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Families covered: Ross of Balnagowan, Ross of Kerse, Ross of Little Allan, Ross of Pitcalnie, Ross of Priesthill
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Hugh Ross of Rarichies, 1st of Balnagown (d by 10.1374)
m. Margaret de Barclay
1. William Ross, 2nd of Balnagowan (d 1412)
  A contributor (CK, 01.08.07+11.09.07) has kindly advised us that 2 books, one called 'Balnagowan, ancestral home of the Clan Ross' and the other being 'The Earls of Ross and their Descendants' (1894, Francis Neville Reid), both suggest that there is a generation missing here, reporting that this William married Christina, dau of Lord Livingston(e), and was father of Walter, 3rd Laird, who married Catherine Mctyre, who was father of the undermentioned Hugh (who married Janet). This is supported by Rossiana. Noting that the 1st 'Lord Livingston' obtained that title around 1458, a generation or two after this William, we provisionally keep following BP2002 in leaving out 'the missing generation' and show it as the 2nd Laird who married ...
  m. Catherine McTyre (dau of Paul McTyre)
A. Hugh Ross of Balnagowan
  m. Janet (natural dau of Earl of Sutherland by Helen Sinclair)
  i. John Ross of Balnagowan
  m. Christian Macleod (dau of Torquil Macleod of Lewes)
  a. Alexander Ross of Balnagowan (d Allt Charrais 11.06.1486)
  m. Dorothy Sutherland (dau of Alexander Sutherland of Duffus)
  (1) Sir David Ross of Balnagowan (d 20.05.1527)
  m1. Helen Keith (d 05.1519, dau of ?? Keith of Inverugie)
(A) Walter Ross of Balnagowan (d 12.05.1528)
  m. Marion Grant (dau of Sir John Grant of Freuchie)
  (i) Alexander Ross of Balnagowan (d 25.10.1592)
  m1. Janet Sinclair (dau of John Sinclair, 3rd Earl of Caithness)
  (a) George Ross of Balnagowan (d 14.02.1615-6)
  m1. Marion (Marjorie) Campbell (dau of Sir John Campbell of Calder)
  ((1)) David Ross of Balnagowan (d 20.11.1632)
BLG1886 identifies David's 1st wife as Jane, dau of John Gordon, Earl of Sutherland, but BP2002, supported by Rossiana, identifies her as ...
  m1. (mcrt 21.02.1597/8) Mary Gordon (b 14.08.1582, dsp 1605, dau of Alexander Gordon, Earl of Sutherland)
  m2. (mcrt 1606) Catherine (or Annabella) Murray (dau of John Murray, 1st Earl of Tullibardine)
  ((A)) David Ross of Balnagowan (d c1653)
  m. (1635) Mary Fraser (b 1617, d 1659 (or 22.12.1646), dau of Hugh Fraser, 7th Lord of Lovat)
  ((i)) David Ross of Balnagowan (b 14.09.1644, dspl 17.04.1711)
  m. (mcrt 15.03.1666) Anne Stewart (bpt 29.03.1650, d 08.1719, dau of James Stewart, 4th Earl of Moray)
  partner(s) unknown
  ((a))+ "several illegitimate children" including George, John
((ii)) Isabella Ross
  m1. (mcrt 07/10.03.1656) John Sutherland (dsp before 23.01.1658)
  m2. (09.05.1659) James Innes of Lichnett
  ((iii)) Katherine Ross
  m. John Mackenzie of Inverlael
  ((iv))+ other issue - Alexander (b 13.09.1645, dsp 04.1665), daughters
  ((2)) Jean (or Ann) Ross (d 09/12.05.1604)
  m. Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Lord of Kintail (d 27.02.1611)
  ((3)) Catherine Ross (d 05.07.1603)
  m. (mcrt 23.04.1600) Sir William Sinclair of Mey (d c1643)
((4)) Muriel Ross
  m. Duncan Grant (natural son of John, 5th of Freuchie)
  ((5)) Isobel Ross
  m. John Munro of Fearn
  m2. Isobel Mackintosh (d 03.1672, dau of Angus Mackintosh of Torcastle)
  partner unknown
  ((6)) Alexander Ross
  (b) Catherine Ross
  m. Robert Munro, 15th of Foulis (d 04.11.1588)
  (c) Agnes Ross presumed of this marriage
  m. Duncan Campbell of Boath
  (d) Christian Ross presumed of this marriage
  m. Kenneth Mackenzie, 3rd of Davochmaluag (d before 30.12.1611)
(e)+ other issue - Hector (dsp), other daughters?
  m2. Katherine Mackenzie (d 12.04.1592, dau of Kenneth Mackenzie of Kintail)
  (f) Nicholas Ross, 1st of Pitcalnie (d 07.1611)
  m. Margaret (Eupham) Munro (dau of Hugh Munro of Assynt, widow of Alexander Ross of Little Tarrell)
  ((1)) David Ross of Pitcalnie (d 14.10.1646)
m. (by 1640) Jean Dunbar (dau of Alexander Dunbar of Munness)
  ((A)) David Ross of Pitcalnie
  BLG1886 identifies David's 1st wife as Jean, dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Shilcoire, but BP2002 & Rossiana identify her as ...
