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Families covered: Scot of Burnhead, Scott of Davington, Scott of Gilmanscleuch (Gilmanscleugh), Scott of Howpasley, Scott (Scot) of Thirlestane

Alexander Scott of Abington and Howpasley (d before 21.05.1488)
1. Robert Scot (3rd son)
  BP1934 reports that Robert, son of Alexander, was probably father of the following John who is identified by TSP as probably grandson of Alexander. McCall provides some alternative ancestries for the following John, but discounts them and starts his main pedigree with ...
  A. John Scot of Thirlestane (d before 14.09.1549)
  m. _ Scott (dau of _ Scott of Allanhaugh)
i. Robert Scot of Thirlestane (d by 19.12.1577)
  m. Margaret Scott (dau of Sir Walter Scott of Branxholme and Buccleuch)
  a. Sir Robert Scott of Thirlestane (b 1566, d c1627)
  m1. (before 1594) Margaret Cranstoun (dau of Sir John Cranstoun of Cranstoun)
  (1) Sir Robert Scot of Cruxton (a 12.1594, dvpsp 1619)
  m. (1617) Mary Lyon (dau of Sir Thomas Lyon (not an Earl of Strathmore), m2. Robert Semple of Beltries)
  (2) Grizel Scott
  m. Robert Scott of Tushielaw
  (3) Jean Scott
  m. Robert Scott of Sarchells
  m2. (mcrt 23.01.1602) Katherine Jardine (dau of Sir Alexander Jardine of Applegirth)
  (4) Sir John Scott of Thirlestane (d 1666)
  m. (1645) Eupham Young (relict of Sir David Ogilvie of Clova, son of James, 1st Earl of Airlie)
  (A) Francis Scott of Davington (d 1706)
  BP1934 mentions Francis's father, Sir John, "whose male issue is now extinct". TSP (vol 6, p430) reports that Sir John's only son Francis's "descendants are now extinct in the male line". McCall provides the following.
  m. _ Douglas (dau of Robert Douglas of Auchintully)
  (i) John Scott of Davington (dsp before 1720)
  (ii) Robert Scott of Davington (a 1740)
  (a) James Scott of Davington (d 1770)
  m. Mary Scott
  ((1)) James Scott (dsp 1770)
(b) John Scott
  ((1))+ issue (dspms?) - Robert, James at Canobie, William (d before 1792), John at Canobie
  (iii) William Scott
  (a) William Scott at Moffat (a 1792, dspms?)
  (iv) James Scott (5th son)
  (a) Rbert Scott at Binks (a 1792, dspms?)
  (v) Mary Scott (b c1702)
  m. (1722) John Liston (minister of Aberdour)
  (vi)+ other issue - Francis in Buccleuch (dspm), David in Buccleuch (dspms?), Anne
(B) Katherine Scott
  b. Walter Scot of Gramescleuch (d 01.1609)
  m. Janet Porteous (dau of Sir Patrick Porteous of Halkshaw) named Marion by McCall
  (1) Patrick Scott of Tanlawhill & Thirlestane (d 21.06.1666)
  m. Isabel Murray (dau of Sir John Murray of Blackbarony)
  (A) Sir Francis Scott, 1st Bart of Thirlestane (b 11.05.1645, d 07.03.1712)
m. (mcrt 27.11.1673) Henrietta Kerr (b 02.02.1653, d 30.06.1741, dau of William Kerr, 3rd Earl of Lothian)
  (i) Sir William Scott, 2nd Bart of Thirlestane (d 08.10.1725)
  m1. (mcrt 15.12.1699) Elizabeth Brisbane, Mistress of Napier (d 11.08.1705)
  (a) Francis Scott, later Napier, 6th Lord Napier of Merchiston (b 16.11.1705, d 1773)
  m1. (mcrt 14.03.1729) Henrietta Hope (b 21.02.1706, d 27.02.1745, dau of Charles, Earl of Hopetoun)
  m2. (1750) Henrietta Maria Johnston (dau of George Johnston of Dublin)
  (b) Agnes Scott
m. (10.07.1719) Walter Scott of Harden
  (c)+ other issue (d young) - Margaret, Anne Isabella Elizabeth (b 01.08.1705)
  m2. (mcrt 30.06.1710, sp) Jane Nisbet (dau of Sir John Nisbet of Dirleton, relict of Sir William Scott of Harden)
  (ii) Henrietta Scott (d 16.01.1750)
m. (mcrt 16.06.1731) William, Lord Ross
  (iii)+ other issue (d young) - Patiock, Francis, Robert (bpt 20.07.1682), Charles, James (bpt 13.07.1685), Anne. Isabel, Lilias
  (B) Jean Scott
  m. (mcrt 04.02.1661) Sir James Hay, 1st Bart of Linplum (d 1704)
  (C) Margaret Scott
  m. (mcrt 15.02.1670) Sir Alexander Bannerman of Elsick
  (D) Mary Scott
  m. (mcrt 13.01.1674) Sir William Primrose, 2nd Bart of Carrington (b 14.01.1649, d 23.09.1687)
  (E)+ other issue - David (d young), Walter
  (2)+ other issue - Simon, Marion, Margaret
  c. William Scott of Fingland (d c1610)
  (1)+ issue (dsp) - Walter, Robert
  ii. Simon Scott of Winterburgh
  a. Arthur Scott of Winterburgh
  (1) Sir John Scott of Newburgh
  (A) John Scott of Renalburn
  iii. William Scott (a 1567)
  m2. Marion Douglas
  iv. James Scott of Gilmanscleuch (Gilmanscleugh) (a 1589)
  a. Robert Scott of Gilmanscleuch
  (1) John Scott of Gilmanscleuch
  (A) Francis Scott of Gilmanscleuch
2.+ other issue - Walter of Howpasley (d Flodden 09.09.1513), Adam



