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Families covered: Scot of Egerton, Scot of Nettlested, Scot (Scott) of Scot's Hall (Kent)

Various of this family spelled their name 'Scott'.
Sir John Scot of Scot's Hall and Nettlested
m. Anny Pympe (dau of Reginald Pympe of Pympe's Court and Nettlested)
1. Sir Reginald Scot of Scot's Hall and Nettlested
  m1. Emeline Kempe (dau of Sir William Kempe)
  A. Sir Thomas Scot of Scot's Hall and Nettlested shown by FMG as dau by Mary Tuke
  m1. Elizabeth Baker (dau of Sir John Baker of Sissinghurst)
i./ii Sir Edward Scot of Scot's Hall
  'Memorials' identifies Sir Edward's 1st wife as Alice Stringer and their son's as Lady Catherine Gray. We follow Commoners (vol IV, Taylor of Pennington) in identifying their wives as Susan Stringer and, supported by BE1883 (Goring of Norwich) Catherine Goring.
  m1. (1601) Susan (Alice?) Stringer (dau of John Stringer by Alice Taylor)
  a. Edward Scot of Scot's Hall and Nettlested
  m. Catherine Goring (dau of George Goring, 1st Earl of Norwich)
  (1) Sir Thomas Scot of Scot's Hall and Nettlested
  m. Caroline Carteret (dau of Sir George Carteret, Bart)
(A) George Scot of Scot's Hall and Nettlested
  m1. Anne Pemberton (dau of Sir Francis Pemberton, Lord Chief Justice)
  (i) Edward Scot of Scot's Hall and Nettlested
  m. Margaret Sutherland
  (a) Francis Talbot Scot of Scot's Hall (b 1745, d 22.06.1789)
  m. (c1777) Cecilia Scot (dau of George Scot of Bombay) @@ below
  ((1)) George Scot (b 25.05.1778, dsp before 1839, Rev.)
  m. Susan Strong (d 1842, dau of Rev._ Strong)
  ((2)) Francis Peach Scot (b 31.12.1779, dsp before 1839)
(b) Edward Scot of Bodtalag
  m. Louisa M. Anwyl (relict of Louis, Count de Soumaise)
  (c) William Scot (b 06.03.1758, d 06.12.1785)
  m. (21.07.1783) Susan Man (dau of Elias Man of Widdicomb)
  ((1)) William Scot (b c1785, d 1802)
  ((2)) Henry Scot (a 1876, Captain RN) had issue
  m1. Susan Hartshorne (d 1829, dau of Lawrence Hartshorne of Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  m2. Anne Lane (dsp, dau of Isaac Lane of Ewell)
(d) Caroline Scot
  m. (07.12.1784) George Best of Chilston and Cowling Castle
  (e) Charlotte Scot
  m. William Saxton
  (f)+ other issue - Thomas (Rev.), Tufton Charles (Rev.), Cecilia, Mary, Katherine, Margaret
  (ii) Mary Scot
  m. Francis Sandys
  (iii)+ other issue - Francis, Thomas, John, James
  m2. Cecilia Dering (dau of Sir Edward Dering, 3rd Bart of Surrenden Dering)
(vii) Arthur Scot
  m. Lady Mary Compton
  (viii) George Scot of Bombay (b 27.03.1714, d 03.1760)
  m. Mary Bidwell
(a) Cecilia Scot
  m1. Brice Fletcher of Bombay (d 1776)
  m2. (c1777) Francis Talbot Scott of Scott's Hall (b 1745, d 22.06.1789) @@ above
  (b) Margaret Scot
  m. John Weldon Tarlton
  (c)+ other issue - George (d 21.07.1781), John Baliol, Mary
(ix) Catherine Scot
  m. Charles, Count of Soumaise
  (x) Caroline Scot
  m. (03.01.1743) Thomas Best (b 1713, dsp 26.03.1795)
  (xi)+ other issue - Charles, William, Bexley, Arthur, Cholmely, Elizabeth, Cecilia, Baliol (b 27.03.1714), Louise, Elizabeth, Anne
  (B) Caroline Scot
  m. _ Floyd
(C)+ other issue - Edward, Thomas, James, William, Robert, John, George, Elizabeth
  m2. Katherine Honywood
