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Families covered: Raleigh (Rawley) of Downton, Raleigh (Ralegh) of Fardell, Rawley of Rawley (Raleigh)

(1) There is some confusion as to whether this family name should be shown as Rawley, Ralegh or Raleigh. The family's most famous son, the adventurer Sir Walter, nowadays usually has his name spelt Raleigh but it is understood that the spelling in his time was more usually Ralegh or Rawley, the latter possibly being the most common spelling still in use by extant families.
(2) Visitation (Wiltshire) provides the following ancestry for the Walter who married Elizabeth Edgcomb but the Harleian editor notes his ancestors (apart from his father) in brackets. Visitation (Devon) provides his ancestry differently. We provisionally follow the latter but show the former in italics.
Wimond de Ralega (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Wimond de Ralega or Ralegh of Coliton and Nettlecombe
  m. Constance (dau of Robert de Chilton)
  A. Hugh Ralegh of Bolleham (a 1280)
  i. John Ralegh of Furdell, Devon (a 1300)
  m. Johanna Newton (dau of William Newton of Furdell)
a. Peter de Ralegh (a 1343)
  m. Margery Dawney (dau of John Dawney)
  (1) John de Ralegh (a 1367)
  m. Matilda de Ferres (dau of William de Ferres)
  (A) John Ralegh of Furdell (a 1377)
  m. Elizabeth Copleston (dau of John de Copleston)
  (i) Walter Ralegh of Fardell
  m. Margaret Champernon (dau of William Champernon)
  (a) Walter (Simond) Ralegh of Fardell see ## below for an alternative ancestry
  m. Elizabeth Edgcomb (dau of Richard Edgcomb of Cuttell)
2. William de Ralegh (a 1230)
Visitation (Devon) provides the following ancestry for the Walter who married Elizabeth Edgcombe.
Sir Hugh Rawley of Rawley, Devon (a temp King Stephen who r. 1135-1154)
1. Sir Simon Rawley (dsp)
2. William Rawley
  A. Peter Rawley
  m. Margaret Daubeney (dau of Sir Philip Daubeney)
  i. Sir William Rawley
  m. Joan Stokhay (dau of Sir John Stokhay)
  a. Sir William Rawley
  m. Lora Peverell (dau of Sir Hugh Peverell)
  (1) Sir John Rawley
  m. Joan Tracy (dau of Sir Henry Tracy)
(A) Sir William Rawley
  m1. Beatrix Shandos (dau of Sir Robert Shandos)
  (i) Sir John Rawley of Rawley (Raleigh)
  m. Joan Pettite (dau of Sir Henry Pettite)
  (a) Sir Henry Rawley (dsp)
  (b) Thomazine Rawley (Raleigh)
  m. (1384) Sir John Chichester
  Raleigh passed into the Chichester family.
  m2. Margaret Botreulx (dau of Sir William Botreulx)
(ii) Sir Henry Rawley
  m. Agnes Lamborne (dau of Sir Raffe Lamborne)
  (a) Sir John Rawley
  m. Anne Pomeroy (dau of Sir John Pomeroy)
  ((1)) Sir Simond Rawley (dsp)
((2)) Rogert Rawley
  m. Elizabeth Chedelwoode (dau of Sir Richard Chedelwoode)
  ((A)) Sir John Rawley
  m. Mary Bygbury (dau of Sir John Bygbury)
  ((i)) Walter Rawley of Fardell - continued below
  m. Katharen Prowse
  ((3)) (Sir) John Rawley 'of Nettlecombe'
  m. Ismay Honnyng (Hanham or Hanning)
  ((A)) Simon Rawley (dsp)
  ((B)) Joan Rawley (d 1435/6)
  m1. (by 1399) Sir John Whalesburgh 'of Whalesborough'
  m2. Sir Thomas Pomeroy
  (2) Sir Hugh Rawley
  ii. Wymond Rawley
  a. Wymond Rawley of Wymond
  (1) Sir Warren Rawley
  m. Jane (dau of Lord Buttler)
  (A) Simond Rawley
  (i) Agnes Rawley
  m. Sir John Mallett
  (2) Wymond Rawley
  iii. Henry Rawley ancestor of Rawleys in Warwickshire



Walter Rawley of Fardell - continued above
m. Katharen Prowse
1. Walter Rawley of Fardell
  m1. Alice Carminow (dau of Walter Carminow)
  A. Walter Rawley or Raleyghe of Fardell
  m. Margaret
i. Wimond (Simon) Rawley or Raleyghe of Fardell
  See ## above for an alternative ancestry for this Simon.
  m. Elizabeth Edgombe (dau of Sir Richard Edgcombe of Cuttell or Cotehele)
  a. Walter Rawley or Ralegh of Fardell
  m1. Joan Drake (d 1530, dau of Sir John Drake of Exmouth)
(1) George Rawley or Ralegh (dsp? before 18.03.1596/7) who appears to have married ...
  m. Katharine Gilbert (dau of Otho Gilbert of Compton by Katharine Champernon)
  (2) John Rawley or Ralegh of Ford in Newton Abbot (d before 02.08.1588)
  m. Anne Fortescue (dau of Bartholomew Fortescue of Filley)
  m2. (sp) _ Darrell of London
Visitation (Devon) identifies Walter's 3rd wife as Katharen, dau of Philip Champnon. She is described in various web sites as ...
  m3. Katharine Champernon (dau of Sir Philip Champernon (Champernowne) of Modbury, widow of Otto Gilbert of Compton)
  (3) Carye or Carew Rawley or Raleigh of Downton, Wiltshire (a 1623)
  m. Dorothy Wroughton (dau of William Wroughton of Brodhenton)
(A) Gilbert Rawley or Raleigh of Downton (d by 1629, MP)
  m. Lucy Wroughton (dau of Giles Wroughton of Brodhenton by Catherine Powlet)
  (i) Gilbert Rawley or Raleigh of Downton (b c1621, d 1675, MP) had issue
  (ii)+ other issue - Walter (a 1639), Katherine (b c1617), Anne (b c1620)
  (B) Walter Rawley or Raleigh (d 1646, Dean of Wells) had issue
m. Mary Gibbes
  (C) George Rawley or Raleigh
  (D) Elizabeth Rawley or Raleigh
  m. William Wroughton
  (4) Sir Walter Rawley or Raleigh, Governor of Jersey (b c1554, d 29.10.1618, adventurer)§G
  m. Elizabeth Throckmorton (dau of Nicholas Throckmorton)
  (A) Carew Rawley or Raleigh (3rd son?) apparently of this generation
  m. Philippa Weston (relict of Sir Anthony Ashley, Bart)
  (i) Anne Rawley or Raleigh (bur 24.01.1708)
  m. Sir Peter Tyrrell, 1st Bart of Hanslape (bur 11.03.1710/1)
  (B)+ issue - Damenei (b c1591, d infant), Walter (b 1593) names found on various web sites
  (5) Margaret Rawley or Raleigh
  m1. Lawrence Radford
  m2. George Hull of Larkbeare
  b. Jane Rawley or Raleigh
  m. John Upton
  m2. ?? (dau of Jenkin Pont(?) of Genoa)
  B. Mary Rawley

Main source(s): Visitation (Devon, 1564, Rawley), Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Raleigh)
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