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Families covered: Robertson of Glenerochie, Robertson of Lude, Robertson of Struan (Strowan)

Duncan de Atholl, 5th of Glenerochie, 1st Chief (a 1346)
Duncan is generally accepted as the first Chief of the Clan Donnachaidh which took its name from him. In the early 15th century when (for the first time) many families chose lasting family names, the head of the family was Robert (4th Chief) and members of the senior family in the Clan took Robertson as their family name. In support of their chief, many of their kinsmen took that name also although others preferred names such as Duncanson or MacDonachie.
m. dau of Malcolm, 5th Earl of Lennox
1. Robert de Atholl, 6th of Glenerochie
  m1. Jean Stirling (dau of Sir John de Striveling of Glenesk)
  A. Jean de Atholl --
  m. Alexander Menzies of Fotheringill --
  m2. heiress of Fordill
B. Duncan de Atholl, 7th of Glenerochie
  i. Robert 'Ruadh', 8th of Glenerochie, 4th Chief (d c08.1460)
  Robert had most of his lands, including Glenerochie, pulled together into one Barony of Struan.
  a. Alexander Robertson, 9th of Glenerochie/Struan (d c1506)
  m1. (01.04.1440) Elizabeth Lyon (dau of Patrick Lyon, 1st Lord of Glamis)
  (1) Duncan Robertson (dvp)
  (2) Robert Robertson (dvp)
  m. Margaret Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl)
  (A) William Robertson, 10th of Struan (d 1532)
  (i) Robert Robertson, 11th of Struan, 7th Chief
  m. (09.02.1544/5) Mariota MacIan (dau of Ian MacIan of Ardnamurchan)
  (ii) Isabel Robertson
  m. David Moncreiffe in Kirkwall (d c1625)
(3) Andrew Robertson ancestor of Robertsons of Killichangy, Ladykirk, Eastertyre and Edradynate
  (4) James Robertson of Calvine
  (5) Mary Robertson --
  m. Andrew Moray, 5th of Abercairney (d Flodden 09.09.1513) --
  m2. (before 24.04.1504) Elizabeth or Isabel Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl)
  (6) Alexander Robertson, 1st of Faskally (d by 03.1557)
  m. (by 01.05.1543) Elizabeth or Isobel Hay
  (7) John Robertson of Muirton ancestor of Robertson-Williamsons of Lawers
  (8) Margaret Robertson --
  m1. Thomas Innes of Elrick (d before 1528)
  m2. (c1528) George Hay, 7th Earl of Erroll (d 30.01.1573-4) --
  b. Robert Robertson of Dalcabon
  c. Patrick Robertson of Invervack (a 1501)
  d. Margaret Robertson
  m. Sir Colin Campbell, 1st of Glenorchy (b c1406, bur 26.09.1475)
ii. Duncan de Atholl ancestor of Robertsons of Inches and Kindeace
m2. heiress of Glentilt
2. Patrick de Atholl of Lude (a 1358, d after 1392)
  A. Donald de Atholl of Lude (a 02.1447)
i. John Robertson of Lude (a 1448)
  m. Margaret Drummond (dau of Sir John Drummond of Cargill and Stobhall, Justiciar)
  a. Donald Robertson of Lude (d 1476)
  (1) Charles Robertson of Lude
  m. Lilias Lamont (dau of Sir John Lamont of Lamont)
  (A) John Robertson of Lude
  m. Margaret Ogilvie (dau of Sir James Ogilvie of Inchmartin)
  (i) John Robertson of Lude (d by 1565)
BLG1952 suggests that John had only one wife, Beatrix Gardyne, who was mother of his 5 children. However, she had 9 children by her first husband, Findla Mor Farquharson of Invercauld who died in 1547. It seems likely that Beatrix was John's second wife. In his book on the Farquharson family, Jack Blair reports that the mother of John's daughter Marjory, and hence possibly the mother of all of his children, was ...
  m1. Marjory Robertson (dau of Charles Robertson of Clunie)
  (a) Alexander Robertson of Lude (d 1615)
  m. Agnes Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon of Aberheldie)
  ((1)) Alexander Robertson of Lude (d 1639)
  m. Beatrix Graeme (dau of Patrick Graeme, 3rd of Inchbrakie)
  ((A)) Alexander Robertson of Lude (d 1673) - continued below
  m1. Jean Menzies (dau of Sir Alexander Menzies of that ilk)
  m2. Marjory Graham (dau of John Graham of Balgowan)
  m3. (mcrt 23.03.1664) Catherine Campbell (dau of Sir John Campbell, 4th of Glenorchy)
((B)) John Robertson of Powlis
  ((C)) Margaret Robertson
  m. William Menzies (son of Sir Alexander of that ilk)
  ((2)) Donald Robertson of Kincraigie
  ((3)) John Robertson of Inver, Captain of Blair Castle
  ((A)) Donald Robertson of Tullybelton ancestor of Robertsons of Tullybelton
((4)) Elspet Robertson
  m. Thomas Ogilvie of Persie
  ((5)) Margaret Robertson
  m1. (div) Robert Robertson (of Faskally family)
  m2. Alexander Stewart of Bonskeid
  ((6)) Isabel or Janet Robertson
  m. Alexander Forbes of Newe (d 14.11.1654)
  ((7)) Christine Robertson
  m. Archibald Campbell of Monzie
  ((8)) Beatrix Robertson
  m. Charles Robertson of Auchleeks (d 1615)
  (b) John Robertson of Monzie
  m. Christian Oliphant
  ((1))+ 4 sons
  (c) Marjory Robertson
  m. Robert Farquharson of Dalroddie, of/in Invercauld
  (d)+ other issue - Duncan, Marion of Blavon
  m2. Beatrix Gardyne (a 1563, dau of George Gardyne of Gardyne and Banchory)
  b. John Robertson ancestor of Robertsons of Guay
  ii. Donald of Strathgarry
  B. Alexander 'Ruadh' de Atholl of Strathloch (a 1451) ancestor of Robertsons (or Reids) of Straloch
  m. Matilda (dau of Thomas de Atholl of Strathloch) @@ just below
3. Thomas de Atholl of Strathloch
  A. Matilda
  m. Alexander 'Ruadh' de Atholl of Strathloch (a 1451) @@ just above
4. Gibbon de Atholl (a 1392)



