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Families covered: Segrave of Cabragh (Cabra), Segrave of Dublin, Segrave of Irishgrange, Segrave of Killeglan

Richard Segrave (d 1427, Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland)
1. Patrick Seggrave of Irishgrange in Killeglan (d 1453)
  m. Mary (d 1443, dau/heir of William Wafer or Waler of Killeglan Castle)
  A. Richard Segrave of Irishgrange, later of Segrave's Castle in co. Kildare
  m. (1483) Johneta (d 20.08.1494)
  i. John Segrave of Killeglan (dvp 1532)
  m. (1500) Jennet Dongan (of the family of the Earls of Limerick)
  a. Patrick Segrave of Irishgrange, Killeglan (dsp 1533)
  m. Alison Dowdall (d 1534, "of a very prominent Irish family")
  b. Richard Segrave of Irishgrange (d 15.03.1543)
  m1. Elizabeth Dowdall
  (1) Patrick Segrave of Irishgrange (d 1571)
  m. Joan Begge (dau of Robert Begge)
  (A) Richard Segrave (d 1598, Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland) had issue
  (B) Catharine Segrave
  m. Robert Usher
  (C) Anna Segrave
  m. Simon Barnewall of Kilrew
(2) Laurence Segrave (d by 1563)
  m2. Jent Eustace (cousin of 3rd Viscount Baltinglass)
  (3) Richard Segrave
  m. Margaret Travers (dau of Sir Henry Travers of Monkstown Castle)
  (A) John Segrave (dvp unm)
  (4) William Segrave (d 1558)
  m. Elizabeth Walsh (dau of William Walsh of Carrickmaine)
  (A) Christopher Segrave of Cabragh, Mayor of Dublin (d 02.10.1589)
  m1. Alson Humphrey (d 1541, dau of Nicholas Humphrey)
  (i) Walter Segrave of Cabragh, Mayor of Dublin (d 09.12.1621)
BLG1886 reported that Walter had 2 wives, Catherine (mother of John), and Elinor Ball (mother of his other children). BLG1952 reported just one wife ...
  m. Eleanor Ball (dau of Bartholomew Ball of Spicleston Castle)
  (a) John Segrave (dvp 1611) - continued below
  m. Jane Fagan (dau of Christopher Fagan, Mayor of Dublin)
  (b) Christopher Segrave (dvp 1616)
  (c) James Segrave of Rathgar & St. John's, Dublin (d 29.07.1629)
  m. Eleanor Chillam (dau of Robert Chillam of Gaffney)
  ((1))+ 7 sons and 2 daughters
(d) Mary Segrave
  m. Sir John Tyrrell
  (e) Alice Segrave
  m. John Fagan
  (f) Jane Segrave
  m. Robert Kennedy (Alderman of Dublin)
  m2. Anne Fryan (d 13.04.1600, dau of Richard Fryan, alderman of Dulbin, widow of 5th Baron Trimlestown)
  Possibly of this generation, though (as the dates look odd) must be a late child (and so presumed of this 2nd marriage), was ...
  (ii) Alice Segrave
  m. Daniel O'Connell of Ahavore (Aghgore in Iveragh)
  (5) Mary Segrave
  m. James Taylour of Swords (son of the Recorder of Drogheda, ancestor or the Marquess of Headfort)
  c.+ other issue - Katherine, Ellen
2. John Segrave of Coly (dsp)



John Segrave (dvp 1611) - continued above
m. Jane Fagan (dau of Christopher Fagan, Mayor of Dublin)
1. Henry Segrave of Little Cabragh (b 1599, d 1662)
  m. (15.06.1613) Alice Noble (b c1598-9, d 10.1660, "an heiress")
A. Patrick Segrave (dsp 1670)
  m. Margaret Brooks
  B. John Segrave of Cabragh, co. Dublin (b 1632, d 1690)
  m1. Anne O'Neil (dau of Sir Neil O'Neil, Bart of Killyleagh)
  i. John Segrave (dsp 1709, Captain)
  ii. Henry Segrave of Cabragh (b 1673, d 1739)
m. (1712) Anne Davis (sister of John Davis)
  a. Neill Segrave of Cabragh (d before 16.07.1777)
  m1. Clara Ambrose (dau/coheir of Michael Ambrose of Dublin, sister of 'Lady Palmer')
  (1) John Segrave of Cabragh (b 1737, d 1783)
  m. (12.1765) Anne Nugent (dau of William Nugent, 'Lord Riverston')
  (A) O'Neill Segrave of Cabragh (b 1761, d 08.1793)
  m. (12.1790) Margaret Goold (dau of George Goold of Cork, m2. John Agnew Connell, sister of Sir Francis, 1st Bart)
  (i) Henry John Segrave of Cabragh & Glencarrig (b 1793, d 1843) had issue
m. (1817) Anna Frances Kellet (dau of William Kellet of Great Clonnard, 1st cousin)
  (B) Thomas Segrave of Dublin (d 1817, 3rd son)
  m.(01.1800) Anne Grehan (dau of Peter Grehan by Mary, dau of Stephen Roche)
  (i) O'Neill Segrave (2nd son) had issue
  m. Frances Stewart (dau of Ambrose Harbord Stewart of Stoke Park)
  (ii) Stephen Segrave (4th son) had issue
  m. Isabella Glegg (dau of Lt. Gen. J. Birkenhead Glegg of Backford & Irbie)
  (iii) Thomas Segrave (d 1846, 6th son) had issue
  m. _ Hamilton of Edinburgh
  (iv) Patrick Segrave had issue
m. (1858) Henrietta Cecila Daniell (dau of Robert Daniell of New Forest)
  (v) Mary Segrave
  m. (10.06.1825) Nicholas Whyte of Loughbrickland
  (vi) Anne Frances Segrave (dsp)
  m. (1826) Hon. William Browne
(vii) Clara Segrave
  m. John Lewis More O'Ferrrall of Lissard
  (viii) Margaret Segrave
  m. James O'Brien (judge)
  (ix)+ other issue - John, Henry (Rev.), Peter (Rev.)
  (C) Henrietta or Bridget Segrave
  m. (1790) William Kellet of Great Clonard
  (D) Clara (or Catherine) Segrave
  m. Marcus Blake Lynch of Barna
  (E) Anne Segrave
  m. _ Baldwin (Captain)
  (F)+ other issue (d unm) - William, son, Frances, dau
  (2) Rose Segrave
  m. Darby O'Grady
(3) Eleanor Segrave
  m. Anthony Brown
  (4)+ other issue - James ("went abroad"), Frances (d 1794)
  m2. Frances Plunkett (of Dunsoghly Castle, 1st cousin)
  b. Emelia Segrave
  m. Gerald Archbold of Donodea
  c.+ other issue - John, Richard, Jenico, Arthur (d 1817 in London), Elizabeth, Barbara, Anne
  m2. Mary Yeate (dau of John Yeate of Lyford)
  C. Ignatius Segrave
  D. Jane Segrave (d 22.09.1670)
  m. Benedict Arthur of Much Cabragh
  E. Eleanor Segrave (d 18.06.1639)
  m1/2. Robert Plunkett of Dunsoghly Castle
  m2/1. William Hickey
  F. Alison (or Alice) Segrave (d unm)
  G. Barbara Segrave (d 27.05.1663)
  m1. John Finglas of Westpailston (dsp, Colonel)
  m2. Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown
2.+ 2 sons and 1 daughter

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Segrave of Cabragh), BLG1886 (Segrave of Cabragh)
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