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Families covered: Rayner of Brotherton, Reyner of Charterhouse, Rayner of East Drayton, Rayner of Ledsham, Rayner of Liversedge
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John Rayner of Ledsham, Yorkshire (bur 09.05.1695)
1. Thomas Rayner of Beghall, Ledsham & Brotherton (bur 01.05.1724)
  m. (28.03.1682) Mary Sykes (dau/coheir of Richard Sykes of Leeds)
  A. John Rayner in Jamaica (dsp)
  m. Margaret Chapman
  B. Thomas Rayner of Brotherton
  m. Mary
  i. Thomas Rayner of Brotherton (bpt 25.08.1728, d 1808)
  a. daughter (d young)
  ii. Mary Rayner
  m. _ Brown
iii. Elizabeth Rayner
  m. _ Stanley of Nottingham
  C. Joshua Rayner of Leeds (b 1702-3, d 19.04.1757)
  m1. (05.08.1728) Judith Drake (b 1695-6, dsp 06.04.1748)
  The following is supported by FMG (vol 1, MS23, 'Milnes - Gaskell', p56).
  m2. Sarah Milnes (dau of William Milnes of Chesterfield)
  i. Milnes Rayner of Leeds (b 15.03.1753, d unm 22.08.1792)
  ii. Elizabeth Rayner (b 22.04.1750, d 06.09.1798)
  m. Joseph Oates of Westwood
  iii. Sarah Rayner (b 10.10.1751, d 04.1826, )
  m. (05.1775) William Smithson of Heath
  m3. Anne Headlam of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (b 1712-3, d 31.07.1788)
  iv. Ann Rayner (d unm c1815)
  D. Elizabeth Rayner (dsp)
  m. Samuel Stead of Leeds
  E. Mary Rayner
  m. _ Bowes
  F. Sarah Rayner (d unm)



?/? Rayner
m. _ Spen (dau/heir of William Spen in Liversedge)
1. Thomas Rayner (a temp Henry VII who r. 1485-1509)
  A. William Rayner of Liversedge (d c1533)
  i. John Rayner (dvp c1529)
  m. Alice Liversedge (dau/heir (by Alice, dau of Thomas Goodheire of Rastrick) of William Liversedge of Liversedge Place( son of John), m2. James Dymond of Wakefield)
  a. William Rayner 'of Liversedge'
  m. Margaret Clerkson (dau of Thomas Clerkson, m2. Richard Rayner)
  (1) Joan Rayner (b 08.06.1551)
  m. John Hanson
  b. Alice Rayner
  m. William Walker
  ii. Marmaduke Rayner
  a. Robert Rayner (a 1551)
  (1) Richard Rayner
  iii.+ other issue - Nicholas, Adam, Rosamond, Elizabeth
  B. ?? Rayner in Milnbridge
  i. Lionel Rayner
  a. Richard Rayner (d 1579)
  m. (05.1552) Margaret Clerkson (d 03.07.1612-3, widow of William Rayner of Liversedge)
  (1) Robert Rayner



Nicholas Rayner or Reyner
1. John Rayner (Reyner) of East Drayton, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (a 1664)
  m. (c02.1626) Anne Wastneys (dau of Sir Hardolph Wastneys of Hedon)
  A. John Rayner of East Drayton (b c1626, a 03.1670)
  m1. (06.09.1653) Mary Hewett (dau of Sir Thomas Hewett of Shire Oaks)
  i. Mary Rayner
  m2. (28.01.1659/60) Mary Goodwin (dau of Anthony Goodwin of Rawmarsh)
  ii. John Rayner 'of Fenton' of East Drayton (b 02.12.1662)
  m. (04.08.1685) Ann Hickman (b 1661, d 1730, dau of Sir William Hickman, Bart)
a. John Rayner (pastor of New Plymouth (New England) & Dover)
  m1. ?? (possibly _ Boyse of Leeds)
  (1) Jackim Rayner of Rowley, New England
  (2) Hannah Rayner
  m. Job Lane of Billerica
  m2. Frances
  (3)+ other issue - John, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Abigail, Judith
  b. Humphrey Rayner of Rowley, New England
  B. Jane (or Ann) Rayner
  m. Rutland Molineux of Little Markham
  C. Ann Rayner (b 1620!?, d 02.08.1732) possibly of this generation, could be later!
  m. Robert Grammer of Bakewell
  D.+ other issue - Nicholas, Anthony



John Reyner (Rayner or Raner) of Cold Heindley, Yorkshire
m. (06.12.1682) Twin Kirby (bpt 02.06.1661, d 12.12.1695, dau of Joshua Kirby of Wakefield)
1. Kirby Reyner of Bristol (d 06.1744)
  m. _ Thornhill of Bristol (A 1760)
  A. Kirby Rayner (d young)
2. John Reyner of Charterhouse, London (a 1760)
  m. (24.01.1711-2) ??
  A. Joshua Reyner of Royston, Yorkshire (b 02.02.1713, a 1760)
  i.+ 2 sons and 5 daughters
  B. Timothy Reyner of Clayton, High Hoyland, Yorkshire (a 1760)
  i.+ 2 sons and 4 daughters
  C. Mary Reyner (b 22.02.1716, d 1719)
  D. Elizabeth Reyner (b 21.02.1718-9, a 1760)
  m. Charles Walshaw of Elmley (smith)
  i.+ issue (a 1760) - John, Charles, Elizabeth, Sarah,Hannah, Mary
  E. Anne Reyner (b 21.05.1724)
  m. John Pecket of Royston (flaxdresser)
  i.+ issue (d by 1760) - William Joshia, Benjamin
  vi.+ other issue (a 1760) - John, William, Joseph, Timothy, Mary, Ann, another
3. Timothy Reyner of Charterhouse, London
  m. (14.09.1718) ??
  A.+ issue (d infant) - Kirby (b 14.05.1720), Mary (b 15.04.1723)
4. Mary Reyner (a 1760, dsp)
  m1. _ Vaudry
  m2. _ Thornhill of Birstol (d 03.1759)
5.+ other issue - Joshua (d infant), Elizabeth (d unm 31.08.1760)

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