Alexander Robertson of Lude (d 1673) - continued above
m1. Jean Menzies (dau of Sir Alexander Menzies of that ilk)
1. Margaret Robertson
  m. Alexander Robertson of Faskally
m2. Marjory Graham (dau of John Graham of Balgowan)
m3. (mcrt 23.03.1664) Catherine Campbell (dau of Sir John Campbell, 4th of Glenorchy)
2. John Robertson of Lude (d c1729)
  m. Margaret Farquharson (dau of Alexander Farquharson of Invercauld)
  A. John Robertson of Lude (d by 1758)
  m. Charlotte Murray (d 11.08.1787, dau of William Murray, 2nd Lord Nairne)
  i. James Robertson of Lude (d 1803)
  m. (1758) Margaret Murray (dau of Robert Murray)
  a. William Robertson of Lude (d 1820, General)
  m1. (1802) Margaret Haldane (b c1785, d 1806, dau of George Haldane, 18th of Gleneagles)
  (1) James Alexander Robertson of Lude (b 1804, d unm 1874, Lt. Col.)
(2) William Drummond Robertson (d 1814)
  m2. (1816) Margaret Stueart-Menzies (b 1791, dsp 1831, dau of John Stueart-Menzies of Culdares)
  b.+ other issue - John (Colonel), James (in West Indies), Robert (d 1799), Alexander, Charles (d young)
  ii. John Robertson
  iii. Margaret Robertson
  m. Robert Robertson of Tullybelton
  a. Charlotte Robertson (d 1790)
  m. (1781) John Steuart-Menzies of Cardney and Culdares (d 23.09.1799)
  B. Isabella Robertson
  m. (mcrt 16.02.1725) John Steuart of Cardney (d 26.12.1740)
  C. Catherine Robertson
  m. Thomas Arnot
3. Alexander Robertson of Carmustie
4. Patrick Robertson had issue
5. Agnes Robertson
  m. Murray of Kincairney

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Robertson of Struan)
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