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Families covered: Revel of Cold Aston, Revel of Stannington

For its interest value, and because there are some indications that at parts of it were based (loosely?) on real people even though there is a suspiciously large number of knights, we start with the pedigree shown in MS170 but draw attention to the fact that Hunter advises that "no dependance is to be placed on it for anything above Gregory". We show the 'false' pedigree in italics. It starts with two supposed brothers.
?? Revel
1. Sir John Revel in Warwickshire
A. Sir John Revel in Warwickshire (a 1309)
  i. Sir Simon Revel
  a. Thomas Revel
  (1) Sir John Revel
  (A) Tristram Revel in Derbyshire
  (i) Thomas Revel
  (a)+ issue - Edward (a 1508), Francis, James, Robert, Sir Adam
  (ii) Hugh Revel
  (B) Rowland Revel of Algelthow, Nottinghamshire
  (2)+ other issue - Hugh of Carnwath in Derbyshire, Robert, Sir Richard
  The names of these brothers, and the note that Richard was "knighted at the battle of Bosworth", are also shown in the pedigree of the family shown on Revel2.
  b.+ other issue - Simon, Rowland
  ii.+ other issue - Richard, Sir Thomas (a 1334), Gregory, Sir William
  B.+ other issue - Sir Simon, Rowand
2. Thomas Revel in Derbyshire
  A. Edward Revel (a 1310)
  B. Sir Thomas Revel (a 1311)
  i. Thomas Revel of Stannington (a 1350)
  ii. Edward Revel
  a. Sir John Revel (2nd son)
  (1) Sir Thomas Revel (a 1423)
  (A) Sir John Revel
  (i) Gregory Revel of Stannington (a 1530) - see 'true' parentage just below
  (ii) Richard Revel of Brampton
  (B)+ other issue - Tristram, Richard, William of Rickardfield
  (2)+ other issue - William, Sir Gregory
  b.+ other issue - Sir Gregory (a 1407), Thomas, Rowland
  iii. Sir Richard Revel



FMG's 'proper' pedigree starts with ...
Thomas Revel
1. Gregory Revel of Stannington (b c1530, a 10.1588, yeoman) - see alternative but discredited ancestry just above
m1. (1547-8) Elizabeth Barber (dau of Thomas Barber)
  A. Richard Revel of Stannington (b c1560)
  i. Thomas Revel of Shiffnal, Salop (a 1644)
  m. (16.11.1613) Ann Wilson (bpt 05.04.1593, dau of Christopher Wilson of Broomland)
a.+ issue - Edward (a 1644), Rowland, Thomas (of Wadsey?), William
  ii. Rowland Revel of Stannington (d before 03.09.1646)
  m. Elizabeth Percy (bur 29.12.1682, dau of Francis Percy of Scotton & Stubs-Walden by Frances, dau of Ralph Vavasour of Hazelwood)
a. Richard Revel of Stannington (bur 23.04.1679, 2nd son)
  m. (23.06.1668) Hannah Hippon (a 1694, dau of Thomas Hippon of Fetherston, m2. Thomas Balguy)
  (1) Rowland Revel of Stannington (b 01.04.1669, a 1710, dspm)
  (2) Thomas Revel of Bingley Lane in Stannington (b 31.01.1676, bur 15.11.1744)
  m. (16.04.1703) Elizabeth Houseman (a 1735, dau of James Houseman possibly by Elizabeth, dau of Judge March of Scotland)
  (A) Ann Revel (b 20.09.1713)
  m. (19.11.1742) Richard Broomhead of Stannington (b 26.12.1713, son of Richard by Ann Stead)
  (B)+ other issue - John (b 28.02.1708, dvp 04.02.1735), Mary (b 05.03.1710, bur 16.02.1716)
  (3)+ other issue (a 1694) - John (b 03.03.1678, dsp), Ursula (b 21.10.1670, d unm), Ann (b 03.12.1672)
  b. Bridget Revel (bur 09.07.1684)
  m. (before 1649) Edmund Morphie
  c.+ other issue (d unm) - Gregory (d young), Ann (bur 13.10.1700), Gertrude (bpt 06.04.1640, bur 27.07.1700)
iii.+ other issue - Gregory, Robert
  B. Rowland Revel of Cold Aston in Dronfield, Derbyshire (b c1560)
  FMG (MS172, part) appears to show the connections to the undermentioned John & Robert as dotted, implying some uncertainty.
  i. John Revel of Cold Aston (a 1659)
  a. Elizabeth Revel
  m. John Copley of Skelbrook & Cold Aston
  ii. William Revel of Cold Aston (bpt 07.07.1594)
a. Elizabeth Revel
  m. George Eyre of Hathersedge
  iii. Robert Revel (vicar of Dronfield)
  m. (12.02.1628) Frances Dunloke
  a. Lionel Revel (bpt 31.06.1632) probably the Lionel of Sheffield (ironmonger) who married ...
  m. _ Scargel
  (1)+ "numerous issue" including Samuel of Uttoxeter
  iv. Elizabeth Revel
  m. (17.01.1612-3) John Bright of Brincliffe Edge
  C. Dorothy Revel
  m. Francis Pole of Spink Hill
  m2. Alice
2. Richard Revel
FMG shows Richard as "of Brampton-en-le-Morthen (Q.)". MS172 (part) notes that such a Richard was "son of Sir John, and brother of Gregory Revel of Stannington; b. about 1530". We note that the pedigree shown above for Gregory, which is shown but discredited by FMG, shows Gregory's father as Sir John. MS172 shows Richard of Brampton-en-le-Morthen as father of ...
  A. Thomas Revel
  m1. ??
  i. Ann Revel
  m. (16.01.1576) John Booth of Hansworth Woodhouse
  ii. Catherine Revel
  m. (25.05.1579) Godfrey West of Aughton (son of John of Aughton by Ann More)
  m2. (07.06.1580) Ann More (dau of John More of Barnborough (son of Sir Thomas), widow of John West of Aughton)
  Whilst the undermentioned Thomas was clearly connected to this family, the exact connection is not known so the following should be viewed as highly speculative.
  B. ?? Revel
  i. ?? Revel possibly Nathaniel of Whiston & Rtoherham, father of Martha, possibly also of ...
  a. Thomas Revel of Whiston (a 1623)
  b. Martha Revel possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Rasine of Doncaster (dsp before 17.02.1657, alderman)
  We speculate that Richard may also have been the Richard of Stanington who was father of ...
  C. Elizabeth Revell possibly of this generation
  m. John Burton of Dronfield
3. Robert Revel

Main source(s): FMG (vol 1, MS170-172, Revel)
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