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Families covered: Rollo of Balbegie (Balbegy), Rollo (or Rollock or Rollok) of Duncrub, Rollo of Mello, Rollo of Menmure (Menmuir), Rollo of Pilton, Rollo of Pitmeadie, Rollo of Powis, Rollo of Woodside

John Rollo of Duncrub (d 1390)
1. Duncan Rollo of Duncrub (d c1419) father of grandfather of ...
  A. Andrew Rollo of Duncrub (d c1481)
  i. Robert Rollo (dvp after 21.04.1471)
  a. William Rollo of Duncrub (d Flodden 1513 ?)
  m. _ Oliphant
(1) Robert Rollo of Duncrub (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Jonet Graham (dau of William Graham, 1st Earl of Montrose)
  The identity of Robert's wife seems not to be certain.
  (A) Andrew Rollo of Duncrub (d 12.1565)
  m. Marion Rollo (dau of David Rollo of Menmuir @@ below
  (i) George Rollo of Duncrub (dsp 06.05.1581)
m. (c11.1549) Isobella Moncreiff (dau of Sir William Moncreiff of that ilk)
  (ii) James Rollo of Duncrub (d 05.1584)
  m. (mcrt 05.01.1569-70) Agnes Collace (dau of Robert Collace of Balnamoon)
  (a) Sir Andrew Rollo of Duncrub, 1st Lord (b 1577, d 22.05.1659)
  m. Katherine Drummond (dau of James Drummond, 1st Lord Madderty)
  (b) Archibald Rollo
  (c) Marion Rollo (d 24.12.1642)
  m1. (mcrt 01.01.1608) Sir James Bruce of Powfoulis
  m2. Robert Bruce, 3rd of Kinnaird (dsp Worcester 1651)
  (d) Elizabeth Rollo
  m. (mcrt 31.07.1598) Sir James Stewart of Sticks and Ballechin (d 1627)
  (iii) Sir Walter Rollo of Pitmeadie, Lawton and Garden (d 27.05.1603)
  m1. ??
  (a) George Rollo (a 05.1605)
  (b) John Rollo of Pitmeadie and Pilton (a 1661)
  m. (08.01.1607) Christian Justice (dau of William Justice of Edinburgh)
((1)) Peter Rollo of Pilton (d 04.1658)
  m1. Elizabeth Haliburton (dau of James Haliburton of Kirkton of Essie)
  ((A)) Christian Rollo
  m2. Marie Stirling
  ((B)) John Rollo of Pilton
  ((2)) Walter Rollo
  m2. (mcrt 10.10.1591) Jean Stewart (dau of James Stewart, 5th Lord Innermeath)
  (c) Andrew Rollo (dsp before 05.08.1635)
  (d) Peter Rollo of Lawton
  m. (c1630) Mary Stewart (dsp, dau of John Stewart, 5th Earl of Atholl)
(e)+ other issue - Elspeth, Christian
  (iv) William Rollo of Balbegie (d before 13.12.1612)
  m1. ??
  m2. (after 1592) Elizabeth Hay (d 01.04.1600, dau of Peter Hay of Megginch)
  Uncertain which wife was the mother of which children.
  (a) James Rollo of Balbegie
  m. Euphame Ramsay
  ((1)) James Rollo of Monkisholm (d before 22.02.1656)
  m. Margaret Goldman (dau of William Goldman of Dundee)
  ((2)) Euphame Rollo
  m. Andrew Rollo (of Perth family)
  (b) Isobel Rollo
  m. (mcrt 17.02.1618) George Hay of Kirkland
  (c)+ other issue - George, Robert, Jonet
(v) Andrew Rollo of Corstoun (a 07.1611)
  (vi) Peter Rollo of Pilton, Bishop of Dunkeld (d before 30.06.1632, Lord of Session as Lord Piltoun)
  m1. (c1594) Christian Cant
  m2. (after 08.1607) Elizabeth Weston (d 10.1621)
  partner unknown
  (a) Walter Rollo
  (vii) Marjorie Rollo (d 24.02.1625)
  m1. (c1555) George Graham, 2nd of Inchbrakie (d 1576)
  m2. (c1579) John Graham, 1st of Balgowan (a 1584)
  (viii) Mary Rollo
  m. Laurence Oliphant of Newton
  (ix) Janet Rollo
  m. Andrew Blair of Rossieochill (Rossie Ochill)
  (x) Margaret Rollo
  m. William Drummond of Belliclon
  partner(s) unknown
  (xi) Humphry Rollo (d 12.06.1601)
  m. Christiane Chalmer
  (a) Humphry Rollo
  (xii) Charles Rollo in Perth
  (B) William Rollo
  (C) Beatrix (?) Rollo
  m. Oliver Sinclair of Quhitkirk
  partner unknown but could possibly have been legitimate was ...
  (D) David Rollo of Kincledie and Powis (d 14.03.1578)
  m. Marion Livingstone
  (i) David Rollo of Powis had issue
  (ii) Hercules Rollo
  (iii) Robert Rollo
  m. Helen (dau of James, 'Baron of Kinnaird')
(a) Jean Rollo
  m. Robert Balcanquhal
  (iv) Thomas Rollo
  m. Annabel Forrester (widow of James Sinclair of Banks)
  (a) Henry Rollo of Woodside (b c1595, d 02.06.1649, minister in Edinburgh)
  m. Helen Elphinstone (b 27.08.1589, bur 04.02.1675, dau of Alexander Elphinstone, 4th Lord)
  ((1)) ?? Rollo
  ((A)) Sir Henry Rollo of Woodside
  ((i)) Mary Rollo (b c1685, d 16.04.1765)
  m. (04.06.1702) Robert Rollo, 4th Lord (b 12.06.1679, d 08.03.1758)
  ((ii))+ other issue
  (v)+ 4 daughters
  (2) Humphrey Rollo in Findoun (a 1552)
  m. (before 22.12.1541) Jonet Graham (a 1552)
(3) daughter
  m. Walter Drummond of Broich and Balloch
  ii. David Rollo of Findony
  B. Robert Rollo of Mello (d before 03.1481)
  i. David Rollo of Mello = David Rollock of Ballachie (d before 1510)
  m1. (c1460) Elizabeth Gray (dau of Patrick, Master of Gray)
  a. David Rollo of Menmure (d before 31.10.1532)
  m. Elizabeth Ogilvy (dau of Alexander Ogilvy, younger of Clova)
  (1) David Rollo of Menmuir and Mello (d before 27.10.1537)
  (A) Marion Rollo
  m. Andrew Rollo of Duncrub (d 12.1565) @@ above
  partner unknown
  (B) Thomas Rollo (a 05.1525)
  b. Elizabeth Rollo (d before 1504)
  m. (before 14.03.1490-1) Sir Thomas Maule of Panmure
  c. daughter
  m. ? Collace of Balnamoon
  m2. (before 15.02.1491-2) Marjorie Berclay (dau of Robert Berclay of Strovane)
  ii.+ other issue

Main source(s): TSP (Rollo), BP1934 (Rollo)
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