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Families covered: Rose of Brea, Rose of Cullisse, Rose of Glastullich, Rose of Kilravock, Rose of Rarichie, Rose of Termet

William Rose, 11th of Kilravock (d 08.04.1611)
m. (mcrt 05.01.1571) Lilias Hay (sister of William Hay of Delgatty)
1. Hugh Rose, 12th of Kilravock (d 10.06.1643)
  m. (06.1603) Magdalen Fraser (dau of Thomas Fraser, 1st of Strichen)
  A. Hugh Rose, 13th of Kilravock, Sheriff of Inverness (d 03.1649)
  m. Margaret Sinclair (dau of Sir John Sinclair of Dunbeath)
i. Hugh Rose, 14th of Kilravock (d 1687)
  m1. Margaret Innes (d 20.05.1676, dau of Sir Robert Innes, 2nd Bart)
  a. Hugh Rose, 15th of Kilravock, Sheriff of Ross (b 01.1663, d 23.01.1732)
  m1. (19.10.1683) Margaret Campbell (dau of Sir Hugh Campbell, 5th of Cawdor)
(1) Hugh Rose, 16th of Kilravock, Sheriff of Ross (a 1746)
  m1. (mcrt 15.01.1704) Elizabeth Grant (dau of Ludovic Grant, 8th of Freuchie, 1st of Grant)
  (A) Hugh Rose, 17th of Kilravock (b 12.07.1705, d 26.11.1772)
  m. (03.01.1739) Elizabeth Clephane (d 24.05.1789, dau of Col. William Clephane of Carslogie family)
  (i) Hugh Rose, 18th of Kilravock (b 11.03.1740, dsp 21.08.1782)
  m. (1773) Anne Fraser (b c1748, d 08.08.1837)
  (ii) Elizabeth Rose, 19th of Kilravock (b 1747, d 11.1815)
  m. (06.1779) Hugh Rose of Brea and Broadley (Captain) @@ below
m2. Jean Rose (dau of John Rose, 10th of Broadley (Braidley))
  (B) John Rose
  (C) George Rose
  (D) Margaret Rose (d 01.08.1759)
  m. (22.08.1744) Joshua Mackenzie (d 18.02.1800, physician in Edinburgh)
  (E) Henriet Rose (d 09.1795)
  m. (20/1.10.1749) Sir William Dunbar, Bart of Hempriggs (d 12.06.1793)
(F) Anne Rose
  m. Sir Henry Munro, 7th Bart of Foulis (d 12.06.1781)
  (G) Jean Rose
  m. (09.1756) Duncan Ross of Kindeace
  (2) Margaret Rose (d c1703)
  m. (04.02.1701) Sir John Mackenzie, 3rd Bart of Coul
  (3) Mary Rose
  m. (21.10.1708) Duncan Forbes, 5th of Culloden (b 10.11.1685, d 10.12.1747, Lord President of Court of Session)
  m2. Jean Fraser (dau of James Fraser of Brea)
  (4) James Rose of Brea (b 02.02.1699, d 01.12.1762)
m. Margaret Rose (dau of James Rose of Broadley)
  (A) Hugh Rose of Brea and Broadley (Captain)
  m1. (1773) Margaret Russell (d 23.10.1777, dau of James Russell in Earlsmill)
  (i) James Rose
  (ii) Margaret Rose
  m. David Davidson of Cantray
  m2. (06.1779) Elizabeth Rose, 19th of Kilravock (b 1747, d 11.1815, dau of Hugh Rose, 17th of Kilravock) @@ above
  (iii) Hugh Rose, 20th of Kilravock (b 08.02.1780, d 29.12.1827) had issue
  m1. (05.10.1805) Katherine Baillie (dau of Col. John Baillie of Dunain)
  m2. (22.04.1819) Catherine Mackintosh (dau of Mackintosh of Farr)
m3. (mcrt 19.06.1701) Beatrix Cuthbert (dau of George Cuthbert of Castlehill)
  (5) Magdalen Rose
  m. (mcrt 1723) (Alexander) Mackenzie of Davochmalnac
  (6) Jean Rose
  m. Alexander Robertson of Glasgowego, Provost of Aberdeen
  m4. (1704) Elizabeth Calder (d 31.03.1728, dau of Sir James Calder, Bart of Muirton)
  (7) Margaret Rose
  m. (1730) Charles Campbell (son of Sir Charles of Clunes)
m5. (1730) Katherine Porteous (dau of Charles Porteous of Inverness)
  (8) Arthur Rose
  (9) Alexander Rose (merchant in South Carolina)
  b. Margaret Rose
  m. (16.10.1684) Sir William Forbes, 3rd Bart of Craigievar (b 1660)
  c. Elizabeth Rose
  m. (mcrt 11.12.1694) John Gordon, 9th of Abergeldie (dsp 1698)
m2. (mcrt 30.01.1679) Mary Forbes (dau of Alexander Forbes, 11th Lord)
  d. Alexander Rose (d unm 1743, Colonel)
  e. Arthur Rose (d unm 12.11.1715)
  f. John Rose (physician in Ireland) had issue
  ii. John Rose of Rosehill (formerly called Hiltoun) had issue
  m. Margaret Udny (dau of John Udny, 11th of Udny)
2. William Rose, 1st of Clava (b 1583-4, d 13.08.1664) had issue
  m. Agnes Chisholm (dau of John Chisholm of Comer) wife of William, mother of Hugh
  A. Hugh Rose
3. Alexander Rose of Cantray had issue
  m. ?? Chisholm (dau of John Chisholm of Comer) wife of Alexander, mother of ...
