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Families covered: Ryland of Birmingham, Ryland of London

(1) Commoners identifies the arms of the final generations as "Azure, on a cross nebulée ermine, between four sheaves of rye or, a rose gules barbed vert. seeded gold".
(2) Commoners reports that the following family "was anciently seated on an estate called Ryland's Hill, at Brearley, in the parish of Snitterfield, in the county of Warwick" but that a pedigree "which gave a genealogical detail during a period of nearly three hundred years" was lost so that Commoners begins with ...
William Ryland, last of Bearley?
m. _ Fincher (dau of Rev. William Fincer of Wednesbury)
1. William Ryland of Birmingham (b 24.05.1696, d 1760)
  m. (27.02.1726) _ Sillitoe (dau of Rev. _ Sillitoe of Birmingham)
  A. John Ryland of Easy Hill (Warwickshire) & Cannon Hill (Worcestershire) (b 1726, d 05.06.1814)
  m. (01.05.1759) Martha Rushton (dau of Jnathan Ruston)
  i. Samuel Ryland of Bearley & Sherborne, Sheriff of Worcestershire (b 05.12.1764, a 1822)
  m. (08.03.1808) Anne Pemberton (dau of Samuel Pemberton of the Laurels in Edgbaston by Mary, dau of William Grosvenor of Market Drayton)
  a. Louisa Anne Ryland
  B. William Ryland (b 1731, d 16.05.1810)
  m. Elizabeth Pemberton (dau of Samuel Pemberton of Birmingham)
  i. William Ryland (b 01.02.1763) had issue
  m. Sarah Freeth (dua of Charles Freeth)
  ii. Thomas Ryland (b 153.09.1769, a 1819, low bailiff of Birmingham, 4th son) had issue
  m. Mary Smith (dau of Joseph Smith of Hay Hall)
  iii. John Ryland (b 10.08.1773, a 1824, low bailiff of Birmingham, 6th son) had issue
  m. Sarah Smith (dau of Timothy Smith of Birmingham)
  iv. James Ryland (b 03.12.1777) had issue
  m1. Mary Smith (dau of Joseph Smith of Camp Hill)
  m2. Anne Minshull
  v.+ other issue - Samuel (b 03.1764, d 10.1791), John (d young), John (d young), Elizabeth (d infant), Mary (d infant), Martha (d infant)
  C. Samuel Ryland (b 1736, 29.05.1807, low bailiff of Birmingham)
  m. Hannah Jeffreys
  i. Elizabeth Ryland
  m. Joseph Priestley (son of Rev. Joseph)
  ii. Anne Ryland (d unm)
  D. Elizabeth Ryland (b c1739, d 05.02.1816)
  m. Thomas Phipson of Birmingham
  i. Thomas Phipson (d 1814, low bailiff of Birmingham) had issue
  m. Sarah Barroll (dau of Richard Barroll of Hereford)
  ii. William Phipson (a 1818, low bailiff of Birmingham) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Clifford (dau of Thomas Clifford of Warwick)
  iii. John Phipson (d 1824) had issue
  m. Anne Smith (dau of Joseph Smith of Camp Hill)
  iv. Joseph Weatherley Phipson (a 1818, low bailiff of Birmingham) had issue
  m. Sarah Price (dau of William Price)
  vi.+ other issue (d unm) - Sarah, Mary
  E. Mary Ryland (d unm)



Commoners reports that "That branch of the family in which the Brearley estate descended, removed to London about the close of the seventeenth century."
Richard Ryland of London (b c1687, d 19.10.1731)
m. Mary Blagrave (dau of Edward Blagrave)
1. John Ryland of London (b 15.05.1719)
  m. Honor Hawkesworth
  A. Richard Ryland 'of Savage Gardry' of London (b 1747)
  m. Harriet Croft (dau of Sir Archer Croft, Bart)
  i.+ issue - John Croft, Richard Henry, Archer, Charles, Edward, William, Septimus Herbert, Octavius, Herbert Croft, Harriet Frances, Lucy, Emily, Charlotte Elizabeth Croft
2. Richard Ryland had issue

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, 'Ryland of Bearley and Sherborne', p406+)
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