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Families covered: Ridley of Ridley (Cheshire), Ridley of Ridley (Northumberland)
[A draft Ridley01 was first launched on 20.02.08. It has been redone completely. Most of what has been retained from that draft is now shown within Ridley02 & Ridley03.]

This family was clearly of some consequence in Cheshire. However, we are wary of pedigrees that show many connections with well-documented families until we see at least some of those connections reciprocated by those other families. That is particularly the case when we suspect that too many generations are being shown ( the Nicholas Ridley of Ridley below, who leads to the continuation page, was alive c1400) and there are several oddities (2 examples from many, from just above the section break: the first Lord Roche to become Viscount Fermoy was not recognised as such until 1585 whilst the first Grosvenor to become 'of Eaton' did not become so until around 1444). Consequently, we suggest that much of this page be viewed with caution. We are not making connections from this page to other pages unless we believe there is good reason to do so.
Bryan Ridley of Ridley, Cheshire (a 1160)
1. John Ridley of Ridley
  m. _ Warren (dau of Sir Edward Warren of Poynton)
  A. Richard or Lambert Ridley of Ridley
  m. Martha Cholmondeley (dau of Hugh Cholmondeley)
  i. Robert Ridley
  m. _ Venables (dau of Sir Henry Venables)
  a. John Ridley
  m. _ Brereton (dau of Sir William Brereton of Brereton)
  (1) John Ridley
  m. _ Layton (dau of John Layton of Layton)
  (2) William Ridley
  m. _ Stapworth ("daur. of baron Stapworth")
  (A) Edmund Ridley
  m. _ Lead (dau of Sir Thomas Lead)
  (i) Jarvis or James Ridley
m. _ Warburton (dau of Sir Pierce Warburton)
  (a) Sir Richard Ridley of Cheshire
  m. Jane Gresaker (dau of Sir John Gresaker)
  ((1)) Sir Bryan Ridley of Ridley, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland
  m. Jane Roche (dau of _ Roche, Viscount Fermoy)
  ((2)) Sir Thomas Ridley - continued below
  m. ?? (dau of John, Lord Samford)
  ((3)) Judith Ridley
  m. John Lee of Allington
  ((4)) Susan Ridley
  m. William Grosvenor of Eaton
  (ii) Thomasine Ridley
  m. John Dutton of Hatton
  (iii) Christian Ridley
  m. Sir Thomas Grisley of Staffordshire
  (B) Barbara Ridley
  m. Sir John Alcroft
  (C) Susan Ridley
  m. Sir William Snead of Staffordshire
  (D) Anne Ridley
  m. William Savage of Rocksavage
  (E) Elizabeth Ridley
  m. Sir Thomas Stanley of Howton
  (3) Margaret Ridley
  m. John Kimperley
  (4) Julian Ridley
  m. John Fulhurst of Crowe
  ii. John Ridley (d 1258)
  m. _ Egerton (dau of _ Egerton of Egerton)
  iii. Mary Ridley
  m. Sir John Cotton
  iv. Anne Ridley
  m. _ Donne of Utkinton
  B. Jane Ridley
  m. Sir Henry Delves



Sir Thomas Ridley - continued above
m. ?? (dau of John, Lord Samford)
1. Sir Henry Ridley of Ridley (Cheshire)
  m. Catherine Worsley (dau of Sir Robert Worsley)
  A. Sir Robert Ridley of Ridley
  m. Anchitellis Brainnowe (dau of Sir William Brainnowe of Brainnowe)
  i. Sir Thomas Ridley of Ridley (Cheshire)
  m. _ Davenport (dau of Sir William Davenport)
  a. Margaret Ridley
  m. Richard Egerton # see here #
  ii. Jane Ridley
  m. John Morbary
2. John Ridley
m. _ Tatton (dau of Sir William Tatton of Wylsey or Withingham)
3. Sir Thomas Ridley
  m. Julian Burdet (dau/heir of Sir Lambert Burdet (Burdett) of Ridley)
  A. John Ridley of Ridley, Northumberland
  m. _ Grey (dau of Sir John Grey of Chilwick)
  i. Anthony Ridley of Ridley Hodgson notes that this generation was omitted by Flower's report on the 1575 Visitation
  m. Beatrice Thirkell (dau/heir of John Thirkell)
  a. Nicholas Ridley of Ridley (Northumberland)
  m. _ Cramlington (and/or Alice Skelton)
4. Isabella Ridley
  m1. Sir William Gosworth
  A. Elizabeth Gosworth
  m. Sir Arthur Manwarning (Mainwaring?)
  m2. Sir John Scott (Lord Chief Justice)

Main source(s): 'History of Northumberland' by Rev. John Hodgson (part 2, vol 3, 1840, 'Haltwhistle Parish - Ridley Township', p339+)
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