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Families covered: Saunderson of Biddic, Saunderson of Castleton, Saunderson of Glentworth, Saunderson of Reasby (Revesby), Saunderson of Saxby, Saunderson of South Thoresby, Saunderson of Tickhill

Alexander de Biddic (a 1333)
m. Jane Chancellor (dau of Richard Chancellor of Brafferton)
1. Robert or Thomas de Biddic, alias Saunderson
  A. Robert Saunderson of Biddic
  i. ?? Saunderson
  a. ?? Saunderson
  (1) Jane Saunderson of Biddic
  m. Sir Robert Hilton
2. James Saunderson (d 1387)
  m. Margaret Hilton (dau of Sir Walter Hilton of Eskdale)
  A. Alexander Saunderson
  m. Maria Filton (dau of John Filton)
  i. Robert Saunderson
  m. Elizabeth Staveley (dau of Thomas Staveley of Stanhope)
  a. John Saunderson of Tickhill
  (1) William Saunderson of Tickhill
  m. Jane Lamplugh
  (A) William Saunderson of Tickhill first mentioned by Maddison
  m. Jane Lambton (dau of _ Lambton of Lambton)
(i) Robert Saunderson
  BEB1841 reports that this Robert had 2 daughters who dsp, Alice and Margaret. We suspect that there has been confusion with another Robert reported below.
  (a)+ issue (dsp) - Alice, Margaret
  (ii) Nicholas Saunderson of Revesby or Reasby
  BEB1841 identifies Nicholas's wife as Agnes, dau of William London, but we provisionally follow Maddison in identifying her as ...
  m. Agnes Sandon (dau of Sir William Sandon of Ashby-by-Partney)
  (a) Nicholas Saunderson of Reasby (d by 04.1591)
  m. Elizabeth Smyth (dau of John Smyth of Hayles)
  ((1)) Robert Saunderson of Reasby (b c1570, dsp 10.02.1591-2)
(b) Robert Saunderson of Saxby and Reasby (youngest son) - continued below
  m. Katharine Grantham (dau of Vincent Grantham of Lincoln)
  (c) Dorothy Saunderson
  m. Robert Trigott
  (d) Maria Saunderson
  m. John Kaym
  (iii) Margaret Saunderson
  m. _ Hewett
  (iv) Alice Saunderson
  m. Christopher Eyre of Highlow Padley
  (2) Nicholas Saunderson of Erby and Gowk Hill Hall
  (3) John Saunderson of Midhope ancestor of Saundersons of Pawhill, Midhope, Maltby, Thurlestane, etc.
  (4) Robert Saunderson of the Ewes had issue



