.05.1784), Maria Constantia (d unm before 27.02.1793), Georgeina Frances Anen (d unm), Elizabeth
  (2) Elizabeth Prideaux (bpt 26.04.1732)
m. (19.11.1766) Edward Chichester of Northover
  (3) Anne Prideaux (bpt 26.04.1734, bur 23/8.09.1785)
  m. William Windsor FitzThomas (rector of Arrow & Beaudesert)
  (A) William Edward FitzThomas of Awliscombe (cleric)
  m. Maria Holland of Hinckley
  (i) Frances Mary Anne FitzThomas (b 15.01.1814, d 01.06.1836)
m. Sir Edmund Saunderson Prideaux, 9th Bart @@ above
  (4)+ other issue - Saunderson (bpt 05.11.1719, d unm Carthagena 09.04.1741), Peter (bpt 10.10.1723, a 1730), Edmund (bpt 05.01.1729-230, bur 06.04.1730), Edward (bpt 31.03.1731, bur 08.04.1731)
  m3. (sp) Mary Vincent (b c1643, d 12.03.1723/4, dau of Spencer Vincent, alderman of London, widow of Sir John Rogers of Wisdome, Bart, m3. Colonel John Arundell of Kensington)
  ii. John Prideaux of Soldon (b 22.07.1655, dsp 16.0.1706, 3rd son)
  m1. Ann Prideaux (d 08.03.1702-3, dau/heir of Humphrey Prideaux of Soldon)
  m2. Katherine Kelland (dau of John Kelland of Painsford, widow of John Cuffin of Portledge, m3. Peter Prideaux)
  iii. Mary Prideaux (b 30.07.1658, d 20.11.1729)
  m. (16.04.1705, sp) Sir William Drake, Bart (b c1659, d 28.02.1715-6)
  iv. Katherine Prideaux
  m. (14.02.1698-9) Charles Harward of Hayne (rector of Tallaton)
  v. Anne Prideaux (bpt 02.08.1664)
m. (21.07.16**) Roger Cheeke of Madford
  vi.+ other issue - Peter (bpt 02.12.1651, bur 21.07.1712), Roger (b 26.03.1657, bur 15.02.1684-5), Susan (bpt 22.04.1649, bur 21.12.1710), Elizabeth (bpt 27.09.650, d before 30.08.1711), Grace (bpt 07.06.1653, bur 28.12.1677)
  B. Margaret Prideaux (bpt 27.09.1631)
  m. (14.05.1661) Thomas Drewe of the Grange
  C.+ other issue (d unm) - Edmond (bpt 06.07.1618, dvp bur 09.10.1643), John (bpt 23.03.1619-20, a 04.1635, dvp), Thomas (b c1621, a 04.1635, dvp), Mary (bpt 09.07.1617, d before 25.02.1655-6)
6. Edmond Prideaux of Ford Abbey (bpt 27.09.1601, d 08.08.1659, Solicitor General then Attorney General)
  m1. (23.08.1627) Jane Collyns (bur 16.11.1629, dau/heir of Henry Collyns of Ottery St. Mary)
  A. Mary Prideaux
m2. Margaret Ivery (d 25.04.1683, dau/coheir of William Ivery of Cotthay)
  B. Edmund Prideaux of Ford Abbey (bpt 04.12.1634, d 16.10.1702, MP)
  m. (19.03.1655-6) Amy Fraunceis (d 08.01.1703-4, dau/coheir of John Fraunceis of Combe Flory)
  i. Francis Prideaux of Lansannon, Glamorganshire had issue
  m. Margaret (b 08.11.1669)
  ii. Katherine Prideaux
  m. (25.12.1680, sp) Sir John Speke of White Lackington
  iii.+ other issue - Fraunceis (b c1656, a 1676, dsp), Amy (b 27.09.1664, d infant), Amy (b 17.02.1666-7, bur 14.11.1680)
  C. Mary Prideaux (bpt 19.01.1628-9)
  m. Sir Giles Tooker of Maddington
  D. Susan Prideaux (bpt 01.07.1633)
  m. (16.05.1654) Sir John Churchill (Master of the Rolls)
  E. Margaret Prideaux
  m. (08.04.1657) Sir Thomas Chamberlayn of Wickham, Bart
  F.+ other issue - Peter (bpt 05.11.1641, bur 03.02.1642-3), Margaret (bpt 19.10.1631, bur 03.02.1631-2)
m3. (22.07.1606, sp) Mary Reynell (d before 15.01.1630-1, dau of Richard Reynell or Reinalds of Fowell, relict of Arthur Fowell)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Prideaux of Soldon and Netherton) with some support from BP1870 (Prideaux), TCB (vol 1, Priedeaux of Netherton)
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