James Scott or Scot of Kirkurd then Over & Nether Newhall and Hassendean (a 1484)
m. Margaret
1. David Scot of Hassendean
2. John Scot of Over Newhall, later called Burnhead (a 1492)
  A. John Scot of Burnhead (d 1582)
  i. Robert Scot of Burnhead (d 1609)
  a. William Scot of Burnhead (d c1640)
  m. Margaret Cairncross (dau of Nicol Cairncross of Hislop or Calfhill)
  (1) Robert Scot of Burnhead
  m1. (mcrt 1636) Marian Bennett (dau of Bagnel Bennett of Chesters)
  (A)+ 2 daughters
  m2. (mcrt 1643) Elizabeth Turnbull (dau of Hector Turnbull of Clarilaw)
  (C) William Scot of Burnhead
  m. Agnes Wedderstain (dau of Archibald Wedderstain in Dalkeith)
  (i) Robert Scot of Burnhead (d 1755)
  m. Agnes Scot (dau of Gideon Scot of Falnash by Mary, dau of James Scot of Thirlestane)
  (a) William Scot of Burnhead (d unm 31.03.1795)
  (b) Margaret Scot of Burnhead (dsp 17.11.1815)
  m. Samuel Charters (minister of Wilton)
  (c)+ other issue (dsps) - 1 son and 1 daughter
  (ii) Eupham Scot
  m. Thomas Watson in Hawick (writer)
  (a) William Watson of Burnhead (d 03.07.1818)
  m. (21.08.1785) Rebecca Peters
  ((1)) William Watson of Burnhead (b 19.04.1787, d 03.02.1870) had issue
  m. (1818) Bridget Bowles Abraham (dau of William Abraham of Bath)
  (iii)+ 2 sons and other daughters
  (D)+ 3 sons
  b.+ 2 sons
3. Robert Scot of Nether Newhall, later called Burnfoot

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(2) For lower section (first uploaded 24.03.06) : BLG1952 ('Scott-Watson of Burnhead')
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