  m1. Margaret (or Jean?) Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Kilcoy)
((i)) Margaret Ross
  m. Hector Douglas of Mulderg
  ((ii)) Katherine Ross
  m. (mcrt 30.08.1679) Robert Munro of Achnagairt
  m2. Christina Munro (dau of Colonel John Munro of Obsdale)
  ((iii)) Alexander Ross of Pitcalnie
  m. (by 1684) Agnes Ross (dau of Hugh Ross of Balmackie)
((iv)) Isobel Ross
  m. (mcrt 29.09.1682) James McCulloch (son/heir of Angus of Pitnillie)
  ((B)) Nicholas Ross (dsp)
  ((C)) Malcolm Ross, 1st of Kindeace (d before 08.05.1695)
  m1. Katherine Corbat
  m2. Jean McCulloch (dau of Thomas McCulloch of Kindeace)
  ((2)) Christian Ross
m. (by 1624) Donald MacLeod of Assynt
  (g) Malcolm Ross of Cambuscurrie (dsp)
  (h)+ other daughters?
  (ii) Hugh Ross
(iii) Katherine Ross
  m. John Denune of Cadboll
  (iv) Janet Ross
  m. (19.07.1536) Hugh Fraser, 3rd Lord of Lovat (b c1489, d 15.07.1544)
  partner unknown
  (v) Alexander Ross of Little Tarrell (d 04.01.1567-8)
  m. Sarah Ross (dau of Thomas Ross of Greenhill)
  (B) William Ross of Ardgay & Invercharron (a 1528)
  m. _ McKenzie (dau of Alexander McKenzie of Davochmaluak)
(C) Hugh Ross of Tolly & Achnacloich (a 1538)
  m1. ??
  m2. Barbara Tullock (dau of Alexander Tullock, widow of Alexander Kinnaird of Culbin)
  (i) Robert Ross
  'Rossiana' (pp27-28) reports that the successor to Tolly was Hugh Ross, son of Walter Ross of Morangie who had married Janet, dau of Barbara Tullock by her 1st husband. ## see here ##
  (ii) Helen Ross possibly of this generation
  m. Alexander Fraser, 1st of Farraline (b 1470?)
(D) Agnes Ross
  m. William McCulloch of Plaids (d 24.04.1572)
  m2. (sp) Margaret Stewart (dau of Duke of Albany)
  (2) Isobel Ross
  An Isobel of this generation is shown by Rossiana & BP2002 (Ross) as wife of George Munro of Foulis. The dates make that impossible. We show her 2 generations earlier.
  (3) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. William Baillie of Dunain, Sheriff of Inverness (a 1534)
  b. Donald Ross of Priesthill (d 07.10.1487, Dean of Caithness)
  The following comes from 'Rossiana' (p29+).
  (1) ?? Ross
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
(A) ?? Ross
  (i) Donald Ross of Priesthill (d 09.06.1571) probably father of ...
  (a) William Ross of Priesthill
m. Ada Ross (dau of William Ross of Invercharron)
  ((1)) Donald Ross of Priesthill
  ((A)) Thomas Ross (d 31.01.1650)
  m. Janet Ross (dau of Walter Ross of Invercharron, m2. Kenneth McKenzie of Scatwell)
  ((B)) Margaret Ross
  m. John Fraser in Kinkell
  ((C)) Issobell Ross
  m. Alexander Cattanach in Delnies
  ((D)) Helline Ross (a 1652, d unm?)
  ((E)) Katherine Ross
m. William Innes
  ((F)) Barbara Ross
  m. Donald Ross in Hiltoun, Dingwall
  ((2)) Margaret Ross
  m. (after 21.05.1607) George Ross of Pitkery
  ((3)) Isobel Ross
  m1. Alexander Ross of Invercharron (d 1619)
  m2. Alexander Ross (son of Thomas of Tuttintarroch)
  ((4))+ other issue - Hugh in Easterfearn, William in Ulladail
  partner unknown
((6)) John Ross
  c. Malcolm Ross of Tain
  (1) William Ross (d 04.03.1537)
  d. Andrew Ross of Tain
  e. John Ross
  m. _ Munro of Tain
  ii. William Ross of Little Allan (d Allt Charrais 11.06.1486, parson of Roskeen, 3rd son)
  m. Grizel Macdonald ("alleged niece of the Lord of the Isles")
  iii. Isobel Ross possibly of this generation
  m. George Munro of Foulis (d 1454)
  iv.+ other issue - Hugh (dsp), Thomas (a 1487, rector of Tain)
2. Jean Ross
  m. Robert Munro of Foulis (d 1369)

Main source(s): BP2002 ('Ross of Ross and Balnagowan'), 'Rossiana' (identified on Ross01, p8+) with some support from BLG1886 ('Ross of Pitcalnie')
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