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Families covered: Roos of Egmanton, Roos (Ros) of Ingmanthorpe, Roos of Laxton, Roos of Snenton
[This page was first launched on 11.01.16 as a DRAFT page. It was moved here after review led to acceptance that there was little chance of our making further improvement to it in the near future and that it was 'good enough' to be promoted into the main database. It is noted that the review on 27.09.23 involved 'The Herald and Genealogist' (Nichols, vol 7, 1873, 'The Roos Family of Nottinghamshire, their pedigree and wills compared', p535+ (not p461+)) and Thoroton' s 'History of Nottinghamshire' (vol 3, 207), the former pointing out the contradictions between Thoroton, Collins and the Visitations. However, that review was left incomplete. We would not be surprised if it were possible to expand & improve what we show below but it is unlikely that we will have the time, resources & energy to do so in the near future, so we leave it as it is but hope to revisit it at a later date.]

Sir William de Ros of Ingmanthorpe, Yorkshire (d before 28.05.1310)
m. (c1268) Eustache FitzHugh (dau of Ralph FitzHugh (son of Hugh FitzRalph by Agnes Greasley), widow of Nicholas de Cauntelo/Cantilupe)
1. Sir William de Ros of Ingmanthorpe (d before 12.11.1334)
  m. (1310) Isabel de Steeton (a 1347, dau/heir of Richard de Steeton (son of Richard), niece/heir of Sir Thomas de Steeton, widow of Robert de Ughtred) ## see here ##
  A. Sir Robert de Ros of Ingmanthorpe (d 1392-3)
  TCP ('Ros of Ingmanthorpe'), which provides the above, ends with this Robert. We presume that this was the Sir Robert Roos "Lord of Ingmanthorpe & Steeton & many other lands in Com. York" shown by Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, 'Roos'), although that gives a different ancestry for him (which is erroneous in a number of ways). The following comes from that Visitation, albeit amended as reported below.
  i. William Roos of Ingmanthorpe
  The above-mentioned Nottinghamshire Visitation does not follow this line, merely indicating that William had issue.
  a. ?? Roos
  Uncertain on number of invervening generations.
(1) ?? Roos
  (A) James Roos named in Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Strangeways') as father of Robert
  (i) Robert Roos of Ingmanthorpe (d 05.1530)
m(1) . Mary Strangeways (a 03.1514/5, dau of Sir James Strangeways of Harsley)
  (a) Robert Roos of Ingmanthorp & Ainderby (b 05.06-1510, d 1583, MP) who married ...
  m. Elizabeth Fairfax (dau of Sir Nicholas Fairfax of Gilling Castle & Walton)
  The following connection is given by VCH (Yorkshire, North Riding, vol 1, 'Parishes: Ainderby Steeple') & TCP ('Darcy', p68).
  ((1)) Bridget Roos
  m. Peter Roos of Laxton (d 15.11.1605) @@ below
  (b) James Roos
  (ii) Thomas Roos or Ross of Ingmanthorpe possibly fits here
  (a) Jane Ross
  m. John Pulleine of Killinghall
  (B) Miles Roos probably of this generation
  Identified in VCH (Yorkshire, North Riding, vol 1, 'Parishes: Ainderby Steeple') as great-uncle of Robert.
  (i) ?? Roos
  (a) Richard Roos of Ingmanthorp
  ((1)) Rose Roos (a 1641)
  m. Richard Best (d by 1641)
  (C) Anthony Roos of Hassell
  The following comes from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1612, 'Roos of Ingmanthorpe') which identifies Anthony as uncle of the Robert who married Mary Strangways (but which, apparently wrongly, identifies Robert & Mary as parents of Peter of Laxon).
(i) John Roos of Lasingcroft
  m. _ Malder of Lancashire
  (a) Christopher Roos of Wakefield (a 1612, blacksmith)
  m. Mary
  ((1)) Robert Roos (b c1604, a 1612)
  (b) George Roos
  (D) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Constable of Barnby
  ii. John Roos (a 05.1449) the first shown in the pedigree given by Thoroton
The above-mentioned Nottinghamshire Visitation and Visitation (Rutland, 1618-9, 'Roos') show this generation as Robert of Steeton (Yorkshire) father (by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Midleton of Stokeld) of John of Laxton father (by the eldest dau/coheir of Sir Myles Etton of Gilling) of William (m. Ellinor Wandisford). Thoroton, supported by TCP ('Everingham', p193), shows that those first 2 generations were the other way around.
  m. Isabel Etton of Laxton & Egmanton (b by 1408, dau/coheir of Miles Etton, son/heir of Sir John of Gilling)
  a. Robert Roos of Laxton & Egmanton
  m. Elizabeth Midelton (dau of John Midelton of Stockeld)
  (1) William Roos of Laxton & Egmanton the last mentioned by TCP ('Everingham')
  m. Eleanor Wandesford (dau of Christopher Wandesford of Kirklington)
  (A) Humffrey Roos of Laxton
  m. Anna Restwoold (dau of Richard Restwoold of The Vache by Margaret Linne)
Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, 'Roos'), supported by Thoroton, shows Humffrey as father (by _ Restwoold) of the Francis shown below as son of Humffrey's broher Thomas,, which follows Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662, 'Roos of Laxton') which starts with Thomas & Anne (not mentioned by the earlier Visitation). Provisionally, we combine what is shown in those Visitations as follows whilst adding the following Barnard who is given by Thoroton.