Robert Saunderson of Saxby and Reasby (b c1520, d 02.11.1582/3) - continued above
m(2). Katharine Grantham (dau of Vincent Grantham of Lincoln)
1. Sir Nicholas Saunderson, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, 1st Bart of Saxby, 1st Viscount Castleton (b c1562, d 17.05.1631)
  m. Mildred (dau of John Elltoft or Hiltoft of Boston by Mildred Claymond)
A. Nicholas Saunderson, 2nd Viscount Castleton (d 13.11.1640)
  m. Frances Manners (d 1652, dau of Sir George Manners of Haddon)
  i. Nicholas Saunderson, 3rd Viscount Castleton (b 1628/9, d unm 1641)
  ii. Peregrine Saunderson, 4th Viscount Castleton (b 1629/30, d unm 1650)
iii. George Saunderson, 5th Viscount Castleton (b 12.10.1631, d 27.05.1714)
  m1. (before 03.1656) Grace Belasyse (d 16.11.1667, dau of Henry Belasyse, son of Thomas, 1st Viscount Fauconberg)
  a. Nicholas Saunderson of Wentworth (dvp before 06.03.1692)
  m. Elizabeth Wray (dau of Sir John Wray, 3rd Bart of Glentworth)
  (1) Wray Saunderson of Wentworth (dsp before 05.1714)
  m. Mary Watson (dau of Lewis Watson, Earl of Rockingham)
  b. James Saunderson, 6th Viscount Castleton (d unm 23.05.1723, 8th son)
  c.+ other issue - Hugh (d 18.01.1655?), Charles (dvp 20.05.1684), Samuel (d young), John of Glentworth (dvpsp), George (dvpsp), Thomas (dvp before 18.07.1707)_
  m2. (14.02.1675, sps) Sarah Evelyn (bur 16.10.1717, dau of Sir John Evelyn of West Dean by Elizabeth Cockes)
iv. Mildred Saunderson (d 08.05.1656)
  m. (03.07.1651) Thomas Belasyse, 2nd Viscount, Earl Fauconberg (bpt 16.03.1627/8, dsp 31.12.1700)
  v.+ other issue - Rutland (a 1652), Francis (a 1652), Charles (a 1652), Grace (d unm)
  B. Sir William Saunderson of Withern (dsp 1642)
  m. Jane Cooper (d before 02.12.1679, dau of John Cooper)
C. George Saunderson of Thoresby Abbey Grange (b c1605, d 1636)
  m1. Elizabeth Bostock (dau of Thomas Bostock of London)
  i. George Saunderson of South Thoresby (b c10.1628, bur 06.12.1680)
  m. Frances Massingberd (bpt 26.06.1634, d 24.05.1719, dau of Sir Henry Massingberd, Bart of Gunby)
  a. George Saunderson of South Thoresby (bpt 09.03.1660-1, bur 05.10.1688)
  m. Frances Saunderson (bur 09.06.1687, dau of George Saunderson of Louth)
  (1)+ issue - George (b 21.05.1687, bur 13.09.1687), Frances (bpt 11.01.1685-6, bur 16.02.1685-6)
  b. Elizabeth Saunderson
  m. Sir Edward (sb Edmund) Prideaux
  c. Frances Saunderson (bur 30.06.1687)
  m. (08.07.1680) Samuel Luddington of Bracebridge
  d. Anne Saunderson
  m. (c06.1686) Cyriac Weslyd of Grimsby
  e.+ other issue - Henry (bur 10.02.1665-6), William (bpt 17.09.1676, bur 07.03.1681-2), Margaret (bpt 06.12.1669)
  m2. (22.08.1633) Susan Fitzwilliam (b c1615, dau of Sir George Fitzwilliam of Mablethorpe)
  ii. Robert Saunderson (bpt/bur 10.12.1634)
  D. Robert Saunderson of Friskney and Withern (b c1598, bur 20.02.1660-1)
BLG1886 (Saunderson of Castle Saunderson) suggests that this Robert might have been the Robert who settled at Castle Saunderson, co. Cavan in Ireland. However, BLG1886 also reports that that Robert died in 1676 which disagrees with what is reported by Maddison.
  m1. (c05.1628) Frances Welborne (b c1603, bur 07.05.1640, dau of _ Welborne of Ingham)
  m2. (08.10.1640) Bridget Christopher (bur 16.02.1657-8, dau of Peter Christopher, sister of Sir Robert of Alford)
  i.+ issue - Robert (bpt 19.12.1651), Elizabeth (bpt 23.07.1642), Rebecca (bpt 11.04.1644), Anne (bpt 14.01.1646-7)
  E. Frances Saunderson
  m1. Edward Coppledike of Startington (Copledike of Harrington)
  m2. Sir Edward Waldegrave
  F. Anne Saunderson
  m. Sir Philip Tyrwhitt, Bart of Stainfield (d c1667)
  G. Margaret Saunderson
  m. Sir Peregrine Bertie of Bellau (d 1640)
2. Robert Saunderson
BEB1841 shows this Robert as having dsp but Maddison shows the following family. There might be confusion with the Robert shown above as elder son of William of Tickhill, not mentioned by Maddison which merely shows Nicholas of Reasby (identifying him as the 2nd son of that generation).
  m. Anne Smyth (dau of John Smyth of Epping)
  A.+ issue (dsp) - Margaret, Alice
3. Thomas Saunderson of Gainsborough (b c1568, d before 03.12.1642, 'of Lincoln's Inn')
  m1. Jane Holles (d 1603, dau of Denzill Holles)
  A. Robert Saunderson of Guelderland and Kirton (Captain)
  m. Elizabeth Virin (dau of William Virin of Holland)
  i. Elizabeth Saunderson
  m. Luke Lillingston of North Ferriby (General)
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), William (d young), James (d young), Nicholas (d young), Anne
  m2. Dorcas Caesar (b 15.09.1584, d 01.04.1608, dau of Sir Julius Caesar)
  B. Caesar Saunderson in Kirton, Lindsey
  m. (17.01.1638-9) Anne Skegness (bpt 18.09.1617, dau of Christopher Skegness)
  i. Charles Saunderson of Alford (bpt 13.04.1648, a 1669, apothecary, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth
  Maddison shows dotted lines to the following so it is presumed that the connection is not 100% certain.
  a. Robert Saunderson of Alford (b c1674, bur 01.12.1741, apothecary)
  m. Mary
  (1) Bridget Saunderson
  m. Charles Beaty of London
  (A) Mary Beaty
  m. _ Pearson
  (B) Elizabeth Beaty
  m. John Waterhouse of Wellhead
  (2) Elizabeth Saunderson
  m. William Gonville of Alford
  (A) Frances Gonville (d 26.01.1801)
  m. (1756) Bordman Bromhead of Thurlby (d 07.12.1804, Colonel)
(3) Mary Saunderson (bpt 20.04.1708)
  b. John Saunderson of Alford (bur 30.01.1738-9, apothecary)
  m. Esther
  ii.+ other issue - Caesar (bpt 01.04.15647, bur 05.07.1651), Bridget (bpt 30.05.1642), Anne (bpt 18.01.1643-4, bur 28.12.1644), Luciana (bpt 07.03.1644-5), Mary (bpt 04.10.1649, bur 05.09.1650), Anne (bpt 31.10.1650)
  C. Mildred Saunderson (bur 14.11.1667)
  m. Thomas Emerson of Grimsby
  D.+ other issue - Thomas, Luciana
  m3. Dorothy Maddison (b after 1580, dau of Richard Maddison of Mablethorpe)
4. Anne Saunderson (bur 28.05.1689)
  m. Sir John Staingate (Sir John Guevara of Stenigot)
5. Katharine Saunderson
6. Faith Saunderson
  m1. John Trowsdale of Hundon
  m2. John Estoft of Estoft

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Saunderson of Saxby), Maddison's 'Lincolnshire Pedigrees' (1906, Saunderson - various)
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