  A. daughter
m. _ Grant of Corriemony
  B. daughter
  m. _ Macpherson of Nuide in Badenoch
  C. 2 daughters
4. John Rose (5th) of Broadley had issue, he apparently married ...
  m. Anna Chisholm (dau of Sir James Chisholm of Cromlix)
5. David Rose of Earlsmill and Termet (d 30/1.05.1669)
  m. Christian Cuthbert (dau of James Cuthbert of Easter Deakies or Drakies)
  A. James Rose of Termet and Cullisse (2nd son)
  m. (mcrt 05.01.1674) Jean Rose (dau of John Rose, 5th of Ballivit)
  i. Alexander Rose of Cullisse
  ii. Hugh Rose of Rarichie (d c1749, 4th son)
  m. Janet Reoch of Pitcullen
  a. Hugh Rose (b 1730, d 22.09.1774, minister of Creich then Tain)
  m. (22.06.1758) Mary MacCulloch (d 17.12.1793, dau of David MacCulloch of Glastullich)
  (1) Hugh Rose, later Ross, of Glastullich (b 31.10.1767, d 30.09.1846, 5th son)
  m1. (16.07.1799) Arabella Margarette Phipps (d 09.11.1806, dau of Col. Isaac Phipps)
  (A) Hugh Munro St. Vincent Rose of Glastullich and Tarlogie (b 28.05.1800, d 11.04.1867) had issue
  m. (22.10.1836) Frances Walrond Roberts (d 07.05.1908, dau of Rev. Edward Roberts of Lyme)
  m2. (14.021815) Catherine Munro (d 20.02.1852, dau of Duncan Munro of Culcairn son of John by Jean Ross)
  (B) George William Holmes Ross of Cromarty (b 29.08.1825, d 11.1883, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (20.04.1849) Adelaide Lucy Davidson (d 03.03.1860, dau of Duncan Davidson of Tulloch)
  (2) William Baillie Rose of Rarichie and Rhynie
  (A) David MacCulloch Rose of Rarichie
  (B)+ other issue - William (Lt. General), Alexander Robert (Colonel)
  (3)+ other issue - George (b 24.08.1759), David (b 07.12.1761), James in Edinburgh (b 29.12.1763, d 25.01.1821), Roderick (b 13.11.1766)
  iii.+ other issue - David, William
  B. Alexander Rose (d c1725, parson of Botarie or Botary)
  m. Ann Gordon (dau of James Gordon of Driach or Daach)
  i. David Rose (d 09.1758, minister of Lethnot)
  m1. Mary Fyfe (dau of Rev. _ Fyfe)
a. Hugh Rose (d unm)
  m2. Margaret Rose (dau of Donald Rose of Wester Clune)
  b. George Rose of Cuffnells (d 13.01.1818, in Westminster)
  m. (07.07.1769) Theodora Duer (d 06.11.1834, dau of Major John Duer)
  (1) Sir George Henry Rose of Sandhills (b 03.05.1770, d 18.06.1853)
  m. (05.02.1796) Frances Duncombe (d 12.10.1861, dau of Thomas Duncombe of Duncombe Park)
  (A) Hugh Henry Rose, Field Marshal, Baron Strathnairn and Jhansi (b 06.04.1801, d unm 16.10.1885)
  (B) Sir William Rose of Leiston (d 19.11.1885)
m. (15.03.1856) Sophia Andalusia Mary Thellusson (d 13.11.1900, dau of John Thellusson, 2nd Lord Rendlesham)
  (C) Arthur Robert Rose
  (D) Frances Theodora Rose (b 31.08.1798, d 12.07.1879)
  m. (03.07.1817) George Sholto Douglas, Earl of Morton (b 23.12.1789, d 31.03.1858)
  (2) Jane White Rose possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Jeans (b 1776)
  (3)+ other issue - William Stewart (d 03.04.1843, poet), Frances Theodora (d unm 15.01.1846)
  C.+ other issue - Hugh (d unm 07.12.1686, minister of Nairn), William (d 1669, Captain), William (d 1680)
6. Margaret Rose
  m. (mcrt 13.06.1599) Murdoch Mackenzie, younger of Ardfaillie (of Kintail family)
7. Katharine Rose (b c1581, d 19.09.1658)
  m1. (mcrt 08.06.1602) James Grant of Ardnellie & Logie (d before 08.07.1623)
  m2. (sp) Simon Fraser, 6th Lord of Lovat (b c1568, d 03.04.1633)
8. Marie Rose (d 02.02.1672)
  m. (mcrt 09.1605) David Hay of Lochloy

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Rose of Kilravock) with input from BLG1952 (Rose of Leweston) and BP1870 (Strathnairn)
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