  m3. Mary Aldersey (widow of Sir Norton Knatchbull of Mersham)
  ii/i. Thomas Scot 'of Scott's Hall' (dsp 24.06.1610) shown by FMG as eldest son 'of Scots Hall'
  m1. Mary Knatchbull
  m2. Elizabeth Honywood
  iii. Sir John Scot of Nettlested (d 17.01.1617)
  m1. Elizabeth Stafford (widow of Sir William Drury)
  m2. Catherine Smythe (widow of Sir Rowland Haywood)
iv. Richard Scot (5th son)
  m. Catherine Haywood (Hayward)
  a. Elizabeth Scot (b 1603, bur 24.01.1640/1, heir) probably of this generation
  m. (by 1625) Sir Thomas Dereham, 1st Bart
  v. Robert Scot of Mersham
  m1. Priscilla Honywood
m2. Mary Moyle
  vi. Sir William Scot (8th son)
  m. Lady Mary Howard
  vii. Elizabeth Scot
  m1. John Knatchbull (dsp)
  m2. Sir Richard Smythe
viii. Emeline Scot
  m. Robert Edolphe of Hinksell
  ix. Ann Scot
  m1. Richard Knatchbull (b c1554, d 20.01.1590)
  m2. Sir Henry Bromley
x. Mary Scot
  m1. Anthony St. Leger (son/heir of Sir Warham)
  m2. Alexander Colpeper
  xi.+ other issue - Charles, Reginald, Joseph, Anthony, Benjamin
  m2. Elizabeth Heyman (dau of Ralph Heyman (not Baymond) of Selling)
  m3. Dorothy Bere
  B. Catherine Scot
  m. John Baker of Sissinghurst
  C. Ann Scot
  m. Walter Moynes or Mayney of Staplehurst
  m2. Mary Tuke (dau of Sir Bryan Tuke)
  D. Charles Scot of Egerton (d 1617, 2nd son by this marriage)
  m. Jane Wyatt (dau of Sir Thomas Wyatt of Allington Castle by Jane Hawte)
  i. Thomas Scot of Egerton (d 1635)
  m1. Elizabeth Webbe (dau of John Webbe of Warehorne)
  a.+ issue - Jane, Edith
  m2. Maria or Jane Knatchbull (dau of John Knatchbull of Mersham)
  c. Thomas Scot of Godmersham
  m. Judith Thompson (dau of HenryThompson of Lenham)
  d. Dorothy Scot
  m. Samuel Gotherson of Godmersham
  e. Anna Scot
  m. _ Pacemore
  f. Maria Scot
  m. _ Brayse (Bragge?)
g.+ other issue - John, Catherine
  ii. Anthony Scot ancestor of Scot of Tong Norton
  iii. William Scot of Godmersham
  iv. Deborah Scot
  m. William Flet of Chartham
v. Mary Scot (b c1569, d 1629)
  m. Sir Robert Sharpleigh of Plechinghurst
  E. Ursula Scot
  m. Lawrence Rook or Rooke (d 1612)
  F. Mary Scot (d 1605)
m1. Richard Argall of East Sutton (d 1588)
  m2. Lawrence Washington of Maidstone
  G. Elizabeth Scot
  m. William Heyman (not Harmond)
  H. Margaret Scot
  m. Thomas Rook
  I.+ other issue - Bryan (dsp), George, William, Henry
2. William Scot (dsp, 3rd son)
  m. Anne Fogge
3. Richard Scot
  m. Mary Whetenal or Whetenhall (dau of George Whetenhall)
  A. Reginald Scot
  B. Anne Scot (d before 26.10.1573)
  m. Marmaduke Darell of Pageham (d before 23.07.1558)
4. Mildred Scot
  m1. John Diggs (not Dragge)
  m2. Richard Keyes
5. Catherine Scot
  m. Sir Hugh Crispe
6. Isabella Scot (d 20.05.1535)
  m. Richard Adams (b 1495/6, d 17.02.1523/4)
7. Mary Scot
  m. Nicholas Bolland or Ballard
8. Elizabeth Scot
  m. Stephen Whitfield
9. Syble Scot
  m. Richard Hynd of Essex
10. Anne Scot
  m. Sir _ Pollard
11.+ other issue - Sir John, George (d infant), Alice, Pashley

Main source(s): 'Memorials of the Family of Scott, of Scot's Hall, in the County of Kent' (James Renat Scott, published in London in 1876) with a little support from FMG (vol 4, MS628, 'Scott', p1302+)
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