  (i) Barnard Roos of Egmanton
  (a) William Roos of Egmanton
  m. Sara Samon (dau/coheir of John Samon of Tuxford)
((1)) Sara Roos, heiress of Egmanton
  m. Edmond Lacok
  (B) Thomas Roos of Weston, Nottinghamshire (not Staffordshire)
  m. Anne Manwaring (dau of Edward Manwaring of Whitmore)
  It should be noted that we have not completed our review using Thoroton who mentioned some people not shown below. It is possible that we will revisit that sources and expand the following at a later date.
  (i) Francis Roos of Laxton
  m. Elizabeth Skrimshire (dau of (Sir) Thomas Skrimshire (Skrymshire) of Norbury)
  (a) Peter Roos of Laxton (d 15.11.1605)
  m1. Agnes Harvy (dau of Sir James Harvy, Mayor of London)
  ((1)) Anne Roos
  m. Sir Griffin Markham
  m2. Bridget Roos (dau/heir of Robert Roos of Igmanthorp) @@ above
  The following is supported by VCH (Yorkshire, North Riding, vol 1, 'Parishes: Ainderby Steeple').
  ((2)) Gilbert Roos (d 1610)
  m. _ Orrell (dau of _ Orrell of South Cave, sister of Peter)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Roos (a 1636)
  m. William Thomas of Essex
  ((3)) Peter Roos
  (b) Thomas Roos of Laxton (d c1660)
  m1. _ Mering of Nottinghamshire
  m2. Ann Pirton or Pinxton of Nottinghamshire
  Thoroton shows the following Francis & John as additional sons of the above Peter rather than his nephews.
  ((1)) Francis Roos of Laxton (a 1614, d c1636)
  m. Elizabeth Orrell (dau of Peter Orrell of South Cave)
  ((A)) John Roos of Laxton (b c1617, a 08.1662)
  m. Jane East (dau of Thomas East of Carberton)
  ((i))+ issue (a 08.1662) - Francis (b c1648), John, Thomas, Peter, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah
  ((B)) Francis Roos
  m. (c10.1641?) Elizabeth Stanford (dau of Samuel Stanford of Laxton)
((C))+ other issue - Valentine, Peter, Elizabeth, Mary
  ((2)) John Roos of Laxton
  m. Elizabeth Roos (dau of _ Roos of Weston)
  ((A)) William Roos of Laxton
  m. Grisild Wise (dau of Richard Wise of Gildson, widow of Joshua Cooper of London)
  (c) Mary Roos
  m. Thomas Broughton of Broughton
  (d) Ursula Roos
  m. William Macclesfield of Mere
  (C) Richard Roos of Torksey, Lincolnshire this line from Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, 'Roos') & Visitation (Rutland, 1618-9, 'Roos')
  (i) William Roos of East Barre in Laxton
  m. _ Darwen
  (a) Thomas Roos (dsp)
  (b) Richard Roos of Snenton, Nottinghamshire
  m. _ Warren (dau/heir of _ Warren of Snenton)
  ((1)) Henry Roos of Snenton
  ((A)) Henry Roos of Snenton
  ((2)) Thomas or George Roos (dsp)
  (c) Edward Roos of Laxton
  m. Agnes Colly (dau of Anthony Colly of Glaston)
  ((1)) Edward Roos of Ashwell, Rutland (a 1618)
  m. Mary Castlin (dau/heir of John Castlin of Ashwell)
  ((A)) Theodocia Roos
  m. Leonard Cole of Stamford
  ((B)) Ellen Roos
  m. Anthony Harston of Pererborough
  ((C)) Allice Roos
  m. John Heard or Herd of Ashwell
  ((D))+ other issue - Thomas (a 1618), Francis (b c1593, a 1618), Mary
  ((2)) Joane Roos
  m. Thomas Gorney or Gurney of Marnham
  (d) Roger Roos of Egmanton, Nottinghamshire
  m. Catherine Levesey of Laxton
((1)) Michell Roos
  (e) Anthony Roos of Laxton
  m. Elizabeth Blague
  (f) Catherine Roos
  m. John Lucas (Lewcas) of London
  B. Isabella de Ros shown by various web sites as of this family, of this generation --
m. Sir William de Crichton (a 1382) --
  C.+ other issue - John, Edmund
2. Lucy de Ros
  TCP (' Ros or Roos of Helmsley', p94) shows Lucy, wife of Robert de Plumpton, a generation earlier. Provisionally we follow TCP ('Ros of Ingmanthorpe') in showing her as of this generation.
  m. Robert de Plumpton (a 1325, son of Robert)
3. Isabel de Ros
  Isabel (d 1309), wife of Marmaduke de Thweng, 1st Lord, is often shown as daughter of the above William & Eustache. However, that Isabel had her first child around 1274 which does not fit with the fact that the above William & Eustache married "probably in 1268". TCP ('Ros of Ingmanthorpe') shows her as of this generation but identifies her as mother rather than wife of the 1st Lord Thweng, possibly thereby explaining the confusion. We show her a generation earlier.
4. Juetta (Juette or Ivette or Rametta) de Ros probably of this generation
  m1. Sir John Ufflete
  m2. Geoffrey le Scrope of Masham (d 12.1340)
5. Alice de Ros probably of this generation
  m. Sir Galfrid St. Quintin of Harpham
6.+ other issue - Thomas of Dowsby, Margaret, Mary (d 1310, prioress of Rosedale)

Main source(s): as reported above
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