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Families covered: Ronayne of D'Laughtane

BLG1847 reports that "This family is one of the oldest in Ireland, and can show an unbroken line of descent from a very remote period, the first ancestor of whom we find mentino being John Ronayne, who settles in the co. of Cork about the year 1139." BLG1847 starts its pedigree with ...
Richard Ronayne
m. Catherine O'Callaghan
1. Thomas Ronayne
  A. Maurice Ronayne
  m. Mary O'Callaghan
  i. Richard Ronayne
  a. Richard Ronayne
  m. Anstice Martell
  (1) John Ronayne
  m. _ Roche (dau of _ Roche of Trabolgan)
  (A) Richard Ronayne
m. Margaret O'Galvan
  (i) John Ronayne of D'Laughtane, near Youghall, co. Waterford
  m. (c1600) Catherine Bluet, heiress of D'Laughtane
  (a) Thomas Ronayne of D'Laughtane (a 1641)
m. Margaret Hore (dau of Matthew Hore of Shandon by Margaret, dau of Sir John Coppinger of Crosshaven)
  ((1)) James Ronayne of D'Laughtane
  m. Mary Galvan
  ((A)) Thomas Ronayne of D'Laughtane
  m. Jane Meade of Tissassin (Tissaxon)
  ((i)) Maurice Ronayne of D'Laughtane
  m. Mararet Meade of Castle Park
  ((a)) Patrick Ronayne of D'Laughtane
  m. _ Power of Dungarvan
(((1))) Richard Ronayne (d young)
  ((b)) James Ronayne of D'Laughtane (dsp)
  ((c)) Robert Ronayne of D'Laughtane
  m. Elizabeth McCarthy (dau of Myles McCarthy of Ballyannon House)
  (((1))) Richard Ronayne, later Power-Ronayne of D'Laughtane had issue
  m. (1811) Mary Power (dau of Nicholas Power of Snowhill)
  ((B)) John Ronayne
  m. Mary Hore (dau of ?? Hore of Shandon)
  ((i)) Thomas Ronayne, Governor of Dungarvon (a temp James I who r. 1603-1625)
  m. Johanna Lincoln (dau of Col. _ Lincoln of co. Dublin)
  ((a)) Patrick Ronayne
  m. _ Plunkett ("a relative of Lord Fingal")
  ((b)) Peter Ronayne
  m. Margaret Gwin (niece of Sir John Gwin)

Main source(s): BLG1847 ('Ronayne of D'Laughtane')
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